Fight Free Radicals with Antioxidant Supplements: Perricone Alpha Lipoic Acid

Supplementing your body’s natural defense system with antioxidants increases the amount of damage-fighting power.

This article will discuss how antioxidant supplements, like Perricone Alpha Lipoic Acid, work to fight free radicals that cause skin damage. Ready to win the battle?


How Antioxidant Supplements Fight Free Radicals

Free radical damage causes aging by damaging skin cells. Free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms in the body that are missing an electron, making them unstable. They attempt to stabilize themselves by taking electrons from other chemicals in the body, such as the proteins that are essential for skin health, causing them to function poorly or die.

If a free radical takes an electron from a strand of protein, it changes the protein’s structure at the specific point where the electron was obtained. This causes a break, or damage, in the strand. Strands accumulate damage over years, which progressively contributes to loss of elasticity. Free radical damage creates a domino effect. As each free radical stabilizes itself, it creates at least one more free radical.

The proteins in the skin cells are exposed 5,000 times a day to free radicals. Because of this massive exposure, skin is extremely susceptible to aging.

While free radicals result from normal biological processes, such as energy production, they also result from environmental stresses, such as:

  • Sun exposure
  • Pro-inflammatory cosmetics
  • Pollution and toxins

Fight Free Radicals with Perricone Alpha Lipoic Acid

To slow the process of aging, reduce your exposure to the above stresses. Addressing just one is like taking a domino out of the chain, and each stress you remove is like removing another domino from the progression of skin damage.

However, since some free radicals do result from biological processes, it is important to take extra measures to fight free radical damage. To fight free radicals, the body has a system of defense: antioxidants.

Antioxidants are substances with extra electrons that they can give to free radicals. Therefore, antioxidants stabilize free radicals without incurring damage and becoming free radicals themselves. They play crucial roles in preventing disease and free radical damage, and therefore the prevention of aging.

However, one antioxidant molecule can pursue only one free radical. It is important to have an adequate supply of antioxidants so that free radicals cannot damage skin structure.

Taking supplements are an easy way to consume enough antioxidants to maintain skin health. Perricone Alpha Lipoic Acid is one of the most powerful antioxidant supplements available. It combats aging by maintaining skins cells’ function, and increases the positive effects of other antioxidants by protecting and supporting them.

Taking antioxidant supplements like Perricone Alpha Lipoic Acid is just one part of the NVPerriconeMD 3-tier system, which also includes following an anti-inflammatory diet and applying topicals formulated with antioxidants. This system works from the inside out and the outside in to fight free radical damage and inflammation.

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  1. Hi I just commented on your front page about my skin problems. I really don’t know what product would help my problem. I have combination skin and as I get older it gets worst…as a youth it was beautiful. I have tried all big names with no success and lost money,so I just gave up. I have heard of your product but because of past failure I did not want to throw away any more money. I workout a lot and I plan to get married in the next year and would love to have beautiful skin were I don’t have to wear as much makeup…I hope that you can help me and will choose me..

  2. I would love to be a tester for this product, I will soon be 50 and want to keep that a secret!