How to Apply NV Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation Correctly

The idea of a one-shade-fits-all finishing product may seem unlikely or impossible to some. Yet NV Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation is marketed as just that. While many who have tried No Foundation Foundation have found it lives up to this promise, some have tested it and have been disappointed, saying the color isn’t universal.

How can it be that some are thrilled with the top seller, while others aren’t? It all has to do with the application.

Find out how to apply NV Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation correctly in this article, so you can join the growing number of satisfied customers.

Is a one-shade-fits-all finishing product possible?

How many times have you bought a foundation, and then applied it at home to find it is too dark, too light, or too “cakey?”

Walk down any beauty aisle, and you’ll find row after row of foundations in various shades. Trying to find a shade that actually matches your unique skin tone can be a daunting and sometimes futile task. So the concept of a product that works for any skin tone may elicit sighs of relief.

Try Perricone for as little at $10.

NV Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation, available in one universal shade, provides natural, translucent coverage unlike traditional foundations with heavy matte finishes, which emphasize the tiniest skin imperfections.

What’s special about this product is that it allows the skin’s natural radiance and beauty to shine through. The name of the product has “no” in it, signifying it is and it is not a foundation.

It’s in a class of its own.

In addition, NV Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation helps to:

  • Correct skin undertones
  • Smooth fine lines and wrinkles instantly
  • Boost skin’s natural moisture throughout the day
  • Deliver antioxidant benefits and non-chemical UV protection

Does it work? New York Magazine gathered a panel of testers to find out. This is what they found:

    Our panel of testers ranged from pale white to dark-skinned black, with some olive and tan tones thrown in for good measure. Surprisingly, the foundation blended with everyone’s skin, and coverage was subtle and natural looking. A couple of testers found it a tad bit greasy, while (strangely) the one tester with oily skin didn’t find it greasy in the least bit. But we must say that, though the foundation matched everyone perfectly, the dark-skinned black tester found it worked better as a matte-ifier (not a lot of coverage).

The panel found the shade was universal after all. The key to this positive result is a word in the quote above: “blended.” To see why, read on about how to apply the finishing product correctly.

How to apply NV Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation correctly

If you pump out a dot of NV Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation, you’ll see the universal shade has a dark goldenrod hue, a tint that helps to even out redness. This shade blends with any complexion when the finishing product is applied properly.

The goal of No Foundation Foundation is to work with the skin to let your skin’s natural beauty shine through. So with No Foundation Foundation, the application involves blending the finishing cream into the skin, rather than layering on top of it as a cover-up.

To apply:

  • Apply any other treatments and a moisturizer first. The moisturizer helps No Foundation Foundation blend smoothly over a larger surface area than it would without this first step.
  • Press down on the pump only 1 time. A pea-sized amount is usually all it takes, since a little goes a long way.
  • Blend No Foundation Foundation into your skin in gentle, circular motions all over face.
  • Reapply as often as necessary.

And remember, NV Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation is and is not a foundation. It’s something new and different.

Now that you’ve discovered how to apply it correctly, try it yourself and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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  1. I have given up on foundation! I would like to try to see a sample to see if I don’t have to feel like its hopeless

  2. Face rescued by No Foundation Foundation! Age 61, poreless fair skin with minimal wrinkles, but several large age spots. I’ve tried so many products to reduce them and concealers make the spots more noticeable. Somehow, Laura Geller neutralizer color correcting spackle primer followed by No Foundation Foundation greatly reduces the appearance of my age spots, even in natural daylight. It’s great and I thank you!

  3. This stuff is great. Doesn’t settle into any fine lines on your skin and gives you a polished look when you don’t want to wear a lot of make-up. It is definitely worth a try if you do not have this product. Again, a nother winner from Perricone.

  4. My sister who is older than me uses this and she now looks younger…
    I want my older sister back…
    This is why I want to try these products.

  5. I am 74 years old and have redish ruddy skin from working on a farm in my youth. We were so poor we could not spend any money for anything other than food and other necessities, there I never wore make-up or sunscreen while working during the summer months for 8 hours in the hot sun in Oklahoma. My young adult years I wore base makeup, but as I matured my skin is very wrinkled. I stopped wearing makeup and only wear sunscreen as I did not like the looks of the makeup in my wrinkles, it looked as though I was made up, I like healthy, naturally moist glow. This is why I am going to consider trying your No Foundation Foundation. I am on a senior budget so I hope to soon purchase it and give it a try.
    I thank you for this opportunity to stress my skin concerns and problems. I hope this is not information overload for you.
    Thank you for your time and attention.
    P.S. Which stores in the Dallas,TX carry your product(s). I can probably only afford the foundation.

  6. I recently purchase the best of kit & have loved every product so far. I also purchased acetyl glutathione eyelid serum & love it too. I would live to try out your “big gun” under eye wrinkle cream before considering going under the knife as the other products are making such as huge difference.

  7. Well I BELIVE the name says it all NO FOUNDATION, FOUNDATION. That means to me it’s not a foundation like you would buy as a cover up you would be blending this on your skin and it would help with imperfections on you face. I don’t know if this is right but it is how I see it. To me it would kind of be like a concealed but you blend it all over you face instead of just certain areas this is something I would REALY like to try! I am 57 years old and at this time of my life I need a FOUNDATION NO FOUNDATION!

  8. I have mild-to intense rosacea (depending on diet, sleep and stress) and have been searching for a foundation that won’t irritate my skin and will allow my natural skin to shine through. I’ve tried a range of products with varying degrees of success (currently using oxygenetix). I’m wondering how this product compares and whether or not it is “no-foundation” enough to keep on while exercising.

    Please add me to your product tester interest list.

  9. I am looking forward to trying this product, the first Perricone one I have purchased. Living in Canada, we have extremes of heat and cold, and I am curious to see how this works in all seasons. I use sunscreen daily and am thrilled to discover a product with sensible ingredients.

  10. Wow! I felt how light and silky the No Foundation Foundation feels at Sepnora, and came home to look at the reviews. I am impressed and would love to give this product a try! I am one of those all natural girls who does eats healthy, gets her execize, an dis conscientious about the products she uses on her body. People have always told me that I have gorgeous olive skin, but as I approach 42, I see the fine lines creeping in and I continue to be adamant about protecting my skin as I am working outside in the garden or running. Your product sounds like it really addresses my personality when it comes to skin care and overall health! I would love to be a product tester for this line!

  11. I’m 54 years old and genetics have been on my side for many years, but lately, well, time is catching up. I’ve been looking for a product that doesn’t make me look “made up.” I want a natural, even look and No Foundation Foundation sounds like it could be the answer. Sign me up, I can’t wait to try it!

  12. I am 62 years old and have had oily skin all of my life. As I have gotten older, my skin tone seems uneven and sometimes redder in certain areas. I received a sample of the No Foundation Foundation , and was so delighted with the product I had to but it the next day. My skin tone was evened out, and my skin looks dewey and fresh all day. The product also seems to stay on longer than any other I have tried, even with my oily complexion. Love it!

  13. As a 54 year old women who is a beauty junkie I have read alot about Perricone.
    I would love to become a tester for your products.
    My skin that was once dewy and tight is now suffering from the effects of the menopause.
    Having tried lots of different products and treatments I am yet to find something that does what it claims.

  14. As a 54 year old women who is a beauty junkie I have read alot about Perricone.
    I would love to become a tester for yoor products.

  15. I am 43 yrs. old, I live in the tropics and have started on Perricone MD products just March 2012 and the results are incredible. My favorite is the No Foundation Foundation, can’t start the day without it!

  16. I am 48 and have been taking good care of my skin. I purchased a light weight foundation from Chanel but it still sits in the lines around my mouth even if you mix with a moisturizer. I had never tried foundation before this but I have been wanting a little something for a more even skin tone. I would love to give this product a try. I am always in front of a ton of women for my job and I want to look young and not like an aging lady with lots of foundation. I think it can really age a women when she wears too much. Powder isn’t any better. Wearing nothing but concealer today and wanting to run a try this product. Is DMAE in it. Sounds great too. My kids won’t let me get Botox:).

  17. I am really interested in this product! Previously, I bought some PERRICONE MD skin care products. To be honest, they are not suitable for me. However, I still want ro try this product because I really like the idea of what PERRICONE MD can provide. Therefore, I would like to try this PERRICONE MD NO FOUNDATION sample.

  18. My daughter brought some home with her from work, she works at Nordstrom, and gave it to me for mothers day. I usually wear no makeup and I’m 61, this I liked alot, no caking, or overdone, this is one nice product that I will use even if I don’t wear any other makeup. I’ve been told I look in my 50s and you know what, I’ve had cancer and chemo and alot of surgeries in the last few yrs so this is a great addition to keeping a younger appearance, thanks!

  19. I have tried so many foundations and tinted sunscreens and never found anything that made my skin look good until now. At first it looked to dark on me ( I am fair/light skin) but after about 10 minutes I looked flawless. It covered my freckles and age spot ( I’m 53) and love the way my skin looks NOT my makeup! And the spf 30 is only a added bonus. You have to give it a try, and don’t judge it to fast.

  20. Sounds amazing. I am looking for, and aiming to achieve a fresh, radiant natural look. The no foundation foundation soundperfect in theory. Would love to try it. Will try to go to a store with perricone products. Maybe Harvey Nichols in Leeds?

  21. Have never tried the product so can’t comment on it as yet.

  22. I first found out about Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation in the Duty Free catalog as I was flying back home to Mtl. Canada. I’ve been using foundation for the past 10 years or so and I can’t say that there’s truly been one foundation I’ve been happy with, aside maybe from Mac’s foundations. But this stuff is, according to me, unbelievable. I’m half white, half black, and this stuff suits me like a glove. It’s indeed so light that I don’t feel it on my skin, and blends in so well (yes, with a first coat of face cream) that I can’t even tell that I’m wearing makeup. It doesn’t leave that typical powder look that other foundations leave. It just glides on your skin. Anyway, I just wanted to write this to let other women know that there’s something incredible out there that may just make their lives so much easier in the morning! If only it were a little cheaper! Lol.

  23. have been using No Foundation for the last six months and I am
    Delighted with the result. At my age of 76 in January 12 I do or not
    Expect miracles! My next experiment Is Acyl-Ghatathione so fiingers
    Crossed get good results!

  24. Have been using Perricone No Foundation for the last eight
    Months and am delighted with resullts every day. I have had
    The pleasure of compliments from many people, and at my
    Age of 76 years, What more! 5 stars. thank-you.,

  25. Wonderful! Just looked in the mirror and it looks like the pores on my face have grown. For the first time ever, my husband told me that he could see the pores in my face under the light at the restuarant the other evening. I have naturally large pores anyway, and the age thing is not helping. I take very good care of my skin, fighting the age with all my might and not too bad either. I would love to test your foundation, because I hate to have something so heavy on my face. I was a BE mineral wearer until I thought it showed too much pore. Please consider me for a tester. I am looking forward to hearing from you. I am almost 58 years old. New birthday, New Year.

  26. Have been looking for a sheer foundation with decent coverage for years. Have tried several but have always been disappointed. Most recently, I tried a product that worked: reduced fine lines, softened the skin, reduced pores, and illuminated the skin. Then I checked the ingredients only to discover that retina A was a main ingredient. As retina A is supposed to be linked to increased risk of skin cancer, I sent the product back. I am looking foreword to trying your product. Thanks!

  27. I am a black female. Several years ago I was burned around the chin and outer lip areas by improper waxing. It left me with discolorations–and i am left with having to apply two shades of foundations–discolorations still show. I do have 2 of Dr. Perricone’s books–my budget just doesn’t allow me to afford the products.

  28. I just ordered this product from QVC and can’t wait for it to arrive. I use BE now and it is starting to “not work” any longer and I need something to cover my “redness”. I just hope, as advertised, this works! If it does, I can’t wait to try other Dr. Perricone products as a tester. Thank you.

  29. Good Morning!! (8:00) a.m. here in Denver, Colo!! I just saw your product on QVC..and I must admitt….it looks like a dream come true!! I am 58 years of age and I’ve noticed my skin changing on soooo many levels!! Dark spots…uneven skin tone..wrinkles..dark name it…and I’ve noticed it on my face!! I’ve tried Bare Minerals…and it made my face look DRY!! you could see all my imperfections!!UGH!! Please consider me to be a tester for your product. I’m excited to try something that may work for me instead of agaist me!! Thank You for your time!! Sincerely, Stella L. Chavez

  30. I just watched QVC for this product so I decided to google it to see what people are actually saying.

    I love make up and unfortunately, I also need it. I have a plain face that is beautiful with makeup – lots of it.

    I currently use Make Up Forever Mat Velvet, which I really like, but I would love to have something that is lighter weight while still providing all the coverage that I need.

    I would love to be selected as a tester. My friends are always asking me how I do my eye makeup or my nails, and I would love to share something new with them!

  31. Hello i have ben using no foundation foundation for about a month now,i actually do not use anything underneath it before i apply just a toner and it still goes on really well,it moisturisers,gives you protection from the sun and gives you a nice even skin tone all in one.i see it as a tinted moisturiser really and i have tried plenty of others this is truly a great product.

  32. I started using the Foundation No Foundation three weeks ago, and it has completely changed my skin for the better! For the first time EVER, I went to work without my usual layer upon layer makeup. I use this, and only this, and nothing else. No concealer, no powder, just this. And trust me, I have the dark eye circles, blemishes, large pores and broken capillaries that everyone dreads. This product truly is amazing, and I will only buy Dr. Perricone products from now on. Thank you Sephora for turning me onto this line!

  33. As a cynic when it comes to believing manufacturer’s skin product claims, I must admit I never thought I’d actually find something that impresses me as much as Foundation No Foundation. What results! At 54 my skin’s not as it was when I was 24 and I accept that, but boy does this make the most of your skin. Using a moisturiser and primer beforehand means a little goes an awfully long way. I found that just one “pump” (about the size of a pea) is all you need for the whole face. It’s wonderful to apply, doesn’t streak and has a subtle fresh fragrance. Lines and pores do seem to diminish and it leaves the kind of dewy glow to the skin that we drool over in those glossy magazine adverts. It exceeded my expectations and is more than worth every penny.

  34. FIRE!!!!! Run for your life. But, I’ll stay here waiting for my Perricone foundation no foundation to come. Life saver!!

  35. The foundation went on my skin easily with no dragging feeling i get from some high end products ive tried. Felt light and silky and definitely improved my skin. Lines were visibly reduced especially under my eyes.
    I didnt need my touche eclat i rely on to correct and conceal.

  36. I just purchased three products – but I would love to be able to test products and give y opinion. I am 48 with fair skin, age spots, white freckles, minor lines and an almost-ready-for-botox vertical line between my eyes.

    I have been on an auto-immune diet for Hashimoto’s – anything in the near future in that regard and any soon to be products for white freckles? My dermatologist says there’s nothing to help them except self tanners/body makeup.

    A product to help the white freckles would be a new product for people to buy – it would be a huge market!!!!

  37. I do professional sports photography and need and foundation that will last through the NFL season and act as a sun screen.

  38. I’ve just watched a presentation of this product on QVC and after struggling to find an all year round foundation with sun protection I decied to place an order.
    I’m very excited about receiving it and have high hopes that it will help to reduce the dark pigmentation my pregnancy has left on my face.
    I currently use an expensive french make of skincare and would be interested in trying the other products in this range if the reviews are anything to go by.

  39. I’m hitting the big 40 in a couple of months and am determined to stay looking young! I would love to be chosen as a tester for this product. I am allergic to parabens and have been looking for some new high range paraben free products for a while now. I have tested products in the past and my feedback has always been helpful.

  40. I need/want SPF; I need/want to make the best of my skin & I DON’T need/want heavy coverage. No Foundation Foundation sounds like a dream come true!! If I was lucky enough to get chosen as a tester, I would promise really detailed feedback including photos.****PLEASE CONSIDER ME!!!!****

  41. Hi! I’d love to try this product. I live in australia and having a high SPF everyday is critical. However i struggle finding the right mix of SPF coverage and skin coverage. I hate chemical suncreams so use a zinc then …. I don’t know yet! Working in an air conditioned office all day also dries out my skin. Really hoping I’ve found the answer!!!!

  42. Hated it the colour is way too dark it is far too Matt for my skin.I much prefer Chanel vitalumiere which gives a lovely dewy glow. What a waste of money for me.

  43. I’ve had a sample of it in my makeup bag for a couple of months. I just put it on the other day and my face looked and felt fresh! Why didn’t I use it sooner?! It made my face look radiant despite the scars from acne. I had to look it up immediately!

  44. I have been trying to find something that will work for so long! I am 46 and just experiencing wrinkles and aging skin. I hate the way regular foundation accentuates my wrinkles. If I could find something that worked like this product claims to work, I would gladly pay the money for it!

  45. im 23 years old and the amount of fine lines i have around my eyes it makes me concern a lot.i fell like my face is ageing way too skin is very sensitive.i think ive been trying aging products since i was 19 and no im about to try the perricone products…..i would love to become a perricone tester

  46. I am so self conscious of not wearing no foundation because I have acne scars that I mask my face. I would love to try this in hopes of ending my love affair with heavy foundation

  47. As someone who has to wear foundation for on-air use, I love wearing No-Foundation Foundation when I’m not on air. I was honestly skeptical, but am now a convert. It gives a nice wash of color, a hint of coverage, and a lovely glow to your skin. Bravo Perricone!

  48. Foundation is so difficult to match. When I use pale foundation it matches in the swipe test, but when I apply to entire face I look like a ghost. If I try a darker shade it wont match. I would love to try the no foundation foundation. Please help!