How to Use Anti Aging Products for Sensitive Skin the Right Way

Do you have highly sensitive skin that reacts to nearly every product? Using anti aging products for sensitive skin can be frustrating, but with the right methods, the rewards can mean younger, healthier skin.

See how you can use anti aging products for sensitive skin the right way.

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Careful Cleansing

When searching for anti aging products for sensitive skin, many people utilize the “sniff test.” What’s this mean? They pick a product because it smells good, not because it is the most beneficial for their skin. This process of picking anti aging products must end now.

For the best anti aging cleanser for sensitive skin, look for a non-fragrant, non-deodorant cleanser. Non-fragrant cleansers have lower pH values than soaps, which means they will not inflame skin.

When cleansing, remember to never scrub. Instead, lightly circulate skin with fingertips or a wet washcloth for a gentle clean.

Check out the Gentle Cleanser. It has a gentle, paraben-free formula that will clean skin without harming it. You’re now on your way to using anti aging products for sensitive skin correctly!

Try Perricone for as little at $10.

Monitored Moisturizing

For sensitive skin, it is very important to moisturize. Why? Sensitive skin reacts negatively to sunlight, leading to dry, aged skin. But finding the right anti aging moisturizer for sensitive skin can be difficult, as many with sensitive skin have natural oil.

How do you solve this conundrum? Look at the ingredient list. DO NOT buy products that contain:

  • Antibacterial ingredients
  • Deodorants or fragrances
  • Retinoids

These ingredients will only further agitate sensitive skin.

Instead, look for anti aging products for sensitive skin that contain all natural ingredients like:

  • Antioxidants
  • Olive Oil
  • Methylparaben

If you want a do-it-all moisturizer that won’t agitate your sensitive skin, try Cold Plasma. It’s contains numerous antioxidants and is made to combat age as it moisturizes, so it’s the perfect anti aging product for sensitive skin.

Minimal Makeup

You’ve probably heard this time and time again, but, less is more. While you may feel the need to pack on makeup to cover signs of aging, it will only clog pores, making your anti aging products for sensitive skin ineffective. Try to use less makeup in your daily routine and to switch to lighter weight substances, like More than Moisture SPF 30.

By following the “less is more” mindset when applying makeup, you decrease your chances for negative skin reactions. When applying the minimal makeup, skin is exposed to fewer ingredients and chemicals that can harm skin. Keep it simple when using anti aging products and makeup for sensitive skin.

When you buy your next anti aging products for sensitive skin, remember to be gentle, avoid ingredients, and most of all, read the label.

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  1. I am 27 with 2 children. I’m starting to get those worry lines working moms get. Would love to see if your products help with wrinkles

  2. I have good skin but it is very sensitive and it’s aging. I especially wish I could restore my neck without a facelift. I use a lot of products; if they feel good on my skin, I’m pleased. I like several Perricone products and I use others from other companies and I layer but use very sparingly. I think most people use too much. I agree with your comment about reading the labels. I don’t use foundation or powder, just cheek and lip color and a lot of eye colors. I agree about minimal makeup. Lots of good products and good comments here. I’d love to be a tester.