Face Lift without Surgery: Avoiding the Risks with MD Perricone

Even the best surgeon cannot promise positive results and a risk free face lift.

It is crucial to understand the risks of surgery and know that a multitude of natural alternatives are available.

Consider the natural options by MD Perricone before undergoing a costly and risky surgery.

In this article, read:

Not Worth It: The Risks Associated with Surgery

The negative components and high risks associated with a surgical face lift are often not worth it.

Some of these negative aspects and risks of a surgical face lift include:

  • Cost: Face lifts are very expensive; the average cost is around $6000.
  • Preparation: Pre-operational instructions include stopping certain medications and other daily habits.
  • Anesthesia: There is always a risk of serious side effects (e.g. toxicity or aspiration).
  • Recovery: This can be long, and sometimes painful. Typically 7 weeks are needed before you can resume your normal daily routine.

There is always a chance of serious complications such as infection, scarring, or unevenness. There is also a risk of more permanent and longer-lasting side effects such as nerve damage, hematoma, and serious infection.

Natural Alternatives by MD Perricone

To keep the skin radiant, firm, and healthy, living a healthy life style is one of the best solutions:

  • Avoid drinking and smoking
  • Drink lots of water
  • Get a good night’s worth of sleep
  • Exercise on a regular basis

If your skin has already begun to lose its tone and elasticity, natural face lift options are available. For example, even simple facial exercises can provide results for sagging skin.

Try Perricone for as little at $10.

MD Perricone believes it is possible to improve the health and appearance of your face without undergoing surgery. His skin-care line combined with healthier lifestyle changes can make a considerable improvement. Plus, the cost does not even come close to those of surgery and there are essentially no risks involved.

Trying MD Perricone products provides a natural and safe alternative to surgery.

High Potency Perricone Amine Complex Face Lift and High Potency Eye Lift are two of Perricone’s products designed to produce positive results of a face-lift without the surgical component.

These products combine powerful and effective anti-aging ingredients, including DMAE and Vitamin C Ester, to produce a more lifted, defined, and tightened facial appearance.

Will you try MD Perricone instead of going under the knife? Tell us your thoughts below.

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  1. I have always tried to take good care of my skin and love dr. perricone’s products…but, I am a retired school teacher and can’t afford to keep buying it. I have tried to replace it but have found nothing that compares in quality. I am looking for an affordable way to keep using these products. I have shopped on qvc & even ebay…but I can no longer do this…it just isn’t in the budget. Please help…

  2. Hi I’m 55 and just getting back into the job market! Yikes, I need all the help I can get. It’s scary competing against fresh faced kids. I would love to give your products a try – I have read your book and eat wisely and exercise almost every day, so now I would like to find a skin treatment product that works for older skin.

  3. Simply stated: I cannot afford the products and wish bank robbery were legal. I would not even need to wear a mask-my droopy face is scary enough!

  4. Thanks

  5. I was always considered attractive. The aging process is NOT pretty! I’m 62, healthy (and single) with a positive attitude. Upon awakening every morning, I say “you are a beautiful…. intelligent woman” Then I put in my contact lense. What happened?

  6. thanks, info for Face Lift without Surgery: Avoiding the Risks with MD Perricone … A facelift, technically known as a rhytidectomy (literally, surgical removal of wrinkles), is a type of cosmetic surgery procedure used to give

  7. My grandma is very self concious about her wrinkles, if she had the chance to lift her face she would. She lost a lot of weight and she feels so good about how skinny she is, except for her face. She doesnt have much money she lost her house. She is a wonderful woman and she raised 9 children. My Grandma deserves this so much I dont like to see her cry because she feels ugly. Please help her.

  8. It seems to be really incredible product. Comments are positive, I must give it a try!

  9. Hi,I’m 60 and now I’m reading dr.Perricone book: The Wrinkle Cure. And I’d like to try some of his products. The book is very impressive, I like it. And I’m gonna follow his recomendations. Thank you.

  10. Great article. You surely have some useful tips. Dont forget, Stay away from processed food.

  11. Im only 46 with extremely loose sagging skin ,in my mid face and under the eyes, from stress and to much tanning over the years. I was on the verge of scheduling a mid face lift in a few months and then I saw this website. I would love to try any and all products to prevent or prolong cosmetic surgery. I am so frustrated with the many skincare lines Ive tried because nothing has worked! My self eteem is so down from the looks of my skin and I would be honored to test this line. From what Ive read it just might be the miracle Im looking for. I could be walking advertisment for the products if I could try them.!

  12. I am 57 and like others never worried about my skin and paying for it now. I feel so different inside than I look outside and it shocks me to see myself in the mirror! It is like, OMG, who are you? I can’t afford a face lift and don’t trust having one anyway. Okay, HELP!

  13. I have so many wrinkles across my forehead not even Botox could fill them all in – so I just ordered Dr. Perricone’s Neuropeptide Deep Wrinkles Serum – from what I read it should work (most of his products are awesome). I am so tired of wearing bangs to cover the wrinkles on my forehead-can’t wait to try it along with the Mask! Would love to test all Dr. P’s products.

  14. hi I want a sample of product

  15. As I am getting older I am noticing more and more lines on my face. I would love to be able to sample and give feedback on your products to my friends, family and other women feeling the need for a “Face Lift” I think its great to have a product to help aviod the cost and pain of surgery. I cant wait to be able to purchase and try out your products :)

  16. I am an absolute fan of skincare and beauty! I will do anything I can do short of plastic surgery to keep my skin looking young and beautiful. I have always wanted to try the Perricone brand but, honestly could never really afford it. I would love to be a product tester as this would enable me to try the products and if I really love them change my skincare regimen even if it may be a little bit more expensive then what I currently use.

  17. I am only 31 years old and am already seeing the signs of early aging. thin lines around eyes, dark circles, large crease across my forehead. Im certain most of this is hereditary, my mother unfortunately did not age gracefully. but it also could be free radicals from living in a highly populated area. I have been using drugstore brands of anti aging serums and creams since the age of 27, only to see no results. my skin is dull and lifeless. I need a definite pick me up, I work in a industry were image is important. I would love to test perricone, I read about it quite often, and its recieved rave reviews. I would be your most accurate and reliable tester!

  18. I can’t agree more with this article. It’s not worth the risk to get surgery to look better. I want to try Perricone so badly, I have used many products over the years (Proactive being the most recent) and spent alot of money on them, just to have them not work. Being a tester would be wonderful…..to try before I buy!

  19. HELLO ALL! I am 66 years old tomorrow and when I look at my pictures of old…….I am so disgusted at myself. My problem is I did not take good care of my skin and took it for granted. I’m paying the price now. I never listened when people used all the products and look great today. There are so many products out there and it is so hard to pick anything. I have seen your products on QVC and your representative looks like a teenager….so beautiful……skin flawless. I really need to try out different types of skin care. My skin is dry, ugly, needs a lift (no knife, please), needs brightness and wrinkles galore. I am sensitive to so many things. Give me a try and I’ll be honest about the results.

  20. I hide my face because my skin makes me cry.
    Tears fall from my cheeks seeing the refection of me…..

    Blackheads are always a pain… nasty infections that are black on my nose…

    How do you get rid of them? nobody knows…

    Help my skin so my my face can show…

    Hopeful help so I see happy reflections of me…

    Thanks to this I can see, the beauty in me.

    - Brandy M. Copyright

  21. I have been to see a plastic surgeon within the last month. He quoted me $10k for a jowl lift, neck lipo, and an eye lift. But it is the downtime I can’t afford…more so than the money. I have a full-time job, and don’t want to spend my vacation recuperating. Even though I’m 59, my skin is very resistant and very oily, with crater-size pores. I just started using your Neuropeptide Firming Cream on my cheeks and jowls, but am wondering if the Amine Complex would be better. Will you let me know, please? Thanks!

  22. I am now getting fine lines on my forehead and around my eyes. I also have darkness underneath my eyes as I have never before. I guess my skin is just changing. I have tried so many beauty creams on the market it is not even funny. I am desperately seeking something that actually works that I can use regularly without damaging my skin. I am very skeptical of products on the market as so many are a disappointment. I would love to become a tester in the hopes of finding a product that actually works that I adore.

  23. Great product! I would love to test more of your products.