How Vitamin C Ester in NV Perricone Products Works

Most everyone has a sunburn story, including Dr. Perricone.

But did you know that one of Dr. Perricone’s sunburn stories led to the discovery of vitamin C ester as a free radical damage repairing substance?

Check out the history and application of this amazing compound:

Dr. Perricone’s Sunburn Story Leading to Vitamin C Ester

When Dr. Perricone was in medical school, he suffered from a painful sunburn after he went on a long August morning run.

That night he made a vitamin C solution by mixing crushed vitamin C tablets in water.

After patting the solution on his face, he experienced a stinging that soon subsided enabling him to fall asleep.

In the morning, Dr. Perricone discovered that the burnt skin on which he applied vitamin C to was less swollen and red.

Inspired by this progress, years later, he went back to his vitamin C solution with a new approach.

Dr. Perricone knew vitamin C was a powerful antioxidant that also acted as an anti-inflammatory to help resolve his burn, but there were a few problems including the skin stinging sensation and weakness of vitamin C alone.

He reasoned the solubility of the vitamin C molecule (L-ascorbic acid) interfered with its anti-inflammatory effects, so one problem was in potency.

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Ascorbic acid, the natural form of vitamin C, is:

  • Water soluble and cannot penetrate the surface of the skin
  • Very acidic and can irritate the skin
  • Fragile, unstable and breaks down rapidly

Another problem is ascorbic acid loses its strength within 24 hours when formulated into a solution.

The challenge was to find a form of vitamin C that would be:

  • Nonirritating
  • Fat soluble
  • Strong throughout skin care preparations

Vitamin C Ester in the Lab

The search for an effective form of vitamin C was over after tests were done on the compound vitamin C ester.

Vitamin C ester is a delicate mixture of:

  • Basic vitamin C molecule (L-ascorbic acid)
  • Palmitic acid (fatty acid derived from palm oil)

Research done by Procter & Gamble scientists found that vitamin C ester absorbed more quickly, and achieved 6-7 times higher levels in the skin than ascorbic acid.

Vitamin C Ester Perricone Test

Using a UV lamp, Dr. Perricone created small sunburns on the forearms of test subjects.

Half of the subjects applied a cream containing vitamin C ester, and the other half applied the same cream without the fortification of the antioxidant vitamin.


  • Within a day the burns treated with vitamin C ester were less red
  • Those treated with the other cream stayed red for days

The fat soluble vitamin C ester was also found to be nonirritating, and can be used on an open cut without stinging.

1. Function
Vitamin C ester is a proven antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that helps to prevent free radical damage in all environments.

2. Benefits
Vitamin C ester:

  • Provides readily available form of vitamin C to the skin
  • Can be used by those with sensitive skin
  • Helps to protect from damage by free radicals and inflammation

With a full proof function, and proven benefits, the use of vitamin C ester is found in many NV Perricone products.

Vitamin C Ester in NV Perricone Products

Dr. Perricone’s patients use vitamin C ester in NV Perricone fortified creams and supplements.

1. Concentrated Restorative Treatment
This powerful paraben-free, anti-aging night cream is formulated with high levels of vitamin C ester and DMAE to renew and soften skin.

Vitamin C Ester:

  • Helps resurface skin’s texture
  • Minimizes discoloration
  • Reveals radiant and healthy looking skin


  • Lessens the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Improves skin’s elasticity
  • Helps to firm and tone skin

2. Vitamin C Ester Supplements
Because vitamin C ester is both water and fat soluble, it enhances its effectiveness in supporting both a stronger immune system, as well as helping defer the visible signs of aging.

Vitamin C ester supplements also:

  • Provide powerful antioxidant protection
  • Help to restore skin’s smooth surface, giving aging skin a more youthful glow

Now that you know why and how vitamin C ester was found and put in many NV Perricone products, always remember to apply sunscreen before your August run.

And not only on your run, because applying sunscreen should be as habitual as combing your hair.

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  1. I wish I had some of that miracle cream right now because I have the worst sunburn on my face ever!!

  2. My skin turns pink and usually blisters from being in the sun even when using sunscreen; Eventually causing me to peel and the skin looks awful, dry, patchy and falling off. After putting dmae and ester c solution on the sunburn (even after it blistered) made the skin heal so much faster and its hardly peeling and looks and feels moisturized.

  3. The skin on my forearms are thin, dry, red and itch.

  4. Skin on my forearms are dry red and itch.