Face Lift in a Bottle…Too Good to Be True?

The dmae benefits for anti-aging are plentiful, which is why it is featured in so many of Dr. Perricone’s products.
As a supplement it assists in improving muscle tone for firmer skin, while improving mental alertness and your mood. As a topical treatment, it also enhances skin tone, by firming and tightening the skin’s appearance.

How It Works

As an anti-oxidant, DMAE protects your cells from free radicals, which helps prevent the visible signs of aging. It also attacks the root cause of sagging skin, rather than just mask the issue. Instead of just reducing the appearance of wrinkles, it assists in the production of acetylcholine, which is the chemical responsible for creating muscle tone.

High Potency Amine Complex Face Lift

High Potency Amine Complex Face LiftIf you’re looking for the highest concentrations of DMAE to use safely in a treatment, we suggest the High Potency Amine Complex Face Lift. It contains Dr. Perricone’s most effective anti-aging ingredients at higher concentrations for instant and long term results. The product contains Dr. Perricone’s patented DMAE formula at concentrations 16% higher than previous formula’s, as well as Vitamin C Ester with 700% higher concentrations. Vitamin C Ester works as a powerful anti-oxidant, protecting skin while improving tone and texture, and adding a radiant glow. This formula also contains Pycnogenol, which addresses loss of elasticity and brightens skin’s appearance. It does not contain Parabens, a chemical used as a preservative in many beauty products, which has been linked to cancer. It also free of synthetic fragrances, which often cause irritation. It’s recommended you gently pat a few drops into the skin, particularly in areas of concern and the contours of the face, during your daily morning skincare routine.

In consumer studies, 90% of participants saw improvements in their skin texture and tone. 80% saw improvements in the appearance of wrinkles, and 80% reported their skin appeared more luminous.

If you’d like to take advantage of the many benefits of DMAE, trying the High Potency Amine Complex Face Lift, will offer provide the highest concentrations available for the most effective results.

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1 Comment

  1. My aunt totally raves about this product. It’s like facial exercises
    in a bottle. Since muscle tone has so much to do with the topical appearance of the skin, the dmae complex somehow
    blocks the neutrotransmitters that are responsible for facial expressions thus slowing down the wrinkling process
    on the long run. Prevention is always the best measure.