For Dramatic Results, Try High Potency Amine Complex Face Lift

As people age, sagging and wrinkles occur as a result of fat loss in the face and less elasticity in the skin. When this happens, people seeking dramatic face lift results need not turn to surgery. In fact, immediate face lift results are possible by following an anti-inflammatory diet, taking beneficial supplements, and applying topical face lift cream.

A closer look at one face lift cream in particular will help highlight how you can achieve the dramatic results you want, pain-free. Dr. Perricone’s High Potency Amine Complex Face Lift is fast absorbing and makes skin look more radiant and youthful while diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

High Potency (HP) Amine Complex Face Lift tightens, lifts, and tones skin with high levels of DMAE. DMAE offers effective contouring benefits for more defined features and ultimately, a younger, healthier appearance. DMAE, along with the other key ingredient in HP Amine Complex Face Lift, Vitamin C Ester, helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin C Ester, a powerful antioxidant, offers other anti-aging benefits, such as imparting a radiant, smooth appearance as it resurfaces skin’s texture. For even more lift, HP Amine Complex Face Lift is formulated with Pycnogenol, which addresses loss of elasticity, infuses skin with an immediate glow, and helps visibly reduce redness in minutes.

For best results, apply HP Amine Complex Face Lift up to your hairline and extend to the back of your neck and behind the ears. For a 12-hour lift, layer Perricone Facial Contour Cream over this treatment in an upward motion up to the hairline and along the jawline and other targeted areas.

Remember, while anti-aging treatments (including an anti-inflammatory diet and supplements) help, prevention of future signs of aging is crucial. The sun and its ultraviolet rays cause 90 percent of premature wrinkles and early signs of aging. The easiest way to protect skin from the sun is to use a broad spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 15 every day, even when it’s cloudy or rainy.

So after applying your HP Amine Complex Face Lift, consider applying Perricone No Foundation Foundation, a virtually translucent foundation, formulated with non-chemical SPF 30.

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  1. I need to be a Perricone tester because I’ve heard some very positive comments about Dr. Perricone’s products. I could definitely use help for my sagging skin.

  2. I am 61 year old female who is looking for a good facelift in a bottle and I would like to become a Perricone tester. Aging is catching up even with proper diet and exercise. Thank you.

  3. Hi I’ve been reading everyone’s comments . I’m just turning 42 at the end of aug and im noticing a considerable amount of sagging on my neck. It concerns me because i’ve always taken great care of my face but there’s no denying it. Aging always catches up to everyone even me lol. I’m very interested in trying the facelift in a bottle. Where can I purchase this?

  4. i am turning 49 in 2 months and I would like to be the tester, please sign me up!

  5. I like to be product tester to try them please. Thanks.

  6. I would like to try PERRICONE HIGH POWERED
    Amine Complex Facelift while taking Perricone DMAE SUPPLEMENTS.The benefits of DMAE combined orally and topically would be power packed!The DMAE helps to tighten, lift and tone. Amine Complex Facelift has other impressive ingredients,including Vitamin C Ester, to help diminish fine lines and wrinkles,and Pycnogel,to address loss of elasticity, and improve look of skin with an immediate glow and loss of redness in minutes!
    To maximize all these benefits, after applying HP AMINE FACELFT COMPLEX, Iwould apply a layer of Perricone Facial Contour Cream, and follow with Perricone No Foundation Foundation with non chemical SPF. Together, these Perricone products would work as an winning team for my anti- aging regime!I can’t wait to have Perricone on my side to protect my body and mind as aging progresses!

  7. living in a sunny state 24/7 365 days a year, my skin is losing its elastiscity. plus ive lost so much weight anything to improve my skins reconstructive process other then DRASTIC surgery would be nice.

  8. I would love to be a tester of the High Potency Amine Complex face Lift. I have just recently begun experiencing sagging under the eyes. An have been debating whether or not to get injections or surgery. Yet, very hesitant to put some strange substance into my face. So when I heard that Dr. Perricone had a non-surgical way of improving sagging skin. I was elated. Yes, sign me up. My energy level, and positive outlook on life are not in sync with my facial appearance.


  10. Well, I have seriously been considering having one of those quick lift facelifts done! But, I would honestly love to try your product…maybe it would give me the results I need….I would love to help try them!

  11. I would love to be a product tester. I’m in my upper 30′s and have been seeing the signs of aging the last couple of years.

  12. Being in my 50′s my skin is starting to sag. I would like to test your complex face lift.

  13. I would like to be a tester for you. My skin is starting to sag and needs help.

  14. At 62 I am always looking for the “next best thing” for younger looking skin. I would love to test for you! Thank you for the opportunity!

  15. I am in my 70′s and people tell me I don’t look it…I would like to keep it up, but don’t know what to use…
    I have seen this on QVC.

  16. I am 55 & looking for a great products to help with the aging process. Dr. Perricone’s book The Perricone Promise has been such a guide for me, that I can’t imagine his skin care products wouldn’t be equally amazing! I need to be a product tester :)

  17. I am a healthy eater but I still have bloated looking skin. I would love to give this a try and see if I can find something that actually works.
    Thanks, Deb

  18. I am interested in being a Perricone tester. I love a product that will benefit me without surgery

  19. i am 48 and i am really seein my face and neck beginin to sag :( i would really love to be a product tester and hope to find somethin that works for me :)

  20. Turning 50 this year and really showing the signs of aging. Sagging skin, sun damage, face lines. Never have been a beauty but I’d sure like to look the best I can and your products appear to be just what I need.

  21. This sounds like it’s just what I need. Haven’t been able to afford to buy anything since my husband was laid off, so I would live to test your product.

  22. I am 50 & have been noticing my face & neck beginning to look ‘saggy’. I already eat as well as possible & exercise, avoid excess stress, get lots of rest, etc.,etc. – would love to be able to try out these new products

  23. Hi, I would LOVE to test this product. I am turning 50 on friday and have the face of a 60 or 70 y/o. This would be an excellent B-day gift “in a bottle” and help stop this depressive episode (lol) I’m getting ready to go through.

  24. I would love to become a product tester. I am experiencing “sagging” skin & the
    HP Amine Complex Face Lift sounds like a great product to help the sagging rather than a traditional surgical face lift.

  25. I would love to be a product tester!! I just turned 50 but feel 30. I wish I looked 30 :( I have heard wonderful things about your products. As you can imagine, it is a prominent topic of discussion with my girlfriends and me. We are all looking for a magic formula to help us look younger and I think Peericone MD might be it! I would like to be the one to make the big find and introduce all of my girlfriends to a wonderful product!
    Thank you for your consideration

  26. Too many diets have left my skin less supple than it was. It no longer “springs back” I would love a product that would tighten and smooth my skin.

  27. I am 57 and want to try your products before buying a large amount. I want to see the effects first.

  28. I have heard so many good things about this product! I would love to become a tester!

  29. would love to test your products


  31. I recently purchased a Perricone kit and after using it for just 5 days I threw away everything else in my cabinet! I love, love, love the way my complexion looks now but would like to have a “fuller” face, less sagging. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to test this product.

  32. I recently purchased a Perricone kit from QVC and after using it for just 5 days I threw away everything else in my cabinet! I love, love ,love the way my complexion looks now but would like to have a “fuller” looking face, less sagging. I would greatly appreciate the opportunty to test this product.

  33. I would love to test your face lift in a bottle:) I worked in the make-up/skin industry for 10 years. I am always searching for a better product. I enjoy certain products from just about every line it seems. I would love to give your a test. Thanks for considering me!

  34. I would love to be a product tester. I have tried numerous products which haven’t made a dent in my wrinkly, saggy skin. A complete face face lift in a bottle might just do the trick!

  35. This product sounds wonderful. I’m 47 years old and over the past couple years I have noticed how much my skin has started sagging. It would be very interesting to see how well this product actually works. If it works well it would so be worth almost any price!!

  36. Altho I have not used this product, it seems to have many ingredients that would be necessary to aid in the aging process. I am 66 years old and certainly need some help!

  37. I would be very interested in trying the HP Amine Complex Face Lift. I’ll be 50 in a couple of months, and in the process of losing weight. I’m noticing that as I lose weight in my face, that there have been wrinkles and saggy skin hiding there! Would this help?

  38. I am 47 and just beginning to see some sagging and wrinkles. I am beginning to pay for too much sun exposure in my 20s. I eat a healthy vegetarian diet (and fish) and exercise 4 times per week. I would love to find a way to improve my facial tone.

  39. Hi, I would love to be a tester for the HP Amine Complex Face Lift! I have heard so many good things about this product. Unfortunately funds are low after losing my job. I am doing the 28 day challenge and I think the HP Amine Complex would be just the thing to give me a lift(lol) emotionally and physcially!! Thanks.