Fighting Wrinkle Formation Safely & Effectively

Dr. Perricone’s line of anti-aging, skin firming skin care products treat both deep wrinkles and fine lines. Compared to the surgical alternatives, Dr. Perricone’s products provide a more cost-effective, safe, and natural way to help your skin regain its original radiance. To understand why the products are called a wrinkle cure, it’s helpful to know what causes wrinkle formation and where wrinkles usually appear.

This article will discuss:

  • What Causes a Wrinkle
  • Where Wrinkles Appear
  • Take Action
  • Prevention Methods

What Causes a Wrinkle

There are two important substances that the human body naturally produces in order to keep skin looking fresh.

  1. Elastin — These are structural proteins found throughout our bodies that allow organs to stretch and recoil, thereby maintaining their shape. As the elastin in our skin is exposed to sunlight, it becomes progressively damaged. Over time the healthy elastic tissue is replaced with damaged, degraded elastin.

    Undamaged skin has a great deal of elasticity, like a rubber band. It strong, flexible, and able to retain its original shape. Damaged elastin fibers clump up and start behaving more like a rubber tire. The sun-damaged skin is very inelastic and thus much more prone to wrinkles.

  2. Collagen — This is the main structural protein of our bodies. It strengthens elastic fibers in order to provide flexibility, the quality skin care experts call elasticity. As collagen and elastic fibers receive UV damage, production of these cells diminishes, and skin begins to sag and develop uneven pigmentation.

    However, the sun is not the only culprit in the appearance of wrinkles. Collagen and elastin production are affected by the natural aging process. As they age, cells divide slower and have diminished energy production. As a person ages and the cells are less active, the dermis begins to thin. The network of elastin and collagen fibers that support the outer layer loosens and unravels causing wrinkles on the surface of the skin.

Locating Wrinkles

Skin ages all over the body, but the most noticeable damage is seen on the face:

  • Frown/Laugh lines – Wrinkles around the mouth are caused by the natural wear and tear that happens to the skin every time we laugh, smile, or frown. The skin around the area of the mouth is thinner and thus more prone to a loss of elasticity.
  • Eyes Area and Crows Feet – The wrinkles that appear around the eyes are another natural symptom of skin aging, and they can be particularly aging. Under eye wrinkles can become noticeable as early as your 20s or 30s. The area under the eyes is especially vulnerable to dark circles and wrinkles because the skin is especially thin and sensitive. It is is easily affected by frequent facial expressions like laughing and squinting.
  • Neck — The skin on the neck is one of the most neglected areas of the body even though it is exposed to the sun’s unrelenting rays on a daily basis. Most of the wrinkles on the neck are a result of this sun exposure as opposed to chronological aging. Dr. Perricone’s Firming Neck Therapy is an excellent option to treat this overlooked skin area.

Take Action

There is more than one way to tackle troublesome wrinkle formation. The use of surgical and harsh chemical options is increasing, but many have unwanted costs to the health and comfort of the skin. Popular cosmetic procedures that aid in skin rejuvenation include:

  • Glycolic acid peels — Only slightly reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles. May cause stinging and discomfort.
  • Microdermabrasion – Silica or aluminum crystals are blasted over skin generally over a period of more than six sessions. Neither does it appear to activate collagen production, nor does it change the skin’s anatomy. May make face feel smoother as these products are mild exfoliants.
  • Dermabrasion — Surgical procedure often performed under general anesthesia in which a physician uses a rotating instrument to sand skin down resulting in a raw appearance. Can result in meaningful wrinkle reduction depending on the experience of the doctor. May leave scarring and permanent skin color changes.
  • Plastic surgery procedures — Expensive, surgical face and brow lifts, effective for select patients. Risk of pain and permanent damage.
  • Botox — Injection of botulinum toxin, the muscle poison, which paralyzes muscles that produce “frown lines.”
  • Fillers — Increase volume and flatten wrinkles and folds through injection of fillers, such as collagen. Effect only lasts a few months. Newer substances like hyaluronic acid (Restylane, Juvederm) and calcium hydroxylapatite (Radiesse) have longer lasting effects – up to six to nine months, or even longer.
  • Laser resurfacing — Produce similar results to dermabrasion, but more precise. A carbon dioxide or erbium laser is passed over an area of skin several times until the peel reaches the middle of the second layer of skin to boost the body’s natural collagen production. Healing takes weeks to months after laser resurfacing, while the procedure may cause permanent color changes and scarring.

Dr. Perricone’s anti-aging skin care products, including the top selling Advanced Face Firming Activator contain active, natural ingredients to treat aging skin:

  • Olive Oil Polyphenols — These work to help even skin tone and add a supple appearance.
  • Antioxidants — These include vitamins C ester and E, as well as beta-carotene, alpha-lipoic acid, and astaxanthin. They treat and help prevent free radical damage in the skin.
  • Moisturizers — Moisturizers like Dr. Perricone’s Neuropeptide Firming Moisturizer help the fight against sagging skin by keeping it hydrated, radiant, and smooth, and Perricone specials make the products even more affordable.


Dr. Perricone’s products are intended to treat the root cause of wrinkles by stimulating collagen and elastin production, but there are steps you can take to minimize wrinkles in the first place:

  • Wear sunscreen — Changes brought on by sun damage include rough, sagging skin, growths, and wrinkles. Skin ages significantly more where there has been maximum sun exposure. These especially include the face, neck, the backs of the hands, and the tops of the forearms.
  • Don’t smoke — Many studies confirm that cigarette smoke ages skin, mostly by releasing an enzyme that breaks down collagen and elastin.
  • Get enough sleep – Dr. Perricone believes when you don’t get enough sleep, the body produces excess cortisol, a stress hormone that breaks down skin cells. When you get enough rest, you produce more human growth hormone, which helps skin remain thick, more elastic, and less likely to wrinkle.
  • Sleep on your back — The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) cautions that sleeping in certain positions can lead to “sleep lines.” Over time, these wrinkles become etched into the skin and don’t disappear when you’re awake. Sleeping on your side increases the likelihood of wrinkles on cheeks and chin, while sleeping face-down may result in a furrowed brow. To reduce wrinkle formation, the AAD recommends you sleep on your back. Also, use a silk or satin pillowcase to reduce the friction and pull of fabric on your skin as you sleep.
  • Eat plenty of healthy fats — Not only are salmon and with other cold-water fish a great source of protein, one of the building blocks of great skin, it’s also a rich source of Omega-3. Dr. Perricone strongly believes that essential fatty acids like Omega-3 help nourish skin and keep it supple. Incorporating nuts into your diet is another great way to get plenty of healthy fats.
  • Exercise –A regular exercise routine helps to maintain overall health and improves circulation for glowing skin.
  • Don’t over wash your face — According to dermatologists at the University of Maryland Medical Center, tap water strips skin of its natural barrier oils and moisture that protect against wrinkles. Wash too often or with overly harsh soaps and you wash away natural wrinkle protection.

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  1. I just turned fifty and i amstarting to feel like my face is melting. I need your help

  2. While I do have a few wrinkles around my eyes the ones that have started to really bother me are the ones around my mouth and on my chin. No, I am not a smoker nor have I ever been. I do admit to not using sun screen as I should have and being a big big talker. lol! What do you reccomend?

  3. I am 50 years old, and have tryed alot of treatments to get the wringles above my lip. I did fractal laser for a year, which didn’t work, then fat injections along with derabrasion. I looked good for 3 weeks, then the wringles came back. I have used oils, creams, chinese med. natural products, and high end products- nothing has worked. I live a healthy lifestyle, and would like to look like myself again, and my age.
    Please help.

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  7. I would love to test this product, I have received it in a small dose before as a gift with my order and loved it!

  8. Im over 48 and I found the Made from Earth “Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Cream” very potent as a lip moisturizer. It helps diminish the fine lines above my upper lip.

    After trying many different products eye products also, I started using the Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming serum to take away the puffiness under my eyes, it decreased those fine lines and tightens up that delicate skin around my eyes.
    For the lips, after I applied the the cream,it instantly lifted and erased surface lines. Highly recommended for a lip moisturizer but also an under eye cream for firming….

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  10. I am loving the book!! It is so great to get the inside scoop on how the body ages, and how the products make a difference. I saw a magazine excerpt years ago on Perricone-recommended supplements to prevent aging, and have taken those 5 for years, including alpha lipoic acid, and did notice a difference. I have long wanted to get the book, but could never afford it, then saw it recently in a thrift. What a bargain! I’m doubly excited because I have recently learned that my history shows my body has an over active immune response and many highly inflammatory conditions, since childhood. I had been looking for ways that I can reduce inflammation on my own, and taa-daa!! I’m only 1/2 finished with the book, but have started the 3 day diet today, and am adding more of the supplements little by little as I can. I plan to maintain the diet to aid my entire body, and the wrinkles lost will be a great fringe benefit! I live in the high deserts of Arizona, and learned the devastating results of dehydration on my skin in the first month I was here, so I have been a religious water drinker for almost 20 years. Due to a second bout of thyroid cancer, they take me off my thyroid meds for testing, it takes about 2 1/2 -3 months each time, and I have seen myself age 10 years in two weeks related to this. Losing some of that would be fine!! I am 48 now, and people say I look young for my age, but I can see what the cancer has wrought across my face. I would be honored to trial anything developed by a researcher who has put so much emphasis on answers since the inception of his education! Thank you for your invaluable assistance in improving my health!

  11. Hello Dr. Perricone;

    Well, let me start by saying I would like to change pretty much everything about my skin. I have super sensitive, combination, and aging skin. I am 52 and have always received compliments about how good I look for my age, but I have been a smoker and have developed the tell tale wrinkles on the upper lip and chin. I have alot of expression in my face so when I smile the crows feet appear quite drastically and when I’m not smiling, they diminish just as drastically. Any cleanser that has lauryl or lauryth sodium sulfate in it sends my skin into an itchy, burning, red blotchy, dry patch state; anything with a strong fragrance makes me itchy; anything that is greasy enlarges and clogs my pores. I cannot use a foundation because that just adds an unbreathable layer to my skin which then delivers rashes and breakouts. I read the ingredients on everything and am very selective to what I am applying to my skin. I can judge a products sensitivity within about 5 minutes after using it, and I am very good at returning products (lol). I studied essential oils and made alot of my own products but the experimentation is very time consuming. I achieved some good results, but not enought good results. Recently, I found a product line that meets the sensivity part, but is it going to live up to the wrinkle reduction??? Anyway, I would be the perfect candidate for testing your products and would certainly be honoured and look forward to doing so.



  12. I am looking for a product that will help my skin become firmer especially around the mouth and jawline areas. I have really good skin and do not look my age, but you can’t stop the aging process and I am 57 years old.I’ve used your products in the past, but saw now difference in my skin, but am curious about the new plasma cream.

  13. I am looking for a quality product to help the wrinkles that have started around my eyes mostly. Would like to try something that really works! My diet isn’t bad, although I plan to try Dr. Perricone’s diet suggestions.

  14. I found this article on wrinkles to be very informative. This past year my daughter and I decreased our red meat consumption and increased our fish, fruit and vegetable consumption, and increased our exercise to five days a week. We are feeling great! I would love to test Dr. Perricone’s skin care line and add that to my new regimen.

  15. I Guess I am Lucky as I have always slept on My Back, never smoked, and was given cod liver oil as a child,and never really disturbed my face’s acid mantle by washing it. I was always one for slapping some kind of vitamin -laden food mask on though!! I Have had to work inside for most of my life as a professional cleaner. But my Dream and true talent is to be a singer-songwriter. I have to fight the wrinkles big-time to be in this profession.Some times I am called “Miss” even though I am a Grandmother.I ahve used Perricone products and can’t wait to use those I have not tried yet.

  16. I am commited to fighting wrinkles. That is why I started using Perricone. Fortunately, I have lved a very healthy life…not smoked, eating right including raw vegan detoxes and exercised. Unfortunately the exercise included lots of outdoor sports, running, biking, swimming, diving and skiing and the sun has started to show it’s effects (along with aging..I am 54). I have been pleased with the products AND the encouragement to keep improving my lifestyle through the advice of Dr.Perricone. Thank you!

  17. I follow the Perricone diet!
    I use Dove soap for cleansing & olive oil under my eyes at bedtime. What I did invest in is the TINTED MOISTUTIZER SPF 15 as part of my daily routine. It’s all that I can afford and its made a huge difference in my appearance. I do train in Pilates 6 days a week. I’d love to be able to experience using more of the products. As humbling as I can make this sound; new people I meet guess me for 10-12 years younger than I am. My age is 53 and I work as a trunk show fashion model and a personal pilates trainer.

  18. Hello! I am 45 years old and beginning to see the effects of aging particularly around my eyes and those dreaded sun spots. help! i’m too young to be old! :-)

  19. I live in Wisconsin where you never know what the weather brings until you wake up in the morning. I am turning 46 this year with wondering what happened to my 21 year old complexion. No fine lines and wrinkels around the eys and between the brows. I don’t remember what that looked like except looking at pictures. These are great deals and products that Dr. Perricone is offering to us and I would love to become a tester of the Dr.’s products and give feedback that I am sure is going to be positive. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  20. I would certainly love to test your products. I use many of them now and have not been disappointed in any product from Dr. Perricone. I am 55 and I do not have a lot of wrinkles, some forhead and 11′s and the nasiolabial really bugs me. I do have some sun damage not major mostly on the top of my cheek bones. Since using Dr. Perricone products I have seen great changes so far to tone and firmness.

  21. I would love some tips on how to make myself sleep on my back. My dermatologist told me the same thing, that the creases under my right eye were from my preference of side sleeping. I am large busted and also have lines on my chest from this!! I cannot seem to make myself sleep on my back despite my conscious efforts!

  22. Would love to test your products as they sound very promising. Always on the lookout for an affordable product that does what it says it will. There sure are lots out there to choose from. Makes my head spin sometimes when I shop. I am a natural redhead with freckles brown spots and beginning wrinkles. Lets try to stop them in their tracks. LOL

  23. I am 48 years old I exercise I have a healthy diet I am doing all the rite things daily would love to test your products to really get the results i desire Thanks

  24. Would love to get rid of a nasiolabial wrinkle. I would love to test this product and see that line diminish.

  25. I just read your article on Perricone.
    It is a very good article, some things I did not know about skin care. I live in Mesa, Az so it’s hard to always stay out of the sun. I know how hard the sun is on your face. I try my best to stay out of the sun, and use sun protectors for my face and neck, but I still have the wrinkles on my neck and face. I also need something for the brown spots on my face. Please except me as a tester.

  26. The sleeping on the back tip has made a surprising difference! Took a bit getting used to, but the difference I see is worth it!