Dr. Nick Perricone Fitness Advice in the Nick of Time for Summer

Spring and summer are a time of renewal as life comes back to the outdoors. Want to reflect this youthfulness in your skin?

Dr. Nick Perricone’s 3-tier anti-inflammatory lifestyle for younger, healthier looking skin includes: following the anti-inflammatory Perricone diet, taking anti-inflammatory supplements, and applying anti-inflammatory topical treatments. He also recommends following an active lifestyle and with that strength training exercises.

Read on to learn why Dr. Nick Perricone advocates picking up weights.

Exercise and Summer: A Natural Choice

You probably are pumped to exercise with summer, and consequently bathing suit wearing season, fast approaching. Exercise is helpful in lowering stress levels, which lowers the levels of skin-destroying stress cortisol.

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About Resistance Training

Be sure to include resistance training in your routine if you’re looking to achieve tighter, firmer skin, even on your face. Resistance training, meant to increase strength, tone, muscle mass, and endurance, causes the muscles to contract against an external resistance, such as:

  • Dumbbells
  • Rubber exercise tubing
  • Your own body weight
  • Bottles of water

Resistance training releases growth hormones, promoting cell growth and repair and restoring collagen fibers.

As your body ages, it loses muscle mass, a process called sarcopenia, a Greek word for “vanishing flesh;” this decreases the body’s ability to perform, while also results in skin sag.

Since strength training also increases muscle mass, it is helpful in increasing your body’s optimal performance, from moving or thinking to metabolizing on a cellular level. Cellular metabolism is important for energy, repair, and withstanding free radicals and inflammation.

Other Benefits and Types of Workouts

Other benefits of strength training include:

  • Increasing bone density
  • Raising metabolic rate
  • Relieving arthritic symptoms
  • Reshaping the muscles and the body
  • Losing excess weight, decreasing the risk of diabetes

If the gym has you puzzled, there are many resources available online that list different types of resistance training workouts. Some examples include bench press with bar or dumbbell press and push-ups for the chest, bench dips and kickbacks for the triceps, and squats or leg press for the legs.

Resistance training exercises combined with the Dr. Nick Perricone anti-inflammatory 3-tier system will help you renew youth in your skin.

Share your favorite resistance training exercise in the comments below.

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  1. Summer is coming up. I wanna look perfect on the beach!

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  3. I love the sun so much, and I love the glow I get from it, and I haven’t found any sort of self tanner that really recreates it! I don’t want to damage my skin with the sun’s rays, but it really feels good! I would love to be a tester so I can learn how to truly take the best care of my skin!

  4. I’ve heard that this stuff really works, and since it’s out of my price range, I’d love to be a product tester. I’m 41 and very youthful, but still have the fine lines and crow’s feet and would like to see if this works well on them.