Happy Thanksgiving, Perricone MD Style!

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  1. I would love to become one of your product testers. The area where I live is very dry and many women here look on average 15 years older then they are. Thank You for considering me as a tester!

  2. As a 50 year old woman with sensitive skin, the dry climate of southern California results in my never ending quest for the best skin care.

  3. So far, I have been using a sample given to me at a make-up counter from a Dept store, as my skin is incredibly sensitive. I have been trying the cold plasma sub d, for my neck, as it seems to be the only part of me giving my age away! If nothing happens (no break outs or itching) I will buy and hope it works. I lost 30 lbs this summer, and apparently that was a little too quick for my 43 year old skin to keep up with. Any products having to do with skin tightening for neck & jowl area, acne scars (just a few), pore minimizing, and/or uneven tone, I would love to try. I began using Dove soap, and kiehls moisturizer in 1992, and have never had a problem with my skin since. I think it’s vitally important for people with hyper-sensitive skin to test products, because I find most people have some sensitivity. I have found only about 4 products that do not irritate my skin! And the cold plasma, sub-d…. So far, so good… I am in day 2 of about a week supply! Fingers crossed! Thanks, because I really don’t want a turkey neck!!!

  4. These products sound wonderful!!!