How Chronic Cellular Inflammation Ages Skin

Research has continually shown that cellular inflammation is a precursor to chronic disease, such as heart disease and diabetes, because it ages tissues, which comprise organs. The skin, the largest of the human body’s organs, is no exception.

When repeatedly exposed to cellular inflammation, the skin becomes damage and shows visible signs of aging.

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Cellular Inflammation

Cellular inflammation occurs when the body attempts to defend itself against harmful pathogens.

Cellular inflammation occurs in 7 steps:

  1. Pathogen enters the cell.
  2. Blood vessels widen, increasing blood flow.
  3. Permeability of the blood vessels increases.
  4. Fluid enters into the tissue, which swells.
  5. White blood cells enter the tissue from the blood vessels.
  6. Cells destroy the pathogen.
  7. Tissues repair themselves.

However, cellular inflammation can become chronic. Chronic inflammation occurs when the body’s natural healing process overdoes its job, and results in the destruction of healthy parts of the body, such as joints or blood vessels.

This overdrive occurs when the substances that direct cellular inflammation think that the causes of infection are not fully removed. When this happens, cellular inflammation never fully terminates, and white blood cells continue to enter the tissue even though they are not needed.

However, you can prevent chronic inflammation by managing the factors that make the body think infection is constantly present.

Prevent Chronic Cellular Inflammation

One major contributor to chronic cellular inflammation is an unhealthy, pro-inflammatory diet.

The list of pro-inflammatory foods can be summarized in 5 categories:

  1. White flour (e.g. bagels, cookies, cereal, sweets, crackers, pizza)
  2. High-fat meats
  3. Sugar (e.g. candy, cake, fruit juice, soda)
  4. Fast food
  5. Snack food (e.g. potato chips, pretzels, corn chips)

These foods cause a surge in insulin, which triggers an inflammatory response.

Avoid pro-inflammatory foods and take a giant step toward preventing the aging of your body and skin.

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  1. My issue is: as a result of ingesting a form of poison it caused damage of some sort that makes me have an adverse reaction when consuming alcohol. The symptoms are: severe swelling all over, joint pain & worst of all, a strong onion garlic odor in all glandular areas. The only thing that clears the the swelling & odor are antibiotics. My question to you is how do I reverse the effects & cure the cellular/ colon damages.

  2. oh, and please allow me to try the Cold Plasma System…something that would work so well with my own efforts to follow the anti-inflammatory wrinkle cure recipes. I have lost 60 pounds so far, and have some skin issues (face/neck/body) which need the kind of help the system offers. I have sensitive and dry skin, fair and thin, with redness and fine lines to deal with. I am a librarian with 2 kids in college and no money to spare…plus I’m reentering the dating world after 18 years of single parenting, so you can imagine how needy I feel at this point. Dr P and staff…have mercy on me! Things are going great so far; your assistance to any degree would be so appreciated…sincerely, nh

  3. hello Dr Perricone,
    I have taken charge of my life and steps to end my involvement with pro-inflammatory foods. Fortunately, I haven’t had too far to go with removing the prime offenders like fast food, snacks and high-fat meats since they’re not really in my diet anyway; the processed carbs and sugars were a different story, and although I am doing well to avoid them now and replace with healthy and nutritionally beneficial choices, I’m still ravaged by the effects of time (I’m 58) and metabolic syndrome. PLEASE help me wage the war against chronic cellular inflammation by allowing me to try your amazing products…I will be happy to write honest and detailed reviews on any products I have the opportunity to test! Anti-aging is the foremost concern I and so many other consumers share…I think I am an ideal physical and intellectual candidate for your testing program. Thank you in advance for considering me.
    nan harris

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