Health and Face Firming Benefits of DMAE

Dimethylaminoethenol, or DMAE, is an antioxidant that works within the body to produce many positive effects. From face firming results to boosted energy levels to improved behavior and mental functions, DMAE offers many possible benefits to the human body.

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What Exactly is DMAE and How Does It Work?

DMAE is a chemical naturally produced in the body by the metabolic process of procaine, though it can also be artificially produced in a lab.

DMAE is unique from choline, the chemical it most resembles, because it can cross the blood-brain barrier. Its ability to cross the blood-brain barrier means that it can easily enter the brain. Once DMAE reaches the brain, it is acted upon by an enzyme that converts it into choline.

Choline is a precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Acetylcholine plays a part in the regulation of skeletal muscle movement as well as maintaining smooth muscle and cardiac muscle. In the central nervous system, acetylcholine is thought to aid learning and memory, and to help regulate mood.

Possible Benefits of DMAE

Because DMAE aids a neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, it is thought to have many possible benefits for the human body.

For example, it can help:

  • Prevent and help treat cardiovascular problems
  • Boost immune system
  • Treatment of depression
  • Increase energy
  • Help reduce the amount of sleep your body needs

Because DMAE helps to create acetylcholine, it can affect the brain in a myriad of ways, obviously. It is thought to help with ADHD, ADD, and mild depression because it acts within the neural pathway responsible for attention span and mood regulation. Though scientists are unsure as to how DMAE causes these positive effects, studies have shown that with long term use, DMAE can help alleviate behavioral and emotional issues.

DMAE’s many health benefits, such as prevention and treatment of cardiovascular problems, are due to its ability to block free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that either need to gain or lose an electron. They will steal an electron from a cell in the body in order to stabilize themselves. In the process of trying to stabilize, free radicals can cause damage to the body, including cardiovascular, immune, and skin problems.

Deactivation of free radicals occurs because DMAE stabilizes the membrane around the outside of cells by giving or receiving an electron, creating a sort of protective casing.

This ability to fend off free radicals comes in handy in a world overwrought with outside stressors like sun damage, industrial pollution, radiation, and cigarette smoke. All of these outside stressors are also known to cause damage to your skin.

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How Face Firming DMAE Can Improve Your Skin

Because DMAE fights free radicals, it can benefit your skin.

Face firming DMAE can give your skin a more youthful appearance. It helps to increase elasticity and firmness because it helps to regulate skeletal muscle movement. It also helps to enhance smooth muscle function, making facial contours more defined. By increasing the amount of DMAE in your body, you can help to fight and reverse the signs of aging.

DMAE can also help prevent and reduce age spots. Age spots are caused by lipofucsin, a brown pigment in the skin that forms because of age, but also because of free radical damage. DMAE can block the formation of lipofucsin and therefore reduce the occurrence and appearance of age spots.

So how can you work DMAE into your skin care regimen? DMAE can be applied topically and internally.

Internally, DMAE supplements like Doctor Perricone DMAE can directly place DMAE in your body to work from the inside out.

Externally, moisturizers, creams, and face washes can help to boost the face firming DMAE in your skin. Topical treatments that contain both DMAE and alpha lipoic acid are especially potent because they combine the best of antioxidant technology into one cream. Perricone Advanced Face Firming Activator contains both alpha lipoic acid and DMAE to help reduce discoloration, fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness.

Have you reaped the benefits of DMAE? Tell us your thoughts below.

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  1. Hi,
    I am from Brazil, and my mom want this cream so badly, she is 76 years old.
    I went to Macy’s today but nobody knew about dmae.
    Please can you help me

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  3. Iam currently reading the perricone weight loss diet book,it is amazing reading-fully intend to put it into practice,and try some of the skin products also

  4. First I want to let you know I have every product known to man. I have puharcsed from TV, drug stores, natural products for acne, prescription acne med. and about 3 mos ago I bought this from a friend of my mom. The first few weeks I noticed improvement. I must tell you my skin was not irritated for a change. It actually felt good not too dry or too oily. As the months went by my acne disappeared. I get a few little break outs if I am lazy and don’t do morning and night treatment. Products that finally work.

  5. I have tried ginkgo biloba, ginseng, choline, alpha gpc.. but I must admit that dmae gives me the best benefits in terms of concentration and focus. I also use carnosine and acetyl l carnitine in combination. This product dmae is wonderful, its cheap compared to alpha gpc.

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    I also need help with puffiness under my eyes. Willing to send photo so you can prescribe what I need. Thanks!

  8. I am a 48 yr old mom/grandma and would luv to be able to test products. I have sun damage from my younger yrs laying in the sun and i am hormonal. I also suffer from acne breakouts and just starting to show some wrinkling on my foreheae/eyes and around lip area. Thank You.

  9. I am 33 years old and have just started researching DMAE. The reason for this is that in the past I have had problems with substance abuse. I have a little over a year clean and have become very interested in healthy ways to change my life. I have begun a workout routine and taking suppliments. One of them being DMAE. It’s only been a few days of me taking it so haven’t seen any benefits as of yet but have high hopes. I would so much appreciate a chance to try your product out. I’m working on the inside now so working on the external will be my next step. And the damage I have caused to my skin especially my face throught neglect I feel is irreversible. So I would be forever thankful for a chance to turn back time when it comes to my skin.

  10. I have used a Xmas serum with c and lipoic acid. It definitely worked to fade my red neck sun damage at age 55. It did come back after I ran out of the product though. For some reason when I type Xmas it changes to Xmas.

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  12. 42 year old woman with three young daughters. I have a mild case of ADD. I like to run for exercise. Feel young on the inside but have noticed a slight sagging of my skin, wrinkles around the eyes and age spots. Would love my external age to mirror my internal age!

  13. I am 38 years old and have just started using DMAE as a supplement. I am not worried about aging as yet, as my skin still has a youthful glow. I do however, know how important it is to use anti aging products at the first signs of aging, and would love to try out DMAE as a topical cream.

  14. I am a 58 year old lady who tries to look after herself well both internally and externally and would love to try your products. Fine skin in need of TLC. Thank you

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    Thank you!!

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  18. 72 years old female. Ingesting 2 DMAE, (VRP product), capsules x 1 daily. Would like to try your external cream. Can’t turn back the clock, but hopefully it would made a difference, therefore I would love to be you magazine cover girl ;-)

  19. I am a 43 year old fit model and mother of a 20 year old girl and 9 year old boy and have been eating the Perricone Prescription way for many years now. I absolutely believe in all of the health benefits in the Perricone Prescription way of life and have seen it work on me and many of my friends… As I age, I am very interested in skin care and would love to be a tester of your products. I already take dmae, alpha lipoic acid etc for skin and health and have even applied it to my skin. I would love to see how well your products would work on my skin.

  20. OMG,I have great news to say. I have been using DMAE for around 6 months, My few brown spots are gone from my face and hand. I use to have very deep wringles. It is gone 100%. I feel younger.

  21. Have been using THE Dr. P. BLOCBUSTER kit for over a year now. Love my skin and always searching for even more help from Dr. P to get more and more radiance. Trying some organic DMAE internally and extenally to hopefully see the difference. Dr. P…. I am your face to beat the aging race. Xoxox from my skin!

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  33. I just watched Dr. Oz and learned about the benefits of DMAE. I would very much like to try Dr. Perricone’s products!

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