Dr. Perricone’s Alternative to the Face Lift

Sagging skin and wrinkles are no longer an inevitable result of aging. With the proper care, skin can stay healthy and beautiful for longer than ever.

Is it too late for those who haven’t been taking ideal care of their skin? The answer is a resounding no.

By making some lifestyle changes, you can avoid even having to consider cosmetic surgery. There is no need to join the many who feel their only option to correct skin is to get a face lift.

Dr. Perricone has several alternatives for a lifestyle that will keep you from ever considering a face lift.

This article will discuss Dr. Perricone’s Three-Tiered Philosophy:

Diet and supplements

One facet of a lifestyle that will leave you with healthier skin is ensuring that you eat food that promotes skin health. This means refraining from eating foods that will cause skin inflammation. The Inflammation Theory of Aging suggests that inflammation is the cause of many diseases and conditions, including acne and wrinkles.

Although Dr. Perricone’s full diet plan advocates cutting out any food that can cause inflammation, below are two brief lists of foods to avoid and some to embrace.

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Avoid foods like:

  • Alcohol
  • Soda (even diet soda)
  • Pizza
  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Sugar

Embrace foods that include antioxidants, proteins, and omega-3 fatty acids like:

  • Wild salmon and fish
  • Berries
  • Eggs
  • Turkey
  • Olive oil

Additionally, drink 8 glasses of water per day to remain sufficiently hydrated.

Tier Two: Targeted nutritional supplements

In addition to adjusting your diet, there is a full line of supplements you can take to enhance your health. These range from the general, like the Skin & Total Body supplement for your overall health, to the specific, like the dietary supplement Super Berry Powder with Acai.

If you can’t follow Dr. Perricone’s diet to the letter, don’t worry. The basis of Dr. Perricone’s recommendations is that living a healthier life will translate into a healthy body and skin.

By eating wholesome foods, exercising, and protecting your skin, you can create a basis of healthy living that will end up benefiting your body in the long run. Even small changes can make an impact.

Tier Three: Clinical skin care

The next step to better skin is to follow a skin regimen that is both preventative and restorative. Your skin care products should protect your skin from damage while also reversing damage that has already been done.

Dr. Perricone’s skin care products include a range of key sciences that have applications including:

  • Reduce lines and wrinkles
  • Increase firmness and elasticity
  • Even skin tone
  • Decrease inflammation, redness, and irritation
  • Moisturize skin

It’s never too soon or too late to start using more specialized skin care products. Whether you don’t have a wrinkle or you have plenty, the same product can have beneficial effects. While one person may choose a skin care product for its tightening and firming effects, another might choose it for its ability to make the skin more radiant. Products like Evening Facial Emollient combine a host of benefits that people of any age or skin condition can appreciate.

For those who are seriously considering cosmetic surgery or other medical procedures to correct existing skin damage and imperfections, using products that are designed specifically to address the signs of aging skin can be surprisingly effective.

Look for ingredients like:

  • DMAE, which tightens the skin by toning the muscles underneath
  • Alpha lipoic acid, an antioxidant that protects the skin and also reduces inflammation, puffiness, and pore appearance
  • Vitamin C ester, an antioxidant that also reduces irritation and redness

These powerful antioxidants increase the skin’s overall health, while also reducing the damage that has amassed over the years. Many of Dr. Perricone’s patients come to him intent on undergoing cosmetic surgery. However, once they start his skin care routine that incorporates these key ingredients, the results are drastic enough that the vast majority of patients abandon their plans for plastic surgery.

Additional lifestyle recommendations

Lastly, a few lifestyle changes are essential to ensure skin does not come in contact with harmful environmental substances that accelerate skin damage.

These tips are still crucial to keeping skin and the rest of your body as healthy as possible:

  1. Wear sunscreen every day, even if you only go outside for a few minutes. Sunscreen should be at least SPF 15 to block out harmful UV rays that damage skin cells.
  2. Don’t smoke, and avoid second hand smoke. Smoke causes harmful, cell-damaging chemicals to enter your body.
  3. Avoid harsh chemicals. They strip the skin of its natural defense system, allowing these dangerous chemicals to enter your body and promote free radicals.
  4. Exercise several times a week. This will help your body become naturally stronger and better able to defend itself against the stresses of everyday life.
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  1. I have sagging under my eyes that make me look very old. Older than what I am. I am looking for a way to look younger as I cannot afford a facelift. I can’t get a job because of my appearance and therefore may lose my place to live very soon. I need some advice as to how I can dramatically change my appearance asap.

  2. Learning about your products & saving for them :). Like to get your newsletter, if you have one. Thank you !

  3. I love all the helpful tips…

  4. Mahalo Dr. Perricone,

    I have read some of your books and articles. I have seen some of your blogs about skin and all over body care from the inside and out. I have been wanting to try your products but I can not afford them presently. But I would like to be considered to be a tester sir.
    You must also follow your facelift diet and all your recommendations to others. Your skin always looks so soft and smooth. I am not trying to be disrespectful sir, but I would like to touch your face and kiss your cheek. You are an attractive man and I know you follow your own advice because it shows in your face, and skin. I apologize if I spoke out of turn, no disrespect was intended sir. Do you carry DMAE as a topical on its own? If not what can I use as a topical?

  5. I’d like to learn more about the anti-inflammatory diet. I’m having severe skin issues and wonder if that would remedy my problems. I’m willing to try it out!!

  6. I trust dr. perricone and would love to try some products endorsed by him.

  7. I am 58 years old and would love to be a tester.

  8. I would love to be a Perricone Tester and would like more Info on Perricone Diets. Thank you

  9. I am 46 yrs old and am starting to have rosacea on my cheeks. I am in my 2nd day of the 3 day diet plan and am interested in continuing dr perricone solutions.

  10. Last September 27, 2011 my only child (son 39) suffered a stroke and suffered anoxic brain damage. Fortunately he survived, but the past 11 months of stress has taken its toll on my health and my face. Lack of sleep has played a significant part in the look of my skin. When I look in the mirror I see very tired and stressed skin. Hopefully being a tester will bring the normalicy back to my skin and have it looking even better.

  11. I am very interested in becoming a Perricone tester. At 61 it is all about diet, exercise and the correct skin care…

  12. I am 68 and have always taken care of my skin. Lately I have notice dark circles and lines around my eyes and mouth as well as slight sagging over my face and neck.

  13. I would love to be a product tester! Thank you!

  14. I would love to be a tester and have access to exclusive discounts on your products. I am 50 and don’t have wrinkles, most people say i look like i’m in my 30′s but i am getting sagging in the jawline and neck area.. I could use all the help i can get without having anything surgically done.Please help. Thank you..

  15. Saw Dr Oz show & was sold on all that was said, I’ve been looking for a new start for myself inside & out. Thanks for the nudge.

  16. I have pigmentation problem and My skin is dull

  17. Loved the facelift book. Ty

  18. Im 41yrs old have oily skin but is very wrinkled and old looking use nia 24 a yr and see no difference need advice on what to use.

  19. I’ve never had weight issues until recently and basically my goal is to be healthy and radiant inside and out! I’m learning to make better food choices and would love for my outside to match my young at heart spirit!

  20. I always looked younger than my years until caring for my sick mum i contracted TB, the treatment ravaged my body and saw me dramatically age in a matter of weeks. I now have significant wrinkling and always look tired. I have to admit it significantly impacts my confidence. I’ve read so much and seen the results achieved and would love to be a tester.

  21. I am a 61 year old teacher. Until now, I have never looked or acted my my age. Medication and stress have caused damage inside and out. I am no longer the outgoing and positive person that I used to be. Looking and feeling older than my 61 years have caused me to become somewhat home bound. No more beautiful yard or love of my home.
    I have begun to use some of your products and am trying to eat healty. I would love a chance to regain my “youth” and have the opportunity to be a Perricone tester.
    Catherine Skelton in Texas

  22. I know what I should do to be and look healthy… but it is hard, at 40, chasing two young children around to always do what is clinically right instead of what just makes the most sense for the day! So often I do not eat right, I forget to drink water, and I am too tired to exercise. I have always had nice skin – but the last few years have taken their toll on my face – I can easily tell the loss of elasticity near my eyes and my face is beginning to become defined by the bulldog appearance of the sag near my mouth! I also have two very deep wrinkles in my forehead that were given to me genetically and they have become the least of my worries.
    My father in law is a doctor of health and has always taught to stay away from sugar and to exercise frequently – I wish I would have listened;and now with my skin – I have decided to delve in to the Perricone ways… and hope it is not too late!

  23. Hello Dr Perricone ,I would be proud to promote everthing .I know with your help,
    and my young look for 57 years old, The customer will be sold…Cheers to great look and health ..


  24. I,am a 65yr. young woman who would love to
    try your products. I really don’t where to
    start. Help!

  25. I would like to try your products but don’t
    know where to start

  26. I’ve lost a significant amount of weight and my face started sagging. My husband says I need a lift. I can’t afford surgery, so I’m hoping this might help me. I don’t want to look old at 50.

  27. I have been a believer of your program for years, tried and tested it. The economy has created a situation to me not being able to purchase your products as I once did and feel at 47 I have always had skin to back up your promises and want to keep it that way. Nearly two years have passed since I went off your skincare line and worry that I may lose all the dedication I spent the years I ate, used your topicals and vitmain regiments recommened in your books I lived by. I would love the chance to be a tester and continue looking like my daughters sister and not change to look like their mother. Thank you for your consideration.

  28. I am a 53 year old woman who has spent her entire life working in a small business 16-18 hr days and most all weekends. I have never had the opportunity to pamper myself and have had a history of consistently eating poorly as a result of having to eat on the run. Financially I wish I could afford a facelift to look younger and more refreshed. I have been reading and hearing of Dr. Perricone for years but never thought I would be able to afford the luxury of a good skin care regimen. To be able to test these products with the potential of seeing real life results would truly be a dream come true to me.

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  30. Are you still interested in testers? I am a 64 yr old Latina. I follow the 3-day facial pretty often. There is always some special occasion going on! I believe in it. My skin is smooth. My problem is under eye puffiness and slight jowls. Hope to hear from you. Thank you.

  31. I am always impressed with Dr. Perricone. I have seen him on T.V and read one of his books.
    I am 67 years old with fairly good skin for my age . I know the Perricone Products would make it even better. I would love to be a tester.

  32. I am 75 years old, in good health, still feel like 35, just wish my skin would look as good as I feel. I would love to become a Perricone tester. I look younger than my 75 years but would like to see an improvement in my skin.

  33. I am a professional full time Ocean Lifeguard in Palm Beach County Florida. As you may imagine, the sun has become my worst wrinkle enemey after 13 years of service. I would LOVE to test products!

  34. I am a 39 year old causcasion with fair sensitive skin. I have fine lines and wrinkles appearing after years of no sleep, a toxic diet, and constant issues with hives. I have just shifted to using the no foundation foundation by Perricone and taking the weight loss supplements twice daily. I am gradually increasing to 3 times daily. I have also started on a mild yoga routine. After having a subpar thyroid and adrenal issues, I have found it imperative to re route my diet, sleep, and exercise routines. I used to get carded when entering clubs to watch my brother play drums, but now they just wave me in without an issue. I know I look over 21 and don’t mind that, but people used to guess my age as being about 10 years younger. However that is not the case any longer. It seems my skin has accelerated the aging processes after being a caregiver for my dad and his death. HELP!

  35. I would love to test your products. I am 70, eat very well, do yoga and walk everyday. But my skin can use help!! Please let me know if I could be a tester.

  36. I am in my mid 30′s and have always worked in the sun. In the last few years I have developed tiny red spots that appear to be broken capillaries near my nose and upper cheeks. I also am noticing brown spots near my hair line, and a crease between my eyebrows. My mother followed your program and saw amazing results, in fact I even accused her of having a face lift at one point :) I would like to be a tester!

  37. hello….i don’t wear makeup at all and am 38 years old….i have ALWAYS taken excellent care of my health….never smoking, very very light alcohol intake (5-10) drinks a year….BUT, i’ve been in the sun my whole life and have not worn sunscreen (too many chemicals)……i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to try some of your products and i think i’d be a good, clean canvas to assess them on…thanks for your time and for making what i hear are great products!!!! jana

  38. I have seen your program on tv and have been VERY impressed, I do know that we ARE what we eat and how various foods not only affect the body health wise but also the skin, I am 66, in excellent health and would love to be a tester for your product, I do not look my age accept for those tell tell signs in the jowl area and the neck, I am a VERY diciplined person and would love to be a tester for the product, not only would I be diligent in using the product as recommended but would be EXTEREMLY diciplined in reguards to only eating the foods that will benefit me as well…..Thank you for considering me for your tester program.

  39. I wonder if your products can help a 76 year old woman. My main problems are verticle lines on my neck, deep lines from nose to mouth and some wrinkles around the chin. My eyes and cheeks have no noticeable wrinkles. I have 2 frown lines between my eyes and that is it. I take vitamins and am extremely healthly and full of energy. I also am good on my body mass index and wear a size 8.

  40. I am in my thirties, and am already experiencing fine lines and melasma in tiny parts of my forehead. I am vegetarian-sh I switched to eating fish beans and vegetable proteins. I have had 3 operations for endo…but the last one was almost 2 years ago with no re-occurrence! I am getting married June 9th and would like to shape up from the inside out and hopefully get rid of the melasma. Funny thing is, I use sunscreen ALL THE TIME??! It has to be my skin care and diet…I WOULD LOVE LOVE LOVE TO BE A TESTER! I am extremely detailed and disciplined. I would be consistent with usage/diet etc. and would document per the requirements you provide. I look forward to hearing from you!!!!!

  41. I’m a 26 year old who finally quit the typical, mid-20s workaholic, several-times-a-week consumption of alcohol and cigarettes for my 27th birthday. No one of my counterparts seem to be worried about the aging effects of that lifestyle yet, but I’m now trying to figure out how to revamp my diet and skincare to reverse all of the havoc I’ve undoubtedly wreaked on my skin since college! I’m hoping it’s not too late, and that I can acquire the necessary knowledge and habits to fix several years of stress, working long hours, little sleep, and happy hours.

  42. I have always been a product junkie ,always looking for something that works. I would like to msee if Perricone products live up to their promise and besides that, I live in Meriden Ct.