Goodbye to Under Eye Wrinkles: Stay Looking Forever Young

High Potency Eye LiftThere are some definite perks and benefits to getting older; however, developing crinkles under your eyes is most certainly not among them.

Wrinkles under the eyes automatically age a person, causing them to look and even feel older. Knowing what causes wrinkles, tips to preventing wrinkles, and the products available to help reduce them can help you stay looking young and smooth.

In this article, learn about:

  • What causes under eye wrinkles
  • How to reduce under eye wrinkles


What Causes Under Eye Wrinkles: Sun, Smoke, and Sleeping

Wrinkles are the result of repetitive movements engaged in on a daily basis. Smiling, laughing, squinting, furrowing brows, and frowning are all expressions that attribute to crinkles in old age. However, facial expressions are not the only contributor to wrinkles; environmental factors like the sun or smoke are also major factors.

The skin under eyes is exceptionally sensitive and therefore more likely can area to develop wrinkles. While genetics and exhibiting facial features cannot be easily changed to avoid the appearance of these wrinkles, environmental factors can be.


When the sun is out nice and bright, it is instinctual to squint. The brightness of the sun hurts your eyes; therefore, squinting seems like the natural reaction. However, all of the squinting eventually leads to permanent wrinkles.

Not only does the sun cause squinting which leads to wrinkles, the sun also causes your skin to age.

Plus, the skin around eyes is quite thin, the aging can happen sooner than other areas of your body.


Smoke contains free radicals that damage skin. Therefore, smokers develop more wrinkles under their eyes.

Smoke also causes people to squint or rub their eyes. Since the skin around eyes is so thin, when it is rubbed it causes the skin to wrinkle back and forth. Constant rubbing leads to wrinkles faster.


Yes, sleep is necessary, but sleeping on your stomach can actually increase wrinkles under your eyes. By sleeping on your stomach, the side of your face rests on a pillow squished for hours at a time. This constant squishing of the face each and every night causes creasing, which eventually leads to wrinkles.

The skin under the eye is extremely delicate, thus a leading area for wrinkles. While some of the natural causes for wrinkles (i.e. facial expressions) are hard to control and prevent, many other causes of wrinkles are easily preventable and able to be reduced.

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How to Reduce Under Eye Wrinkles: 4 Simple Suggestions

The skin under the eyes is one of the first places wrinkles develop, but reducing and preventing under eye wrinkles can be simple.

To help prevent and reduce the appearance of under eye wrinkles remember these four simple suggestions:

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  1. Sleep and Drink
    Sleeping at least 8 hours every night and drinking plenty of water helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  2. Sunscreen and Sunglasses
    Use an eye cream or even just a regular facial cream with an SPF in it. Sun is one of the leading causes of wrinkles. Also, wear sunglasses.
  3. Sleep with a Humidifier, but not on your Stomach
    Purchase a humidifier for your bedroom and remember to sleep on your side or back to prevent creasing on your face from your pillow.
  4. Don’t Rub or Remove Roughly
    Rubbing your eyes is sometimes a habit, especially when tired, but avoid this instinct. Rubbing the delicate skin under your eyes causes them to wrinkle. Similarly, when removing eye makeup, do not remove it too roughly.

Many skin care products can also help reduce the appearance of wrinkles under the eyes. One of the best products is Perricone’s High Potency Eye Lift. This product not only helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, but it also helps to lift, firm, and brighten the skin as well. Another Perricone product proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is Perricone Cold Plasma.

Independent clinical studies showed that 86% reported an improvement in the appearance of lines and wrinkles after utilizing this product.

Whether it is using High Potency Eye Lift or Perricone Cold Plasma, remembering to wear your sunglasses, under eye wrinkles can be easily reduced to help you stay forever looking young.

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