Get Thick Skin with the Best Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream

Thick skin is crucial in life, mentally and physically. And whether or not you realize it, during the winter, your skin physically weakens through thinning that ultimately affects the aging process.

Because of the slow thinning, it is sometimes unnoticeable at first. Protect your skin with layers of moisture inside and outside the body before you can detect thinning.

Read on to learn more about getting thick, healthy skin.

Why Skin Thins

During the winter time, skin becomes dry and itchy. Scratching to relieve itchiness causes skin to slowly break down and peel or flake away. As new skin cells regenerate, especially at night, it is important to aid in this process to help your skin stay forever young.

Unfortunately as you age, there are many things that can cause skin to thin. One of these things is the loss of fatty layers people have to protect blood vessels. If you do not take care of yourself and your skin, the elastin fibers in skin will drastically lose resiliency, leaving skin more and more fragile as you age.

Other causes of skin thinning:

  • Aging causes skin to lose the fatty layer that helps to cushion and protect your body.
  • Excessive sun exposure makes collagen and elasticity weaker.
  • Genetics may play a role in how you deal with internal and external elements that affect the skin.
  • Different medications can weaken the skin and blood vessels in the skin with long-term use.
  • Some medical conditions affect the skin, such as blood disorders.

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How to Prevent Thinning

The process of preventing skin thinning is easier than it may seem. It consists of moisturizing skin regularly, protecting it from the sun, and last but not least, maintaining a balanced diet.


Keeping your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water as well as using a great quality moisturizer are especially important during the dry months of the year. From December to March, the humidity levels in the atmosphere rarely allow for any moisture in skin to stay naturally. Instead, the air makes the skin dry by stripping its natural oils.

Use a quality moisturizing cream for the body, face, and specific trouble areas such as the eyes with Perricone’s High Potency Eye Lift. This product is so effective because of the ingredients used to make it.

One of these ingredients vital to the success of High Potency Eye Lift is Calophyllum Tacamahaca Seed Oil, also known as Tamanu Oil which is used all over the world because of its super healing powers. This oil is known to heal everything from chapped skin to severe burns.
Tamanu oil promotes new tissue formation, accelerating healing, and healthy skin growth.


Protecting your skin from the sun is another way to prevent thinning with age. Whether you are using sunscreen or just covering the skin with clothing, every little bit helps.

  • Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants
  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure
  • Use a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15

Anti-inflammatory Diet

Dr. Perricone recommends eating a healthy, all-natural, low glycemic diet to prevent inflammation which leads to skin’s aging and thinning. Dr. Perricone advocates eating wild, meaning to choose safe, healthy, and all-natural foods.

Recommended options for this diet includes:

  • High-quality protein found in fish, shellfish, poultry, and tofu.
  • Low-glycemic carbohydrates from fresh fruit and vegetables, whole-grains, and beans.
  • Healthy fats from cold-water fish, especially salmon, nuts, seeds, and olive oil.
  • Beverages, such as green tea, that are rich in antioxidants.

Thicken your skin

Using quality moisturizers are not only important for preventing skin thinning, but they can also reverse some of the damage already caused by age and actually thicken skin. A top way to thicken your skin is with a wrinkle cream.

Cold Plasma is a great product to use as it covers all the necessities of overall facial skin care. Complementing your regimen by using targeted products such as Perricone’s High Potency Eye Lift will allow you to address specific concerns. Cold Plasma includes advanced neuropeptide technology to inhibit inflammatory to that can cause skin to wither away as well as DMAE to help tone skin and DHA to bring back essential fatty acids that help hydrate.

Another way to thicken your skin is by eating well. The following foods are excellent sources of skin-thickening ingredients:

  • Kiwi – a powerhouse for skin. It’s one of nature’s richest sources of vitamin C and helps prevents skin damage and helps build collagen.
  • Lentils – a super protein that helps skin stay strong.
  • Olive Oil – a great addition to a diet, especially when exposed to more sun than recommended, this oil will help prevent wrinkling and thinning.
  • Salmon – this wonderful fish packed with Omega-3 fatty acids will keep your skin resilient and may reduce the inflammation.
  • Mushrooms provide protein, B vitamins, and zinc which are all necessary to keep skin at its best.

Moisturizing and protecting your skin in addition to eating well is essential for your body and skin. By doing this you will stay healthy and have thick skin for years to come. Take time each day to nourish your body inside and out and you will not only feel your skin physically thicken, you’ll notice your attitude and disposition in life strengthen, or thicken, as well.

Take care of yourself and your body will take care of you.

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  1. I have tried a lot of creams, some worked others didn’t, actually, most didn’t. So I tried to think outside the box, do something completely different, and it was when I found argan oil. I found it here
    I does everything these creams claim to do and even more. But everybody is different, this is just my exprerience.

  2. My skin is thin, so was my mother’s and I am 58 and look like 68 . Any help is appreciated.

  3. I took accutane in college and it ravaged my skin. I purged so badly I scarred a LOT. I was devastated. I had a CO2 laser. Not the great results I expected. I started doing peels, loved them. Now I do my own. After years of peels and retin-a, my skin looks a 1000 times better and people compliment me on my skin, I still see my scars. I recently (1 year ago) started using retin-a to help my eyes and also did 2 peels. Well, it thinned my skin out so badly, my skin is around my eyes, but specifically my lower eye, looks saggy and very wrinkly, like I am 60, I am 38. Well, needless to say, I know I need emergency skin intervention. I remembered Dr. Periccone’s advice on eating salon, nuts, and I have been doing that plus taking primrose and fish/flax/borax oils but I want to try the eye cream. I simply can’t afford it right now. If anyone can tell if it works, it is me. I have tried almost everything, from really expensive to cheap, from copper peptides, to hylouronics, to whatever. I can’t buy another one until I KNOW IT WORKS.

  4. Dear Dr Perricone,

    I have noticeable facial skin thinning, stretch marks and broken veins due to using a steroid cream prescribed by my doctor for 3 months. I originally stopped using it after 7 days and my skin had no damage, although my doctor suggested that it would be fine to continue using it if it was working as he said that it was a mild steroid(1%)and would not cause damage. Never had a skin problem previously. I stopped using the cream 8 months ago now and my skin still looks thin. Please can u tell me if this damage is permanent? what can I do to help myself?
    Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.

  5. lumiere eye cream

  6. I watched the Dr. Oz show today with Dr. Perricone and I was amazed at the before and after picture that was shown of the lady after she had used the face cream with DMAE. I have been working hard on my doctoral degree, worked full time, and worrying while my husband was deployed. Needless to say, I have let myself go to stay on top of all the other areas in my life. My health and appearance have not been my top priority. I have gained 40 pounds and my face is breaking out like I am 13 years old again.
    We have just relocated and things are just starting to come together after a month and a half. I would love to do something for myself since I put everything else first. Any help would be welcomed and appreciated to the fullest. Thanks for your time and consideration.

  7. I definitely wear my SPF everyday now too Tracy!

  8. i would love to be a perricone tester!! i have tried the supplements, now i have got to supplement that with dr. perricone’s own topical products!!

  9. No matter how hard I try, I can’t keep my dry skin hydrated in winter!

  10. after reading this article, i will wear spf every day!