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  2. At 41, I discovered Perricone’s products this year and am hooked. I grew up in France where good products abound, but none have been so good to my skin and morale as Perricone’s so far. Living in Australia I prefer to order online. If you are looking for reviews from this side of the world, I’m your woman!

  3. love the products, I would enjoy becoming a product tester. At the age of 56 I have seen a change in my skin- I recently began using Dr Perricone Skin care & I can’t believe the difference, I absolutly love the no sun tanner as well.

  4. I would love to be a product tester. I am 48 years old, very active, and do not drink or smoke. Unfortunately my mother’s genes are taking over and I am seeing sagging and more and more fine lines with some dark circles and age spots appearing. I know your products could help!

  5. I look pretty good for my age (54) and I’ve always taken good care of my skin and used good products but age is starting to show and those really good products are not working anymore……I switched to Perricone a month ago and it is amazing……truly, tighter, younger looking, fresh looking skin. I would like to be a tester because I am still learning about Perricone products, the order to use them in and what works best for which condition. I’ve found the order in which these products are layered make a huge difference and I want to learn and share the fantastic news. Wow! So much better than so many high end products I’ve used!

  6. i never received.more emails with discount…i wonder why.

  7. I am 46, have always been a runner, ate a healthy diet, and been told I don’t look my age. Well, I feel like it’s starting to catch up to me all of a sudden. I have wrinkles starting above and below my lips as well as laugh lines. I have an optimistic view to my life, most of the time, and often am asked my “secrets” to staying young and vibrant looking. I guess I need some new “secrets” to share as I feel that my old ones no longer do what they used to do! As a tester I can reach and am willing to share and spread the positive results and I feel that the Pericone products might just be the answer I am looing for now. Thanks, Michelle

  8. Would love to be a product tester.. never tried because of the price.. I have fine lines, discoloration, and large pores and black heads not to mention i am 38

  9. Hi – i have several clients who use Perricone products and LOVE them. I’m just not sure which ones are right for me. I just turned 40 (shhh) and I really don’t want my skin to look it!

  10. i used to live in boca raton and my skin was very clear with an sometimes had a small breakout. but now i had to move back to las vegas and now i’m getting these whiteheads that are really getting out of hand and don’t know what to do can you help me.

  11. Hi my name is Becky, and I am a mom, grandmother, and wife, and work outside the home, plus help my husband with his home business. I have heard about Perricone products before, but not sure what would be good for my specific skin type, as it is starting to age more, and want to keep my skin younger looking, thanks!

  12. I am looking for a new product line to use and I am looking for the right Perricone product to introduce me.

  13. I would like to become a tester. I have dark spots on my face on my cheeks from acne.