In your 40s? Get Fabulous Skin with Dr Perricone’s Anti-inflammatory Lifestyle

If you’re in your 40s, your skin is now showing more “character.” Creases deepen on the forehead and lines become more pronounced elsewhere due to repeat facial movements.

Also in your forties, you may experience other skin conditions such as:

  • Enlarged pores
  • Dry skin
  • Less luminosity
  • Loss of elasticity

By following Dr Perricone’s Anti-inflammatory lifestyle, you can achieve the appearance of younger looking skin as you also prevent further signs of aging.

What to Avoid

In your 40s the biggest aging culprits have to do with products and diet.

Product Overload

Be careful to not over-exfoliate or over-treat your skin. While skin care products are helpful, too many of a good thing, can prove quite the opposite.

Make sure the products you use complement each other to avoid irritation and dryness, both of which can accelerate aging.


In your 40s, your skin is losing collagen faster than it is replacing it. Therefore, it is essential to protect this vital skin protein.

Sugary foods and bad carbohydrates break down collagen, and thus speed up wrinkle production.

Cutting down on these foods as well as applying products that encourage collagen production are important in combating this skin-ager.

Dr Perricone’s Diet and Products

If you follow Dr Perricone’s anti-inflammatory diet, you will automatically be cutting down on sugar intake, and thus, will be on your way to a younger-looking you.

Look for skin care products which are moisturizing and cell rejuvenating, such as Dr Perricone’s Neuropeptide Firming Moisturizer, which helps activate surface renewal of the dermis as it hydrates and helps treat dry, fragile skin.

Choosing a serum is a smart move in your 40s as serums can sink into the skin more quickly. Dr Perricone’s Vitamin C Ester Eye Serum is a light-weight, non-oily serum which delivers firming, brightening and restorative benefits, while bringing life to dull and tired looking eyes. What’s great about this product is that it includes, as its name suggests, vitamin C ester, which promotes collagen production, making it especially important in your 40s.

Are you in your 40s? Share your skin gripes or successes below.

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  1. I looking for better results in this cain of products

  2. I would love to test you products.

  3. I would love to test your products.

  4. I purchased the 38.00 kit you advertised on qvc. It worked miracle for me. My skin is now glowing and even-toned. It looks and feel like silk. I hate I ran out of it. I should have locked in on auto-shippment because you now advertisng it for 70.00. Anyway it’s worth and I will continue to order.Beauty Costs and I am more beautiful thanks to you. Keep it up Dr. Perricone.