How to Make the Perricone Prescription Part of Everyday Life

Dr. Perricone’s breakthrough three-tiered theory and diets give you the tools you need to keep skin healthy from the inside out. How can you make Dr. Perricone’s theories part of your everyday life? Read these tips from The Perricone Prescription to transform your skin forever.

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3-Day Facelift

The Perricone Prescription is full of information about how you can make your skin look forever young. Dr. Perricone first presents the three-day nutritional facelift program in The Perricone Prescription.

The 3-day nutritional facelift program is formulated to revamp your face in just three days. Users notice smaller pores, a more radiant appearance, and smoother skin. The program is fully outlined in The Perricone Prescription, but key facts include:

  • Always eat protein first
  • Eat 3 equally spaced meals throughout the day, and 2 snacks
  • Consume salmon at almost every meal
  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day

If you like the results of this three-day program, try the full 28-Day cycle. For more information on the 28-Day program, read on.

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28-Day Program

The 28-Day Wrinkle Free Program is the second diet regimen introduced in The Perricone Prescription. This program is much less a diet and more a way of life. 28-Day Program users experience higher energy levels, less wrinkled skin, and even weight loss. Dr. Perricone explains the 28-Day Wrinkle Free Program in detail in The Perricone Prescription, but here you can find a few of Dr. Perricone’s key ideas.

First, Dr. Perricone explains that pro-inflammatory foods need to be disposed. Keeping these foods around only tempts you to break the program.

The Perricone Prescription then explains that you should stock your kitchen with diet-approved foods. These include green vegetables, salmon, berries, oatmeal, spices, and extra-virgin olive oil. Trade in your coffee for green tea, and your kitchen is ready to go.

Read The Perricone Prescription for the full 28-Day cycle, but users should again consume 3 equally spaced meals with 2 snacks throughout the day, with protein first.

Important Tips

The Perricone Prescription gives readers countless tips that promote a healthy, ageless complexion. These tips are easy to follow and can transform your life.

The Perricone Prescription stresses exercise for improving skin. Exercise improves muscle and bone quality, which also helps to thicken skin and create more collagen. With more healthy collagen, skin cells are less likely to separate and create wrinkles.

The 28-Day diet calls for exercise almost daily in the form of both weight training and aerobics. Weight training increases muscle mass; the more muscle in the body, the more calories burned daily. Aerobics burn calories, promote heart health, and raise your metabolism so that calories are burned more quickly. Both types of exercise should be performed regularly for a healthy body.

The Perricone Prescription also promotes Dr. Perricone’s three-tiered system of topicals, supplements, and diet. Topicals, like Cold Plasma or Concentrated Restorative Treatment should be applied to clean skin every morning and night to repair prior damage.

Supplements, on the other hand, work from inside the body to deliver the nutrients often missed in everyday diet. Take Skin & Total Body for a full nutritional fix.

Finally, remember to get a good night’s sleep after making The Perricone Prescription part of your everyday life. Sleep allows cells to grow, rejuvenating dull, dead skin.

Make The Perricone Prescription part of your life to transform your skin.

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