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Access Dr. NVPerricone’s secrets to beautiful, healthy skin right from your iPhone with the new free iPhone App: the Daily Perricone.

Available since March 12, this application is a simple way to get the latest information on how to rejuvenate your skin, increase your energy, and look and feel years younger from #1 bestselling author, NVPerricone MD.

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The Daily Perricone App gives you exclusive access to:

  • Daily Perricone blog and NVPerricone Videos, instantly, for information on health, longevity, and skincare.
  • Health Tips with nutritional information on the anti-inflammatory lifestyle for a healthy body and smooth, luminous, and wrinkle-free skin.

  • Discounts for iPhone customers only on future purchases on the most popular Perricone MD products.

Download the free App today to gain instant access to Dr. Perricone’s proven, scientific approach on how to control how you age, both inside and out.

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.
Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
4.2 MB

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  1. Hi, I know this is probably too late but I am 13 years old and I am interested in becoming a product tester.

  2. I am 34 years old female and i would love to become a Perricone tester, because from what i heard your products are great! I have a few wrinkles around eyes, some dark spots on my face from sun exposure. My skin is fair and normal. I did try some products for my wrinkles and dark spots like retinoids, glycolic acid etc. but i am still looking for a good skin care system that will help my aging skin. Please choose me as a tester, that will make me a very happy women!

  3. Dr. Perricone is one of those names that you recognize as being a leader in the skin care industry. I look forward to finding out more about these products and hopefully getting to test a few, too!

  4. I would love to become a Perricon Tester. I am 53 and was a sun worshiper in my younger days so you know that I am paying for it now. Anything you would like me to test, I will try.
    Thank you in advance for considering me.

  5. I woll happily be a tester

  6. Hi, I just downloaded the application although I have yet to try it. I am 18 years old and I don’t have any skin problems. I’d like to become a tester as my biggest concern is aging skin. I think it’s very important to start tackling the signs before they have appeared. I’m trying to start working on a healthy living diet as I had a very wild lifestyle up until this age.