Dr. Perricone’s Deep Wrinkle Serum

Neuropeptide Deep Wrinkle SerumDeep Wrinkle Serum is a fast-acting anti-aging treatment containing Dr. Perricone’s advanced Neuropeptide technology for reducing deep lines and wrinkles and loss of elasticity while transforming skin texture to appear more youthful looking.

One of the most amazing benefits of Neuropeptide Deep Wrinkle Serum is that it smoothes and plumps lines and wrinkles almost immediately.

Clinical and consumer use tests confirm that Deep Wrinkle Derum delivers visible benefits in as little as 5 minutes after one application.


  • 90% reported that with continued use they continued to see improvement in the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
  • 90% noticed an improvement in skin texture/smoothness.
  • 90% reported that their skin appeared more radiant.
  • 87% reported their skin appeared healthier and renewed.
  • 77% reported an improvement in the appearance of lines and wrinkles 5 minutes after application.
  • 73% reported that after using the product the overall quality of their skin improved.

Deep flaws are instantly minimized; skin texture is improved, and appears healthy and radiant.

As with all Perricone MD products, Deep Wrinkle Neuropeptide Serum delivers instant and long lasting anti-aging benefits seen with continued use.


What are neuropeptides and how do they work?

Neuropeptides are small molecules that send signals from neurons to other cells located across the synapses, or junctions, between the cells. Essentially, they are tiny messengers for the cells in your body.

Neuropeptides are responsible for a number of physical and emotional processes in the body, but when it comes to anti-aging treatments, these messengers serve as an activation point for cellular function in skin.

Dr. Perricone’s unique neuropeptide formulations, including Deep Wrinkle Serum, stimulate cellular function at these activation points and deliver their incredible results by boosting natural production of collagen & elastin in the skin and enhancing the body’s natural circulation, which results in radiant, younger looking skin and ecstatic consumer reviews like this:

“This product has exceeded my expectations–wow!! It’s definitely helped reduce the appearance of my laugh lines…oh and my forehead lines are gone!!”

“This serum is amazing! What I have noticed is the wrinkles are not as noticeable and this product actually works better than the Botox shot!”

“This product is the best thing I have ever tried.”

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  2. This is good to know. I have tried everything from Burts Bees but way to oily. I’ve tried every product too at whole foods almost. I do the at home facial with the Riiviva Microdermabrasion tool for my acne scarring and it’s terrific. Its here at http://www.riiviva.com.
    Do you have any recommendations as to what avenue to take for mositurizing with out all the oily residue that happens when I use oils. Thanks