Find Beauty Skincare Products for a Beautiful Summer Tan

What’s the perfect summer accessory? A tanned, glowing complexion, of course! Find out how you can make this summer essential all your own with beauty skincare products.

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Harmful Tans

Does the idea of spending hours in the sun or lying in a tanning bed scare you? It should! Both the sun and tanning beds expose skin to harmful UV rays, which can damage skin in the future. This damage often cannot be revoked by beauty skincare products.

UVA and UVB rays are the main types of sun rays that damage skin. You may think that you can outsmart these rays, but think again; because they carry a wavelength shorter than that which the eye can detect, they are invisible. UV rays cause premature aging, discoloration, eye damage, and even cancer.

Protect your skin by wearing a sunscreen beauty skincare product every day, like More than Moisture SPF 30, and try to avoid the sun. For healthy tanning options with beauty skincare products, read on.

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Healthy Tans

Though you may not realize it, there are many safe ways to tan skin in the summer, such as self tanning lotions, mists, spray tans, and other beauty skincare products. Even better, these options often allow you to control your results, so you can decide just how dark you want to go.

Self tanning lotions are a great option because they often provide multiple benefits. Perricone’s No Sun Tanner gives skin a natural tan while moisturizing and firming skin. It’s like your personal one-stop-shop beauty skincare product.

Tips for Tans

Are you ready to use beauty skincare products to create a glowing tan?

Before you slather on beauty skincare products, read these tips:

  1. Exfoliate before applying beauty skincare product
  2. Rub product into skin in a circular motion, concentrating on rough areas like elbows and knees
  3. Massage product into face, but avoid eye areas
  4. Use a sponge paintbrush or sponge-type product to put product on back
  5. Wash hands immediately after use
  6. Apply lotion to dry areas (knees and elbows) a few minutes after application for an even tan

Make sure to follow your beauty skincare product’s directions and these tips when applying self tanners. Remember that many products do not work overnight and require continued use, so don’t get frustrated if you aren’t seeing immediate results. Most of all, enjoy your tan!

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