Harnessing the Power of DMAE

If you are familiar with Pericone MD, you may have noticed there are many products that include Dr. Perricone’s signature patented ingredient DMAE.  As a line dedicated to fighting the signs of aging, DMAE plays a vital role in many of Dr Perricone’s products.   What’s so special about DMAE? It helps to prevent and correct the loss of skin elasticity, while it firms, tones, and tightens skin’s appearance for a more youthful skin tone. So whether you’d prefer a DMAE cream,  toner, eye cream or serum, Dr Perricone has you covered!

The DMAE Collection

Perricond MD DMAE CollectionIf you’re looking to maximize your DMAE use, you should definitely try the DMAE Collection!  It includes three of Dr Perricone’s popular skin care products for daily use.


  • Nutritive Cleanser- This gently daily cleanser removes impurities, environmental pollution, and makeup.


  • High Potency Amine Complex Facelift-  Are you look for a facelift in a bottle? This product with lift and firm your skin tone for a more youthful complexion.


  • High Potency Evening Repair- You can’t neglect your skin at night while it repairs.  Use this treatment to rejuvenate and firm your skin.

This collection of Perricone DMAE products promises to:

-   Reduce enlarged pores

-   Repair surface imperfections

-   Revive dull skin for more radiance

-   Replenish moisture

-   Address loss of firmness and elasticity

Still not convinced? Check out this customer review of The DMAE Collection:

“I bought this item in a travel kit with other products in a Perricone black travel bag 10 years ago. I didn’t realize I would look like I had a face lift. My daughter said, ‘You have a bone structure women would die for.’ I told her it’s all in the products you use. When you are replacing ingredients that you lose as you age, the result is timeless beauty. Didn’t know aging was an option. My skin glows with a firm vitality….”

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1 Comment

  1. High Potency Evening repair is an amazing product! Every time I use it, I wake up the next morning and my skin feels and looks great! The consistency is great for a treatment product, and I am in LOVE with the scent! I want gallons of this stuff and I feel satisfied knowing I am using a product from a great dermatologist.