Glycolic Acid’s Role in N V Perricone Cleansing Treatment Bar

The latest product now available by N V Perricone, Cleansing Treatment Bar can help visibly improve skin’s texture and clarity. One of the key ingredients in its formulation is Glycolic Acid, a natural skin care ingredient.

In this article, learn about the role glycolic acid plays in this N V Perricone soap treatment.

What is Glycolic Acid?

Glycolic acid, part of the alpha hydroxy family, is derived from sugar cane, so it is considered a natural product. It’s even safe to use during pregnancy. Like citric acid from fruits like lemons and oranges, glycolic acid is essentially a fruit acid, too.

People turn to glycolic acid for both anti-aging and acne treatment benefits. It can be applied to the skin in a range of concentrations. But depending on the desired treatment, some concentrations are more ideal, since higher concentrations may cause irritation to skin.

Because it is highly acidic but also highly soluble, glycolic acid gently exfoliates the skin by reacting with the upper layer of skin. It weakens and removes the “glue” that holds the old, dead and damaged areas of the skin cells together. By removing this top layer, glycolic acid exposes the live skin cells underneath and helps new skin grow.

This exfoliating property is useful in both anti-aging and acne treatments. It is anti-aging, because glycolic acid leaves behind smoother, younger looking skin when washed off. By removing that top layer, glycolic acid also results in less oily and acne-prone skin.

Just as glycolic acid is multi-purpose, N V Perricone has included it in its latest multi-purpose skin care product, the Cleansing Treatment Bar.

About N V Perricone Cleansing Treatment Bar

N V Perricone Cleansing Treatment Bar is formulated with glycolic acid to help visibly improve skin’s texture. In addition to this powerful ingredient, the treatment soap is also formulated with skin toning DMAE and nourishing Olive Oil Polyphenols, which also delivers antioxidant benefits.

Perricone MD Cleansing Treatment Bar can help:

  • Minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores
  • Reducing the size and quantity of spots and blemishes
  • Calming redness and moisturizing with pure Olive Oil Polyphenols
  • Tightening and toning the appearance of skin with DMAE

N V Perricone Cleansing Treatment Bar is now available. It works synergistically with all N V Perricone skin care products. For accelerated results, follow use with bestselling Cold Plasma to treat the 10 signs of aging.

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  1. I have been using Perricone’s products for over a year now. I am 30 years old, with combination skin and a light complexion. I would love to be a tester

  2. I love Perricone products! I buy them off of QVC all the time and this cleansing bar really interests me because I have sun damaged skin, dark spots, enlarged pores and fine lines and wrinkles. However, I’ve been using Perricone for about 6 months now and my skin has DRAMATICALLY improved. This is why I’d like to add the bar to my Perricone facial routine. Thanks! Hope you pick me!

  3. My pores are large and I used to wear makeup everyday, but it started sticking in the pores and looked funny, I’ve tried every thing, masks, peels, all bought commercially. I am embarassed due to this, and will hardly go out with my husband because of the way my makeup looks in my pores, and they are mostly on my nose, the most prominent thing on your face and the first place people look!

  4. Please sign me up for your Treatment Bar; I am interested in being a tester.

  5. I am a huge Perricone addict ! All of his products are wonderful. Have been using them for years and most people think I am 10 years younger than I am. I would love to be a product tester ! Would love to try this soap.

  6. I am always interested in any product that reduces redness — so many promises, so little results. As a 25+ plus person suffering from a red, blotchy compexion that defies resolution, I would be interested in finding out if, finally, there is a product that will not dry my skin and also reduce redness.

  7. I’d love to try this cleansing bar too- is there a place to check out the ingredients for skin sensitivity issues?

    Sounds great!

  8. I have tried all Dr. Perricone’s cleansers and have been very happy. I would love to try this new cleansing bar, esp since my skin suffered from acne, ages 11-26, and now still has a propensity to blackheads, and too much oil.

  9. I have been using Perricone products for many years now and have always received compliments on the radiance of my complexion. I will admit that I have never had “problem” skin and have always had a strict regimen for cleansing and moisturizing. I am now premenopausal and my hormones have truly taken over. I have begun having acne breakouts and am now frustrated with how to care for my changing skin. Acne is something I have NEVER experienced. I am in my 50s (don’t look it) and still have mature skin needs. Please help Dr. Perricone, you have never let me down!

  10. My sister in law is Fabricating this product in a company named Bradforsoap, and its not out yet, but I have been using the bar for a couples of days, i have acne and Ive noticed a better Skin….so it might work!!!!!

  11. I like to be product tester to try them please. Thanks.

  12. Very interested in your products…I would like to become a product tester.

  13. I want to test products!

  14. I have combination skin that consists of large pores, blackheads, cystic acne and dry spots. I would love to test this product.

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  16. I would like to try.

  17. I would love to become a tester! I have young acne pron skin and i get really embarrassed :( If you would like, i would also make youtube videos on what i thought about the product! Please get back to me thank!

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  19. I would love to become a product tester!

  20. I am a 44 year old mommy & science teacher from Iowa, & I would love to test Perricone products:)

  21. Hi,
    I’m a new product reviewer. I have done 1 so far and it’s on my blog. I would love to do a product review for your company.

  22. Interesting!

  23. I love glycolic acid! Whenever I get a pimple that won’t go away, I drop by my esthetician’s office & she puts a drop of her super-strength glycolic acid on it to make it dry up. The stuff is a miracle worker & I am sure this cleansing bar is great. I’d love to give it a go.

  24. I heard it can tighten skin and the appearance of large pores. I’d love to try it.

  25. I have a combination of acne (on my forehead) and fine lines between the eyebrows and by my eyes. The pores on my cheeks have gotten larger. Oh the joys of nearing 40 LOL! This is something I would like to try to see how well it works on my type of skin. Everything else I’ve tried has caused me more acne and dried my skin out!

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  32. Honestly, it would be amazing if this was as effective as marketing suggests. There’s no small amount of folks willing to drop bank on finding acne medication that works. Myself included. I have all kinds of issues with everything from cystic crazy spots to those icky tiny whiteheads and blackheads. One of these days, I hope I find the sweet-spot in the regime to clear this up.

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