How to Find the Best Under Eye Wrinkle Creams

Dr. Perricone knows the eye area is the first giveaway of age because it is the first to show visible signs. The eye area is extremely delicate and over time fine lines and sometime discoloration, more commonly known as dark circles or “bags,” develop under your eyes.

Because of these sometimes unsightly eye dilemmas, finding and choosing the best under eye wrinkle creams suited for you is very important. Dr. Perricone‘s anti-wrinkle eye cream treatments are very potent and proven effective in attacking dark circles and discoloration through their gentle hydrating powers.

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How to Find the Best Under Eye Wrinkle Creams

The best under eye wrinkle creams of Dr. Perricone’s are the Cold Plasma Eye, Neuropeptide Eye Contour, Advanced Eye Area Therapy, Vitamin C Ester Eye Therapy, and High Potency Eye Lift Cream. All of these products are uniquely designed to fight common eye area problems such as fine lines, puffiness, dark circles, redness, loss of elasticity, loss of hydration, and loss of brightness. They are all formulated to provide noticeable results. You can find clinical results for each product on the product pages from Perricone’s website.

For example, here are Cold Plasma Eye’s clinical results:

  • 93% noticed area under eyes felt more moisturized and comfortable
  • 93% noticed skin around eyes appeared brighter and healthier
  • 88% noticed fine lines and wrinkles around eyes had diminished
  • 79% agreed this eye cream works better than any other eye cream they had previously used
  • 76% noticed skin around eyes felt soothed and less red

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What the Best Under Eye Wrinkle Creams Should Do

Rich eye wrinkle cream is ideal for delivering great anti-aging benefits to sagging, fragile skin. All best under eye wrinkle creams are usually thick with advanced Neuropeptide technology to help firm and diminish puffiness as well as the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles. By using Perricone’s specific eye treatments and moisturizers, your eyes will quickly take on a more youthful appearance.

If your under eye wrinkle creams do not do what they say, you should seek further assistance from a professional or contact the company from which you got it. Most allow returns if you are dissatisfied.

Perricone wants you to be 100% satisfied with your purchases. If you are not for any reason happy, your purchase will be refunded immediately to your credit card or can be exchanged for another product that may better suit your skin.

Order of Application

Applying wrinkle creams may seem like common sense; but if you do not apply them in the correct order, they may be ineffective. The correct order to apply products including eye products are thinnest to thickest.

Experts recommend this order:

  1. Cleanser
  2. Exfoliant
  3. Toner
  4. Prescription Products
  5. Serums
  6. Eye Creams
  7. Moisturizers
  8. Sunscreen
  9. Make up

In addition, it is great to have multiple eye creams for different purposes. For example, the one you use during the day should contain some sort of sunscreen, and the one you can use before bed should be ultra rich, but without the SPF.

Since your eyes are the first giveaway of age, investing in looking young and healthy may be especially smart in eye care. Take care of your most delicate skin with these helpful guidelines, and it will pay you back by disguising your true age for years to come.

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  1. Just turned 50 in September, have worked on a computer all my life & at the end of the day my eyes have had it!. I have the most horrendous bags under my eyes & lines that my makeup cakes into. I’m really young acting but I look beat down & tired always! If your product can help me they can help anyone!!! Pictures available ;)

  2. I have recently notice my the skin around my eyes is becoming loose and there are wrinkles and my eyes are quick to show signs of wear and stress. I have been using your eye therapy, maybe I should try cold plasma. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to test this or any one of your products.

  3. I am 37 years old and have tried many, many products and can’t seem to find an eye cream that does what it says plus because of trying so many products, I have ended up with milia or tiny white bumps under my eyes. What would be the best eye cream for me? I have a few wrinkles starting, dark circles and the little white bumps. I would really like to find something that can help. Are most of the eye creams noncomedogenic?


  4. Kate,
    I hope you love Advanced Eye Area Therapy! I’m a Cold Plasma girl myself… :)

  5. I have dark circle and puffiness from allergies… I would love to be a tester!

  6. Under my eyes it is puffy I have tried everything and nothing seems to work. I would love to try some of your products and see if it helps. Thanks

  7. Yes, I will love to be a tester for Dr Perricone, thank you!

  8. I have used Dr. Perricone’s producuts for the last 3 years and I have noticed the change. Everyone that knows me asks me what I have been doing to my face, he is the best!

  9. I am still on a quest for a perfect eye cream. Looking forward to trying Advanced Eye Area Therapy.

  10. Oh my God ever since i have used Dr.Perricone products , I feel like a brand new woman.This is it!!! and i have tried a lot of other products but i have found that every product i have tried from his line it really does the job. Thank you Dr. Perricone

  11. I am a 43 year old women that is a skin care junkie….I have used every cream serum and potion available to prevent and treat the few wrinkles I have, lets just say I’m obsessed with my skin….Recently I was in sephora (my favorite place to shop) and they had a perricone rep there, she proceeded to tell me that although the products were expensive, they were the best on the market….SOLD, I bought everything I could. I have been useing perricones cold plasma eye noe for about 2 weeks. I have this stubbon rather kind of deep line on one of my eyes that I focuse on…well since useing cold plasma, my the skin around my eyes is brighter, less puffiness, and that stubborn wrinkle has allredy started to diminish….sooooo worth every penny I spent, I will never use any other products besides perricone, I am hooked for life…