How to Apply NV Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation Correctly

The idea of a one-shade-fits-all finishing product may seem unlikely or impossible to some. Yet NV Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation is marketed as just that. While many who have tried No Foundation Foundation have found it lives up to this promise, some have tested it and have been disappointed, saying the color isn’t universal.

How can it be that some are thrilled with the top seller, while others aren’t? It all has to do with the application.

Find out how to apply NV Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation correctly in this article, so you can join the growing number of satisfied customers.

Is a one-shade-fits-all finishing product possible?

How many times have you bought a foundation, and then applied it at home to find it is too dark, too light, or too “cakey?”

Walk down any beauty aisle, and you’ll find row after row of foundations in various shades. Trying to find a shade that actually matches your unique skin tone can be a daunting and sometimes futile task. So the concept of a product that works for any skin tone may elicit sighs of relief.

Try Perricone for as little at $10.

NV Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation, available in one universal shade, provides natural, translucent coverage unlike traditional foundations with heavy matte finishes, which emphasize the tiniest skin imperfections.

What’s special about this product is that it allows the skin’s natural radiance and beauty to shine through. The name of the product has “no” in it, signifying it is and it is not a foundation.

It’s in a class of its own.

In addition, NV Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation helps to:

  • Correct skin undertones
  • Smooth fine lines and wrinkles instantly
  • Boost skin’s natural moisture throughout the day
  • Deliver antioxidant benefits and non-chemical UV protection

Does it work? New York Magazine gathered a panel of testers to find out. This is what they found:

    Our panel of testers ranged from pale white to dark-skinned black, with some olive and tan tones thrown in for good measure. Surprisingly, the foundation blended with everyone’s skin, and coverage was subtle and natural looking. A couple of testers found it a tad bit greasy, while (strangely) the one tester with oily skin didn’t find it greasy in the least bit. But we must say that, though the foundation matched everyone perfectly, the dark-skinned black tester found it worked better as a matte-ifier (not a lot of coverage).

The panel found the shade was universal after all. The key to this positive result is a word in the quote above: “blended.” To see why, read on about how to apply the finishing product correctly.

How to apply NV Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation correctly

If you pump out a dot of NV Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation, you’ll see the universal shade has a dark goldenrod hue, a tint that helps to even out redness. This shade blends with any complexion when the finishing product is applied properly.

The goal of No Foundation Foundation is to work with the skin to let your skin’s natural beauty shine through. So with No Foundation Foundation, the application involves blending the finishing cream into the skin, rather than layering on top of it as a cover-up.

To apply:

  • Apply any other treatments and a moisturizer first. The moisturizer helps No Foundation Foundation blend smoothly over a larger surface area than it would without this first step.
  • Press down on the pump only 1 time. A pea-sized amount is usually all it takes, since a little goes a long way.
  • Blend No Foundation Foundation into your skin in gentle, circular motions all over face.
  • Reapply as often as necessary.

And remember, NV Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation is and is not a foundation. It’s something new and different.

Now that you’ve discovered how to apply it correctly, try it yourself and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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  1. I do use a skincare regime and try to look after my skin but I have blemishes on my aging skin. I am aged 50. I had a fall last year and this has left blemishes on my nose which I would like to cover rather than putting lots of caked foundation on. I also think that this would be a perfect foundation for me when I holiday abroad.

  2. Years ago I used the Face Firming Activator and loved it. Just Yesterday I got my Skin Clear Kit and the Retinol Intensive Night Repair. I’m really hoping this works to clear up my skin and my 46 year old wrinkles. I have very fair skin and a hard time matching foundation to my face. I would love to be a tester for the No Foundation Foundation. I’m also hoping it doesn’t aggravate my skin the way foundation can.

  3. I’ve just turned 44 so my main concern with makeup is aging. The same products I’ve always used don’t look quite as good as they used to, but I don’t want to switch to a thick foundation because they tend to look cakey. I’ve recently discovered a translucent ‘no foundation’type of another brand which I like, but I’d like to try your product, because it sounds like just what I’m looking for in a foundation!

  4. i would love to try out no foundation foundation as having used foundation for many years and trying different brands it would be lovely to find such a natural one especially now i am developing a few of the dreaded lines, plus i would love to see if it lives up to its claims

  5. I really want to try this new product because i am tired with other foundations. For a long time , i can’t find any good one for me.

  6. I would love to try this as i have a bumpy skin, and other products make my skin look worse.

  7. with aging skin, roscea and breakouts (ack, still!), I’m always looking for something light that will even out my skin without making it matte or mask-like….

  8. I have tried many foundations trying to find the right match and gave up. Foundations/powders were always the wrong color or looked like i caked it on no matter if i used a sponge or my fingers to blend. It would be nice to find something that I can wear that is natural looking, easy to apply with no hassels involved and of course protecting my skin from aging.

  9. I am starting to look like my mother. I have had some people say, “You look good for your age”….how do they know my age? I want to look good period.

  10. This product works like a charm. I tried a free sample and fell in love. I was very skeptical of the one-shade fits all aspect, but eventhough I am fair, it somehow blends just right. You don’t need to use too much, I applied it much like you would moisterizer. The small sample tube lasted about 10 applications, and I really got addicted to the fast application – I was able to sleep in a few more minutes since this is so quick to apply. Love it! (Just wish it wasn’t so darn expensive…)

  11. I am 64 years old with uneven skintone. I hate makeup base… they are all too heavy. Whe I go out for a special occasion… my makeup artist friend “airbrushes” my make up. It is O.K., but I want a more natural look.

  12. I have tried some of the Perricone products and so far I love them all, but I am always looking for skin perfecting products that can help with both congestion/acne and anti-aging. I also have serious under eye bags/circles and just cannot seem to find any products that help correct this problem. I have tried tons of products overall and would love to test more Perricone products!

  13. This sounds great! I have dry skin and loathe wearing foundation so I would love to try this.

  14. I’m noticing that I look old and tired, beyond my 46 years. When you put everyone else before yourself as I have over the years (children, husbands career, taking care of/worrying about ailing parents, etc.), you don’t notice how quickly the aging appears. After looking in the mirror, I received a wake up call – I need to be educated on anti-aging products to preserve and maybe even reverse this process. Help me put my self first – I want to be a tester!!!!!!

  15. i’m currently using chanel’s mat lumiere and it rubs off on my clothes within a few hours. i’ve heard about the wonders of no foundation foundation. i want to be a tester! turn this skeptic into a believer.

  16. I would love to be a product tester. This sounds like a great product and I would enjoy sharing the info with my friends if it works for me. Having to purchase a product without knowing it is right for you is very frustrating and costly. I just had my 60th birthday and am looking to look and feel better about myself. Thank you for your consideration.

  17. i love this foundation no foundation i have very sensitive skin and it does bother me at all have been using about 6-8 months also just got the cold plazma sample and so far so good no irritation i would love to be a tester since i have such sensitive skin i think its the natural products that agree with my skin

  18. I have tried many of Dr. Perricone’s products (no foundation foundation, cold plasma), and don’t really see any differences. Why am I the only one? I would love to be a tester, in a before and after type of test, so I maybe could see results.

  19. I have tried many of Dr. Perricone’s products (no foundation foundation, cold plasma, and don’t really see any differences. Why am I the only one? I would love to be a tester, in a before and after type of test, so I maybe could see results.

  20. I am fair with white hair and light blue eyes. I am 53. My skin is very sensitive and fair to medium would describe my complexion. I am quite interested to see if this differs greatly from mineral makeups in the way it will make my skin look and feel. Faced with aging and acne flare ups from time to time, read the press on this item…wondering if it does what it claims.

  21. Please choose me to be a tester! My skin is not in the best condition considering my young age (25). HELP!!!

  22. I don’t normally wear much makeup because it feels thick or oily on my face. I’d like to start wearing a foundation under my normal powder. I’ve read some reviews and it seems like this is a great product, but not being a regular foundation user to begin with, I’m not sure if I’d liek the product, so I’m not sure if I’m willing to spend 50.00 to TRY it. I’d love to test it because then I could see if it works for me. If so, I’d definitely buy it regularly. Right now all I use is Aveeno moisturizer, MAC studio fix powder, mascara and lip gloss.

  23. I have heard a lot about Perricone MD products and want this to be the first product I try in the Perricone MD range. In the past foundations have made my dark Indian skin look even darker a couple of hours after applying the foundation. I am hoping that this product is the one that I have been waiting for.

  24. Looking for something that doesn’t take a long time to put on. I am fair complexed but more on the light tan side. My skin is dry and have medium size pores. Sun-worshipped in the past, but use SPF every a.m. Would love to test the No Foundation Foundation.

  25. I would love to be a tester and try out the foundation to see if it works for me. Thank you.


  27. Iam a cosmetic-junky. I love to try new products and have tried almost all of them. I am a younger-looking woman in her early 70′s. No one ever believes my true age and thus I believe that using some of your new products can only enhance my “Youthfulness” more than ever. People always ask “What do you use?”

  28. I love it. No need to shop for right shade. But mostly because it makes my face glow and no one suspects I am wearing a foundation. My cousin could not believe how beautiful she looks after trying mine. She can’t wait to get her own.

  29. i’ve tried many samples of your products and love them, especially the gentle cleanser. i would love to be a tester and try out the foundation to see if it works for me. i am indian and am medium/dark toned. thanks.

  30. I’m an esthetician and I’m always looking for the best products for my clients. I recently developed an allergy to chemical sunscreens and I’m looking to try your No Foundation Foundation to see if it will work for me and to show off my skin without all the foundation.

  31. am 55 years old, and up to now, have not found the real product for my aging skin, would love to try your products, thank you.

  32. I have tried almost every foundation on the market and they all look like makeup! Would love to try your No Foundation Foundation!

  33. I looked at No Foundation Foundation and Sephora did not end up buying it, but would love to try it to see if I want to buy a bottle!

  34. A few months ago, November 2009, I started using the following products from Dr Perricone:

    Again it was by trial and error as the advice was not more that we all could read on the website.

    I started with the following products by the order they appeared:
    Bought together:
    1/ Nutritive Cleanser (love it, smells lovely, and it cleans without drying out the skin)
    2/ Ceramic Skin Smoother (didnt do anything and as if I was applying nothing compared to a product I have been using for years_
    3/Cold plasma (the newest baby on the market; so, I have been using it faithfully for two months now and I could say very minor improvement were noticeable in terms of skin clarity, texture, and a bit of firmness but felt that the skin still lacked something in terms of nutrition and hydration)

    4) tinted moisturizer ( nice product but noted that something was missing)

    Again as indicated no samples were given at any of those purchases (although they were bought from a leading dept. store that is selling the products), I found myself experimenting and paying money.

    5/ Concentrated Restorative Treatment (Not that impressed at all – no difference as I was applying nothing)
    6/ High Potency Eye Lift (brilliant product and much better that the Ceramic one)

    7/ Firming Neck Therapy( still no difference after 2 months of use)

    Finally I hit the jackpot with the face finishing moisturizer and no foundation foundation.

    8/ Face Finishing Moisturizer (immediate results. Hydration, firmness, and glow). Together with no foundation foundation is like wearing haute couture on your face. Elegance, quality, and a healthy glow.

    9/ No Foundation Foundation (excellent when combined with face finishing and not on its own)

    This time, I have ordered from a different place and I was given 1 sample of cold plasma (A small envelope enough for a daily use) – I didnt have a choice though. it was a mail order through the site and that’s what was send with my order.

    I was hoping that I could have had a chance to try the High Potency Evening Repair, AFFA, and the face countour.

    Thanks and Regards

  35. I am meticulous about skin care and esp. with products containing SPF. I already had a small cancerous lesion which was removed so products with SPF are very important to me. This line interests me so yes, if you need a tester, I am interested.

  36. yeah yeah!!!

  37. I like to be product tester to try them please. Thanks.

  38. I have tried multiple products on my quest to find solutions to my skin problems. Sun exposure, acne and reaching my forties have only complicated matters further. Is there a “right” product or combination of products? That’s what I am still looking for. Would LOVE to see if Perricone products can help after picking up the Perricone Promise just a few months ago.

  39. I’ve purchased so many expensive skin care products & foundation make-up that fail to live up to their promises. Honestly, they’re just the same old thing in new packaging.

    Perricone sounds different & interesting. I’m excited to give them a try & be a tester. My skin needs some brightening & a boost!

    I have sallow combination skin, which makes finding the right products a challenge.

  40. I won this foundation (and would love to give it away to my readers). I’m always on the lookout for products that are worth the money and so far really like the easy application of this – my skin may be smoother already. I’ll update you in another month!

  41. I would really benefit from being a tester. I have have various facial sking maladies all of my life and have always been ashamed of how I look. Now, I have scars, lorge pores, acne pits, discoloration and dark circles. Please help me!

  42. I have just started using the cold plasma. I’m thrilled with it so far. I don’t understand what the comments about the smell are. It smells lovely to me!
    I am a red head and have very fair skin. After years of sun worshiping I now don’t go outside without some form of SPF. The no foundation-foundation may be just the thing I need. I would like to try.

  43. I’d love to sample this product! I’m looking for a new foundation and this caught my eye. I have combination skin which breaks out easily with hot weather (which happens frequently here in australia) so i’d love to see if this works!

  44. I am a product junkie because I’m always looking for that great product. I’ve found a few but still am open to other possibilities. I’ve used a few Perricone products and really like them. In my quest for the perfect product, and with the economy tanking, I can’t spend as much money as I’ve done in the past just experimenting. Would love to try this no foundation foundation. Sounds too good to be true.

  45. This sounds like something I could use.

  46. This sounds great! I’d love to try it as a product tester. My skin is oily. Can this work just as well for me?

  47. i want to be a tester

  48. I would love to try the No Foundation Foundation – actually any anti aging treatments would be perfect.

  49. I would like to become a product tester. I try many things out on the market for skin and I would like to try something that would really work. My knowledge of other products will let me do a reasonable comparison.

  50. I would love to sample these products. My current concerns are anti-aging. Years in the sun as a kid and acne as a teenager has left my face looking older than my actual age. Nothing I find over the counter seems to help.