Get Crown-worthy with Skin Care Products UK

Has the royal wedding given you a desire for a crown-worthy look? You, too, can look as polished as Kate Middleton by treating your skin like royalty. Try these tips, along with skin care products UK from Perricone, to achieve your crowning glory.

Here’s how you can create your crown-worthy look with skin care products UK:


After a long day greeting commoners, hosting charity events, and sitting on the throne, every royal needs to wash the day away. Both royals and commoners may not notice, but the face is continuously touched, making it one of the dirtiest part of the body.

Wash your face at night before bed to:

  • Cleanse pores
  • Decrease the risk of breakouts
  • Provide a clean pallet for sleep rejuvenation
  • Make skin more absorbent to moisturizers

Want to cleanse like a royal? Try the Nutritive Cleanser, one of Perricone UK’s skin care products, which will leave skin brighter and smoother while providing anti-aging benefits.


Notice all the guards around Westminster Abbey during Will and Kate’s wedding ceremony? Even royals need protection!

Exposure to the sun can damage skin in many ways, including:

  • Wrinkles
  • Discoloration
  • Loss of elasticity
  • Dilation of blood vessels under skin
  • Skin cancer

While many of these damages many not be visible until later, it’s important to take preventative measures today. Wear sunscreen, such as Perricone’s More than Moisture SPF 30, every day to help skin look young.


While they may seem invincible, royals experience blemishes and dark circles just like commoners. Masking a blemish can be frustrating, but layering cover-up is a mistake royals know they must avoid. Hiding blemishes under pounds of makeup clogs pores even more, extending the life of a zit and making skin more susceptible to further breakouts.

To mask your blemishes, first try one of Perricone’s skin care products UK to treat the area, such as the Skin Clear Hydrator. Next, mask the blemish with a light product like No Foundation Foundation, which will cover the blemish without clogging pores. Treated correctly, blemishes should disappear within a few days, restoring your crown-worthy skin.

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1 Comment

  1. I have just bought the skin clear regimen and Omega 3 supplements.I am looking forward to using it in conjunction with the cold plasma and skin clear hydrator which I already have. I have been unhappy with my skin for a long time, so I will be tracking the improvement over the next couple of months.