Dr. Perricone discusses his Anti-inflammatory diet on Extra

Dr. Nicholas Perricone, CEO of Perricone MD, the leading manufacturer and retailer of skin care products and supplements, appeared on the entertainment news show, Extra.

Dr. Perricone discussed his revolutionary Notox Botox and High Potency (HP) Amine Complex Face Lift solution, which are both non-invasive procedures that strengthen and rejuvenate facial muscles. Dr. Perricone’s Notox Botox is a therapeutic LED light and electrical current treatment that strengthens muscles in the face, neck and eye area. Coupled with Dr. Perricone’s HP Amine Complex Face Lift, these solutions can achieve a youthfully contoured and lifted look.

Dr. Perricone also talked about his new product, Cold Plasma, which represents his most comprehensive work to date. Cold Plasma is a groundbreaking solution with five years of research, and corrects ten visible signs of aging such as wrinkles, enlarged pores, dryness, redness, and uneven skin tone.

Dr. Perricone highlighted his world-renowned three-tiered philosophy which combines an anti-inflammatory diet, targeted nutritional supplements, and clinical skin treatments. Dr. Perricone’s holistic approach incorporates extensive research about the health benefits of natural spices such as cinnamon and turmeric.

Cinnamon contains a variety of phytonutrients including a class of antioxidant that boosts the stabilizing effects of insulin on blood sugar. Turmeric also has active compounds that are potent anti-inflammatory antioxidant substances that prevents free radical formation.

Dr. Perricone reminded viewers that diet is vitally important to the health and beauty of your skin. Dr. Perricone suggests following his anti inflammatory diet recipes for a visibly nutritional face lift.

Dr. Perricone is a C.N.S. board certified dermatologist and #1 best selling author.

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  1. I was online today doing some research as to how to eliminate inflammation from my body. I have been overweight for most of my life and now suffering with knee pain. My doctor prescribed a very strong Anti-Inflammatory and fortunately for me, my wife read the side effects prior to me filling the prescription. Thankfully she is heavily into natural healing and alternative medicine. I would like to test your products, honestly, I have reached a point where I have to do something and after reading all the information on inflammation would like to be pain-free and healthy again. I reside in Canada and hope I can participate in this program

  2. Thanks for posting. I have an autoimmune condition and am always looking for ways to reduce inflammation.

  3. I am 33 and have had acne for 22 years. Last year I got my first few grey hairs and wrinkles after loads of stress and poor health due to complications at childbirth. My health is pretty much back but I have some inflammatory issues. I am on my second day of the 3 day anti-inflammatory diet and today I have already had a lot more energy than usual. I love this diet because it’s no sacrifice. It is very short and the food is good. I love not having to count calories. I am also trying some Perricone products on my skin and love them so far. I would like to become a product tester. None of my parents, aunts and uncles have wrinkles and it only happened to me because of bad health, stress and poor diet. But thanks to Dr. Perricone I now have hope and am determined to reverse the damage.

  4. I started in 1969 with Clinique and graduated to Erno Lazlo when I moved to Los Angeles in the late ’70s. I’m now 55 and get lots of compliments on my skin, but Dr. Lazlo has been gone a long time and his lab isn’t the same. So after 30+ years I want to explore and benefit from a hands-on skin health specialist.