Get Your Sun Salutation On, Starting With No Foundation Foundation

There are numerous references to praising the sun among most ancient cultures including those of India, Egypt and Rome.

To the ancients, the sun brought warmth, harvest and good health.

And although in modern times the sun can still bring good health through vitamin D, it can also bring serious harms like Melanoma.

Read on and learn how to salute the sun safely in today’s world.

Why No Foundation Foundation is Perfect for Sun

In our culture today, thousands of beach bums travel to the shore each summer to praise the sun in their own way.

However Dr. Perricone will argue that getting too much sun may lead to:

  • Skin cancer
  • Loss of skin elasticity
  • Thinner, more translucent-looking skin
  • Wrinkles
  • Dry, rough, leathery skin
  • Broken capillaries on the face
  • Freckles
  • Liver spots on the face, back of hands, arms, chest and upper back
  • Spots or blemishes on the lower legs and arms

Because of these threats, learning how to protect your skin while you spend a day in the sand is a smart idea.

Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation’s multi-purpose formula was created to make skin appear flawless, while delivering SPF sun protection.

And while most other SPF products are composed of chemicals, Perricone’s No Foundation Foundation battles harmful sun rays in an all-natural way.

This non-chemical SPF 30 sunscreen is made with:

  • Zinc Oxide
  • Titanium Dioxide

With this product you won’t get burnt, and you’ll look beautiful, because No Foundation Foundation provides natural translucent coverage, and instantly smooths fine lines with powerful anti-aging sciences including alpha lipoic acid and DMAE.

Ideal for all skin types (even sensitive), this foundation is the perfect way to start your safe sun salutation.

But don’t forget, although protection from the sun is important to your health, Dr. Perricone agrees that receiving a proper amount of Vitamin D is also vital.

Don’t Become a Vampire

Did you know that most Americans don’t get enough vitamin D?

This could be because the threat of skin cancer has caused people to slather themselves with sunscreen, while some avoid the outdoors altogether.

Try Perricone for as little at $10.

And while skin cancer linked to sun exposure is very real, neglecting your dose of vitamin D isn’t smart.

When exposed to the sun’s UV light, the body will produce its own vitamin D.

This important vitamin can:

  • Reduce the risk of colon, breast and prostate cancers
  • Help maintain strong bones

While laying out and tanning on the beach all day unprotected is NOT recommended, you can get your vitamin D fix in healthy ways.

Follow these 2 steps:

1. 15 Minutes Max
All that’s required to increase your levels of vitamin D is 15 minutes a day of sun exposure without sunscreen.

So come out from under the umbrella, sit on your front porch or go on a short walk; just make sure you go unprotected for only 15 minutes.

2. When the Time is Right
Choose to go unprotected at certain hours of the day.

The best time to get your 15 minutes of sun is preferably outside of the peak sunlight hours: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Limited daily sun exposure is the best way to get vitamin D; however, you can also choose dietary options.

Eat fish such as Albacor Tuna, Silver Salmon and especially Sockeye Salmon, which has 1070 IU’s of vitamin D in just one 6 oz. serving.

Learn the Sun Salutation Yoga Step

One key to living a healthy life is through regular exercise, like yoga.

So why not salute the sun during your weekly regimen?

Originating in the worship of Surya, the Hindu solar deity, the sun salutation is a common sequence of Hatha yoga asanas.

Learn the Routine Steps:

  1. Stand tall with your hands in prayer
  2. Inhale and lift your arms overhead
  3. Exhale into a forward bend
  4. Inhale and lift the chest
  5. Exhale into forward bend
  6. Inhale and step back into plant
  7. Exhale and lower yourself towards the floor
  8. Inhale and lift chest into cobra
  9. Exhale and lift back in downward facing dog
  10. Inhale and walk your feet between your hands
  11. Exhale in a forward bend
  12. Inhale and stand up lifting your arms above your head
  13. Exhale and place your hands in prayer at your chest

For a “spiritually favorable” experience, perform the sun salutation at sunrise.

Rethinking how you worship the sun in a safe way is a modern idea based on an ancient tradition.

How do you safely salute the sun?

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1 Comment

  1. My doctor requires me to use sunscreen daily because of my lupus. When I don’t use a sunscreen I usually end up with a rash on my face, arms and legs. I would love the opportunity to be a product tester for any of your products. have heard and read good things about the Perricone products, but have yet to try any of them. Finances are such that I currently can not afford to purchase a product not knowing if it will help me.