The Vitamin C Ester Innovation for Better Skin

Skin can lose its youthful glow and health from the damaging exposures of everyday life. Skin comes in daily contact with UV rays, wind, and harsh products. All of these cause irritation to the skin ranging from sunburn to rashes.

How can you repair sun damage, fine lines, and wrinkles while also restoring a healthy appearance? One option is vitamin C ester, an ingredient which effectively treats all of these concerns. Vitamin C ester, or ascorbyl palmitate, is the fat soluble form of vitamin C. Vitamin C ester was developed because the acidic nature of regular vitamin C irritates the skin, negating the anti-inflammatory properties of the vitamin.

Vitamin C ester both soothes and repairs irritated and red skin while providing antioxidant benefits, making it a powerful ingredient in any skin care regimen.

This article will discuss:

Chemical benefits of vitamin C ester

The cell membrane is the cell’s defense system, but it can fall prey to free radicals that search for electrons to steal from healthy cells with stable molecules. The lipid bilayer of the cell membrane is partially made up of fats. This means that a fat soluble substance can incorporate itself into the membrane. Water soluble molecules like vitamin C can only gain entry to the inside of the cell, which is comprised primarily of water. Water-soluble molecules cannot provide as many cell protecting benefits c3as fat soluble molecules because they can’t incorporate into the lipid-based cell membrane.

This is where vitamin C ester gains its advantage as a better skin care ingredient: it can go where vitamin C can’t, into the protective outer layer of the cell.

The switch from water-soluble vitamin C to fat soluble vitamin C ester brings with it numerous benefits. By adding another layer of defense in the form of vitamin C ester, the cell membrane is able to protect itself better free radical damage and other destructive substances. For this reason, vitamin C ester is considered an antioxidant. It’s the antioxidant properties that make vitamin C ester so beneficial for the skin, helping it repair damage like sunburn, inflammation, and irritation.

Collagen- and elastin-building properties

In addition to its antioxidant properties, vitamin C ester also promotes the growth of fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are a type of cell that are prevalent in connective tissue. This connective tissue is found everywhere throughout the body; it connects organs and tissues, giving the body its shape and holding it together. Fibroblasts are the fibers that make up the bulk of this tissue.

Why are fibroblasts so important to the skin? Fibroblasts are key components of collagen and elastin, proteins found in connective tissue. Collagen makes up almost 80% of the skin’s dry weight, while elastin makes up another 4%.

84% of the skin’s composition is made up of just two proteins. This means it’s important to take good care of these proteins in order to maintain skin health.

Everyday damages can break down collagen and elastin. Sun damage is especially destructive to these two proteins. Overexposure to the sun makes elastin less able to give skin elastic resilience. This makes it more difficult for the skin to bounce back into place after it moves, like when you wrinkle your forehead. When elastin loses its elastic properties, wrinkles form.

Vitamin C ester promotes the production of fibroblasts, which then create healthy collagen and elastin. This all leads to more elastic, youthful skin that can bounce back into place, preventing the development of fine lines and wrinkles.

Of course, the best way to prevent sun damage is to avoid overexposure to the sun’s rays and to wear sunscreen every day. However, sometimes sunscreen comes too late, and it’s necessary to reverse the effects of years in the sun. Vitamin C ester is useful both to maintain a youthful glow and also to restore skin’s health.

Ways to get vitamin C ester

Dr. Perricone’s line of skin care products and supplements offer a range of options that provide benefits of vitamin C ester.

For more about Dr. Perricone’s skin care products, check out this video:

For specific skin care concerns like fine lines, sun damage, or skin irritation, there are a number of skin care creams that can provide the positive effects of vitamin C ester. From an eye serum to night cream, Dr. Perricone has developed vitamin C ester products to meet a variety of skin care needs, even if you’re just looking to maintain your current skin health and prevent damage.

For a skin and total body approach, there is also the option of taking a vitamin C ester supplement. This supplement is vitamin C in the form of ascorbyl palmitate (vitamin C ester). It provides both the health benefits of vitamin C, an essential nutrient, and the antioxidant properties of fat soluble vitamin C ester.


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