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Surgical lip augmentation does not always give satisfying results. It’s unfortunate that so many women end up spending so much money for procedures that potentially end up with complications like hard, lumpy, unnatural lips. Thankfully, if you want fuller, luscious lips you don’t have to resort to surgery. The hazards can avoided by choosing another alternative such as a lip plumper to help you achieve fuller lips naturally without any of the risks.

In this article, you will learn:

Disadvantages of Lip Injections

Lip enhancement procedures can take the form of injections of substances like fat, collagen, and dermal fillers. The term also encompasses surgical options like implants and local tissue grafts. All of these types of lip enhancement procedures are risky and have disadvantages.

Although some lip surgery and injection patients end up with favorable results, many report they are not so lucky. A common complaint after a lip augmentation is varying degrees of discomfort such as numb, dry lips. Other patients report hard, unnatural lips that persist for a long time after the lip augmentation. In particular, women who have undergone collagen injections often comment that they have painful, lumpy lips that did not diminish as they had been led to expect.

If you choose a surgical or medical procedure to achieve fuller lips, these are the kind of experiences you are putting yourself at risk for. That’s why so many women decide investing on such expensive procedures just isn’t worth the risk.

The overall disadvantages include:

  • Expensive. Lip injections cost just over $300 cost per procedure. Lip surgery can cost about $1,570. These prices don’t include fees from the surgical facility, anesthesia, medical tests, prescriptions, or miscellaneous costs.
  • Side effects. These may include redness, swelling, and itching, in addition to an unnatural appearance.
  • Recovery Period. With lip injections recovery period could last from three days to one week. With surgery, the recovery period could last between one to two weeks.
  • Complications. With any procedure, complications such as allergic reactions or infection can occur.
  • Temporary results. The results vary depending on the type of material injected or implanted into your lip, but many procedures must be repeated regularly.

If you don’t want to have to worry about experiencing these disadvantages or potentially unsatisfying results, using a lip plumper is a safe, more natural alternative.

Benefits of NV Perricone Lip Plumper

bottlesLip plumpers have became a popular alternative to lip augmentation. Some contain ingredients like cinnamon that irritate the lips to increase blood flow. This makes the lips swell and allows them to appear temporarily plump. With these kinds of lips plumpers you’re likely to feel a fairly intense stinging sensation.

The Perricone Lip Plumper, unlike regular lip plumpers, has the added benefit of healthy ingredients to actually reduce the signs of aging in the whole mouth area. Instead of irritating the lips, this lip plumper contains ingredients that enhance the contour and help smooth fines lines and wrinkles around the mouth. This lip plumper is now also available with a new Perricone coupon to make your wallet a little plumper too.

The overall benefits include:

  • Perricone Lip Plumper can help achieve fuller, more beautiful lips at a fraction of the cost of a medical procedure.
  • Contains beneficial ingredients like potent antioxidants achieve fuller lips and fight against aging. These include:
    • DMAE
    • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Simple and easy to apply without any painful procedures.
  • Beneficial to the skin around the mouth as well as lips.

Perricone Lip Plumper users report that in addition to the fullness and contouring benefits, the product is a great base for lipstick and works in the winter to keep lips feeling moist.

The results may not be as dramatic, or as dramatically unnatural, as lip injections or surgery, but for a fraction of the cost and with none of the risk, you can have you can have naturally younger-looking, fuller lips.


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  1. Its really fantastic that we can get fuller lips by naturally.My lips are too smaller and not attractive compare to other women.Then I have undergone lip surgery.And now my lips are looking beautiful and it enhance my appearance.
    lip surgery :

  2. The ingredients seem intelligent to use, and I’ve read your work, so feel I’d be trying the best. Youthening the whole area around the lips seems like a positive thing to do, to me.

  3. Due to several illnesses I will have for the rest of my life, I have aged
    10 years in the last one year. This is
    not something I like to see in the mirror each morning.
    Please help me Dr. Perricone by choosing me to help test your products.
    I am more than READY, WILLING & ABLE!!

    Thanks so much for all you do.

    Melissa Beavers

  4. I have tried alot of lip plumpers. Why should yours be any better?

  5. i have tried so many lip plumpers and none of them work. Could yours really be the one?

  6. I would love to try something good like this to help these disappearing lips.

  7. I’ve always been a sceptic for lip plumpers so it would be refreshing to see one that actually worked!I feel like the sun drys out my lips and makes them so much thinner and dryer.

  8. As soon as I turned 50 my lips seemed to disappear into my face. I have tried “lip plumpers” but they burn and sting. I am looking for something that will provide painless results.

  9. I bite my lips a lot particularly now with the recent addition of braces (years of clenching and grinding seemed to have caused some shifting. I really need something that protects and moisturizes *and* plumps.

  10. I have been looking for a lip base, that would keep my lips moisterized and plumped. My lips are thin and could benefit from regular topical application. I treat my facial skin well, it is time to try a product that focuses on the lips!

  11. Qusetion 1: I have, and am using, a lot of Dr Perricone products, mainly the Neropeptide line. I have very sensitive skin but I haven’t experienced any problems with any of your products except the Lip Plumber. My lips felt very dry after applying a layer of the cream. After about a week of application, a layer of thick white skin peeled off from my lips and I have stopped using the product. Can you please advise what caused my reactions?
    Question 2: I am currently using Neropeptide Facial Conformer, Neropepitide Firming Moisturiser, Neropeptide Eye Contour, Neropeptide Facial Contour, Firming Neck Therapy, High Potency Evening Repair and Serum Prep. I am experiencing improvements in my skin tone and elasticity but there has been no improvement in my problem with large pores. What product should I use to address this problem?
    Question 3: I have just ordered Cold Plasma. As mentioned above, I am already using a lot of products so could you please let me know whether I am over-applying too many layers and layers of cream and lotions on my face? If so, what are the core products I need? Thank you for your kind assistance.

  12. I’m 54 and it seems all of a sudden I look 64. I would love to find a product that will help to minimize the wrinkles and discoloration taking hold on my face.

  13. I am looking to restore a youthful look to my lips. I definetly do not want the cost or risk of lip injections.