Get Ready for Summer with the Best Rated Skin Care Products

With poolside summer days right around the corner, it’s time to break out the beach towel and buy some new sunglasses. But while you’re hunting for summer essentials, don’t forget to grab some of the best rated skin care products to create radiant skin this summer. See what best rated skin care products you need to add to your beach bag to make your skin shine like the summer sun.

Here’s how you can:

Protect your Skin

With short shorts and bikinis hanging in your closet and the sun high in the sky, it seems like the only thing to do is work on your tan.

Wait! Unprotected, your skin is more susceptible to winkles, discoloration, and skin cancer. Before you head off to the pool, check out one of Perricone’s best rated skin care products for sun protection: More than Moisture SPF 30. With an extra minute application time, your skin will look more radiant, feel smoother, and be protected from the harmful effects of the sun. Throw this best rated skin care product into your beach bag and hit the sand!

Still want the tan without the sun? Perricone’s No Sun Tanner is a perfect self-tanner that will protect skin as it bronzes.

See why users think More than Moisture SPF 30 one of Perricone’s best rated skin care products:

Sunscreen at Last -“I really didn’t think I’d like this product. I have very oily skin and tend to avoid moisturizing products. However, my skin is also very sensitive to SPF, and tends to sting whenever I use it, so I wanted something that worked well and didn’t allow my skin to burn in the sun, as well as didn’t chemically burn my skin the second it touched my face. I’m happy to report I’ve finally found my sunscreen!” – From Sephora

Create a Glowing Complexion

The only thing that says summer more than big sunglasses and a floppy hat is a glowing complexion. How do you create yours, even without the sun? Try this regimen:

  • Cleanse
  • Tone
  • Moisturize

Start with a cleanser that exfoliates and cleans pores. Perricone’s Cleansing Treatment Bar is among the best rated skin care products for cleaning skin. Next, pat a toner all over face to reduce inflamed skin. To calm and hydrate skin, try Perricone’s Skin Clear Toner.

Finish off with a moisturizer that will protect skin from the summer sun, like the More than Moisturizer SPF 30. Follow this regimen of best rated skin care products, and soon your skin will glow like the summer sun.

What do users think? Read on:

Must Have – “I will never ever be without this bar, so glad I decided to try it!! I noticed after the first use how much brighter and smooth my face was. It made my pores look smaller and felt great. My face has never felt so clean, this is a must have for sure!!!!!” – From, on Cleansing Treatment Bar

Try Perricone for as little at $10.

Repair Dry Skin

The hot summer weather can easily dry out skin, and vacations often make it hard to keep consistent with skincare regiments. Take care of your dry skin with some of the best rated skin care products and these tips to repair dry skin:

  • Avoid hot showers – Long, hot showers can strip natural oils from skin and dry it out even more
  • Pat, not rub – Patting skin dry with a towel will leave some of the moisture on skin, making it more absorbent to moisturizers and treatments
  • Mask problem areas – For super-dehydrated skin, a mask can restore essential nutrients; try Perricone’s Hydrating Nutrient Mask
  • Intensively Moisturize – After a mask, using an intense moisturizer helps lock in moisture. Perricone’s Intensive Moisture Therapy is among the best rated skin care products for rehydration.

Do these best rated skin care products really repair skin? See what users think:


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