Eat Your Heart Out (the Healthy Way) with the Perricone Promise Diet

The Perricone Promise Diet, an anti-wrinkle, anti-inflammatory diet, aims to reduce saturated fats, refined sugars, and other high glycemic carbohydrates from the diet. This is because the Perricone Promise Diet concludes that certain foods will cause inflammation and water retention. Inflammation, a great contributor to accelerated aging, obesity, and many other health issues, is important to focus on by controlling what you put in your body to help mediate this unwanted skin dilemma. The Perricone Promise Diet is a 28-day program and gives you a detailed list of:

So what can’t you eat on the Perricone Promise Diet?

What you should not eat

The Perricone Promise diet is strict in that you must cut out foods that cause inflammation:

  • Alcohol
  • Breads and pasta
  • Flour
  • Coffee
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Granola
  • Duck and beef
  • Fruit juice
  • Many fruits: grapes, mangoes, oranges, papaya, raisins, watermelon
  • Many vegetables: carrots, corn, peas, potatoes, pumpkin
  • Pizza
  • Pickles
  • Rice
  • Soda
  • Sugar
  • Hard cheese

While there are some things that Perricone recommends you to avoid to feel your healthiest, do not fear, the list of what you can enjoy is lengthy.

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What you should eat

Perricone urges you to eat foods with protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants. He recommends eating mostly:

  • Wild Alaskan salmon
  • Other fish: tuna, shellfish, halibut, and trout
  • Turkey
  • Eggs
  • Yogurt
  • Vegetables: leafy greens, bean sprouts, broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms, peppers, and tomatoes
  • Fruits: blueberries, cherries, apples, pears, other berries, and some melons
  • Avocados
  • Olives
  • Whole barley
  • Beans
  • Oatmeal
  • Nuts
  • Green tea
  • Spices, including oregano, ginger, cayenne pepper, and basil
  • Spring water (8 to 10 glasses a day)

So why are all these foods important to eat?


The Perricone Diet’s anti-wrinkle, anti-inflammatory goals are achieved by reducing saturated fats, refined sugars, and other high glycemic carbohydrates that reduce body fat and puffy skin. And the Perricone Promise Diet does just that. Why eat healthy?

  • To feel great. The healthier and happier you feel, the more you’ll want to continue your new healthy lifestyle.
  • To look great. The better you look, the better you feel.
  • To live great. The healthier you are, the less stressed you are and your life’s longevity is greatly increased.

The Perricone Diet’s successful measures in lowering health problems including a huge American concern, obesity, is helping to restore health to anyone who wants to take control of their life. This diet; or lifestyle is one that can turn you into a more active, youthful, and all around healthier you. Check out for more information, and comment below if Dr. Perricone’s diet and advice helped you.

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  1. I am 80 and I tried nutrasystem, sensa,And cabbage diet. I do not eat fish,do not like it. I want to try the raseberry and greet tea, but to expensive.I love your skin care products and buy them when ever I can. Please help me lose weight. I have to lose at least 50 pounds. Thank you for caring. God Bless you. I would love to be a sampler of your products.

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  3. I’m interested to be a Product Tester.I’m really looking for effective anti-wrinkle diet and products.

  4. The Perricone promise was a great sucess story for me! Not only did my skin brighten up (friends noticably said it looked good – not really something that comes up in everyday conversationwith your friend.) And, the reduction of bloating in my stomach area was unbelievable! It was gone. I now was able to button pants which, although they fit in the backside, I could not button in front. Well that was an amazing! The diet is easy to follow with the pdf provided. After one week you get the gist of how to eat. It is fun to try new foods. And the water intake, well I resisted it at first, because, I felt it made me feel bloated. Once started, my body actually craved it. I didnt realize, as Dr. P wrote, that when you are thirsty, you are already soemwhat dehydrated. My onloy quesion is, if I feel full after eatcing part of the meal, should I stop or finish the amound=ts suggestrd?

  5. I read, and love, The Perricone Promise. I keep a list of best foods taped to the inside of my cabinet for quick reference.

    Oh how I wish I liked salmon!

    That being said, even Doctor Perricone admits to a piece of pizza now and then!

  6. i bought dr, perricone’s book “the wrinkle cure” many years ago., followed its principles, and stuck with it.

    i am 56 now but i don’t look it.

    thank you doc!!!

  7. I’d love to be a tester- I’ve been looking for new anti-aging products for a while but haven’t found anything that works! I’d love to see what Dr. Perricone has to offer!

  8. I eat salmon and watercress 3 times in a week and my skin looked great in less than a week!

  9. I just bought Dr. Perricone’s Forever Young book. I’ve read his books since The Wrinkle Cure and am excited about how this new book breaks new ground. There are so many great Perricone products, though, that I’m confused about how to choose the best ones for me. Cold Plasma Sub-D definitely sounds intriguing.

  10. saw y on abc with robbin this morn please use me as a tester i am totally intersted

  11. I’m interested in trying this diet. I’m going to find it hard to cut out grapes though. =[