Goodbye Puffy Eyes: Causes and Effective Treatment

People of different ages usually have to deal with puffy eyes. When eyes become puffy, fluid builds up in the orbits, the tissue around the eyes.

Some people just have chronic puffy eyes because of hereditary. Eyes can become swollen due to a number of other reasons.

Some common causes of puffy eyes are:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Illness
  • Fluid retention
  • Stress
  • Allergies – usually accompanied by redness and itching
  • Hormone change

Also, when people cry, eyes become puffy because more blood flows through the eye area. Eyes can look puffy after sleeping, too.

Older people have puffy eyes more frequently than younger people because the muscles and skin elasticity around the eyes weakens with time. The fat that is usually spread out around the eye area may collect in the lower lid.

To reduce the likelihood of getting puffy eyes:

  • Get enough sleep
  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily
  • Reduce sodium intake; sodium causes the body to retain more fluid
  • Exercise to increase circulation
  • Avoid rubbing eyes

To treat puffy eyes, consider Dr. Perricone’s Advanced Eye Area Therapy.

Not only does it help treat puffy eyes, but it reduces the appearance of fine lines, under eye wrinkles, discoloration, and dark circles.

Advanced Eye Area Therapy is formulated with:

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid, which helps to reduce puffiness and refine skin texture.
  • DMAE, which helps contour, lift, tighten, and tone skin.
  • Vitamin C Ester, which helps to impart a radiant, smooth, and luminous appearance.

While having puffy eyes is not a serious condition, it could be a symptom of a bigger optical problem if the puffiness is accompanied by pain, discomfort, or blurry vision. If any of this is the case, you should consult a doctor.

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  1. I have had a cornice pain issue since I was born .Now that I am 54 I have a new Daily body problem to deal with .Every day for the past 3 months , I wake up with my left eye set of lids totally swollen ..almost shut & the right one is same ,but a bit less . Besides the obvious beauty issue..I can’t find out why this is happening or what will work . I would love to try your product. Maybe it will help. this swelling never leaves just a frustrating Pain to deal with . I have hope there is something I can do ..maybe you can help?thanks a.e.

  2. I have had under eye bags/puffiness all of my life, I am 54. My dermatologist said nothing I can buy will help. it is part of my heredity. I have tried every creme imaginable. Would love to buy this but hate to spend more money.


  3. Since I was in high school people would say, “You are so pretty but you just look tired.” I’m tired of looking tired. Tried expensive creams, prep H, eye rollers, dietary changes and better sleep without great success. Both of my parents also had terrible bags under their eyes. I don’t want to end up plagued with these puffy eyes my whole life. Next stop surgery.

  4. drink water, sleep upright but still have the puffiness on the corner of my eyes….iced spoon or bags of vegies help…need your help..tks.


  5. I have suffered from periorbital welling and no Dr can surmise the cause. No cream or jell helps. I have done lypmph drainage, accupunture had blood work etc. NO answers.

  6. hate how old I look with puffy eyes and dark circles.

  7. I suffer from chronic puffy eyes. I tried using everything and nothing helps. I would love to be a tester!!

  8. For several years now,the first thing I notice when I look in the mirror, are my puffy eyes. They are, without a doubt,the greatest cause of my greatly reduced self-esteem. I don’t want to go anywhere that I absolutely don’t have to, because of this unsightly condition; makeaup doesn’t even help much. I’ve tried several products, but none have made any difference, and I cannot afford the more cistly ones. I’ve always thought that if I were given the choice to change any 1 physical attribute, it would be my puffy eyes. Please help me to do this.

  9. I am 58 years of age . my husband had an affair and I don’t want him anymore , however I would like the bags under my eyes to disappear. I want to feel good on the outside. I have Bipolar . been suffering from the depression part of it for a few months. got out of the house and moved in with my step daughter and family for 3 weeks. depression is gone because of a lot of reasons including the love of our lord.I am not planning to find a new man. but I just want to feel wonderful on the outside . I believe depression and sleep apnia could have made my under eyes puff and look like fluid in it’ I would greatly appreciate being allowd to be a tester. thank you !!!!!

  10. I am nearing 40 and have tried a few different products as well as home remedies for puffy eyes especially in the morning but more recently at night too. I would love to be a tester for your products as my puffiness makes me look extra tired even when I’m not. Sign me up!

  11. I’ve had puffy eyes since high school. They never go away and they’ve only gotten worse over the years. I always look tired even though I get plenty of sleep. I’ve tried eye creams, Preparation H, cucumbers, drinking lots of water, etc. Nothing seems to help.

  12. People always tell me I look tired, even after 8 hours of sleep. I not only have bags, I also have dark circles because of my fair thin skin. Please help.

  13. i need something that will really work my one eye is so puffed up eveyone keeps asking me who punched me in my eye please help

  14. I need it so badly, because I am soooo tired of these unatttractive puffy eyes, I have benn through illnesses and stress. Now that I am better and well, I feel that at I look 20 years older because of my puffing eyes. I is so upset about this issue

  15. I’ve been genetically predisposed to circles and puffiness. I’ve also seen a loss of elasticity, firmness, and collagen to my skin as I’ve always had a thin face. It’s been far more apparent with aging over the last few years as I reached my 40′s. I’d love to become a product tester.

  16. I am a 53 yr old woman with very nice skin on neck and face except for puffy neyes. Some days worse than others. HELP

  17. I have had puffy eyes all of my life. I have literally tried everything to eliminate this issue.

  18. I have chronic puffy face and under eye circles. I would love to have the opportunity to test the products!

  19. People ask me all the time if I’ve gotten enough sleep. Cucumbers and frozen chamomile tea bags just ain’t enough! Yes, pretty please sign me up to be a tester!!

  20. I’m 35. I need help!! My eye wrinkles and eye puffiness
    Is beginning to make me want to try what I can to
    Eliminate it! I’d love to be a tester!!

  21. I work at a middle school, a day doesn’t go by without a student asking me if I am tired or just woke up. Teenagers kids are so honest. I have tried everything for my puffy and dark circles. Help me!

  22. I’d love to be a product tester I’ve had puffy eyes all my life!!!!!

  23. Are you kidding me? To test Dr Perricone’s products would be a dream come true. I’m 58 and living in Australia, and need all the help I can get. Let the trials begin…..

  24. I have had puffy eyes for 20 years, and have found nothing that works. It really knocks my confidence and gets me down, and would love to have my confidence back. Please put me down to be a tester. If it works, I will be a permanent customer and pass the word around!

  25. Enough! We can go to the moon, but, can’t

  26. Enough! We can go to the moon but can’t

  27. I am only 28 and the bags under my eyes are so bad that they make me look as if I’m 60. Please help. I have tried everything.

  28. I am pre-med advisor at a mid size liberal arts College in Charleston, SC.
    Over the past few years (and going through menopause) the puffiness under my eyes has gotten so much worse and it makes me look older and more tired. I have summer orientations coming up and I’d really like to look my best as I welcome 2000 news students and their parents to campus.
    If your products can help, I will be so grateful and happily share my experience.
    Thank you
    Karen Eippert

  29. I swear by Shielo’s Complexion Moisturizer. I carry a jar with me on the plane. It is light, small, and fits in those under 3 oz. plastic baggies, and I put t on my face and hands a few times during flying. When I land, I have less of that dry and puffiness that I used to get.

  30. Work night-shift as a nurse and it takes a huge toll on my eyes!! Would love to test and find an eye product that would improve puffiness and dark circles.

  31. i have extremly puffy eyes would love to be a product tester

  32. I have chronic puffy eyelids! I have tried just about every eye cream out there and NOTHING has been able to work for me! I have just finished Dr. Perricones 3 day face lift and my eyes are looking better, but they are still swollen! I would love to be a product tester! Please help! Thank you!

  33. I have had puffy eyes for as long as i can remember. There not as puffy as they are baggy. I am so self conscious,. Would really like to find something that would make a small difference in the way i look. thank you

  34. Finally an eye cream that works. I like the color, texture, and it tingles. It really works. I had tried a sample but would love to use this eye cream

  35. I would love to try your product for under eye puffiness…If it works, I’ll surely place an order!

  36. I would love to be product tester. Please let me to try this product. Thanks.

  37. I am 58 years old. The skin around my eyes are so bad at times I don’t even like going out in public. We have gas heat which cause allergy problems and my eyes get so puffy. I would love to try the firming products. I eat good because I have Dr.Perricone’s book.
    Thanks for your help.

  38. I would love to become a Perricone MD tester! I have tried my fair share of products, and I am still on the hunt for something that works.

  39. Oh Yes, I didn’t have the screen display asking why I’d like to try the
    advanced Eye Therapy…so email #2, to answer that question, I’m 41 but my eye’s are aging very quickly. I have puffiness, crow’s feet, dark circle’s, loss of elasticity, and it seem’s to be getting worse.

    I use many high end cream’s that I’ve tried, Eye patch therapy, Just started Bioidentical Hormone Therapy and have changed to an Organic, diet.

    I will say these change’s are holding their own against the aging, but I’ve even started using the Red Light therapy to stimulate collagen growth, EGF product’s, at some point their would be solace in knowing their is education beyond mine going into these product’s and for this I trust the Perricone name.

    I am at an age where I want to end any previous damage, repair and prevent further aging on my entire face, but seem to be predisposed to eye aging…PLEEZZE HELP!

    It is so frustrating to throw money into product that promise and don’t deliver.

    I have read the other post’s and feel like every single person here….there is such a need and market for good product’s……

    A large part of beauty does come from within, supplement’s, diet, but when I face the mirror in the morning, I want to run out of the bathroom screaming!


    I would LOVE to product test for Perricone…

    I have been researching product’s on my own for 3 year’s now..singling out the “active” ingredient’s in high end perfomance product’s, and have learned to test new product’s using a standard for “control” testing and then using one side of my face to test…..and have been writing for website’s and blog’s…it would be wonderful to test for a company that really need’s decent feedback.

    I am very thorough in my testing and review writing and am really excited about the possibility of this opportunity.

    I am still searching for the “right” product line for my face as I am aging.

    Thank You for the opportunity to respond to becoming a tester.
    Warm Regard’s

  41. I exercise, get enough sleep, eat right, drink 8-10 glasses of water a day, do not eat anything white, lots of veggies, good protein, no alcohol and I still wake up with puffy eyes.

    I have tried everything and would love to know what does really work.


  42. My eyes look terrible and needsa all the help they can get. i would like to try your product so i can watch the area around my eyes improve.

  43. I am the Queen of puffy eyes. It always looks like I have been on a drinking binge and I don’t even drink!!! I would love to test this product and see if it works for me. Thanks.

  44. Yikes! I just turned 55 and I have bags under
    the eyes.I would love to try your eye treatments to
    see if it will help! Thanks!

  45. I’m commenting because I would like to be a product tester. So please e-mail me letting me know exectly how.

  46. I am very interested in trying Perricone products as I have heard so many positive comments. Choosing products is very difficult and costly so would love to become a tester so I can sample products before I buy!

  47. I have relatively good skin except for some discoloration but the skin around my eyes is horrible!! I need help. I have dark circles, fine lines & these small white bumps under the eye area. This product might be something that can help me.

  48. The Advanced Eye Area Therapy is the most amazing eye treatment I have found. Within days my dryness decreased and my eyes looded refreshed. I have and will continue to recommended Dr. Perricone’s products to all of my friends. Thank you

  49. I find Advanced Eye Therapy amazingly effective. My age, 62, combined with allergy symptoms, were giving me “pouches” beneath the eyes which I’d never experienced before. Other products that were touted by big name cosmetic companies were just not handling the problem.
    AET worked so well that I tried other products such as your topical DMAE and vitamin supplements. They are the BEST! At one time, I tried substituting health food store supplements, but they just weren’t as effective. I would be a Perricone tester any day! Lillian

  50. drink lots of water to enhance natural beauty!!!