Perricone MD Product Testing Details

Thank you so much for reading the Perricone MD Glossary and Sampling Program blog. We’re always looking for new participants to test Perricone products, so simply comment on one of our blog entries and you’ll automatically be entered to become a product tester for us.

If you are chosen, we will email you fill out a short skin quiz that qualifies you for a certain product. Upon completion of the skin quiz, we will ask for your address to send you the product.

Upon completion of the use of the product, we ask you to give us as much detailed feedback as possible about your experience with Perricone, such as before and after photos or a daily diary.

We are still considering testers at this time, so please continue to enter.

Good luck! Please be sure to check out our latest products Cold Plasma and No Foundation Foundation.

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  1. 5133 Sunsail Dr Antioch, Tn 37013

  2. Hello :) I am interested in your products and becoming a “tester.” I have healthy skin, however, I have large clogged pores.I am 57 yrs old.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  3. I’d love to be a tester!

  4. I would love to test some product,and share results.

  5. I would love to test

  6. I would love to become tester for you!!! I use right now two of Perricone products: eye cream and moisturizer and I’m absolutely addicted! Thanks for the chance!!!

  7. I am very intrigued to test your products. I am 46 and stopped laying out in the sun many years ago. However, I have since noticed “age spots” on my arms. Can you Help?

  8. I have never used Perricone products before. I am a 52yr old stay at home homemaker. I would love to be a tester. Thank you.

  9. I have used several of Dr Perricone products and read his book about aging. I’m excited to be a part of this.

  10. I am 35 yrs old female,I am very interested in skin science .I read about your products and supplements.

  11. Looking for new skin care products to use…

  12. I suddenly found out how old I look when I took a leap of faith to really look into that damn creation called a miror. Help,I am only 55. Sure,I could blame it on the dis-eases I have ie.-MS,but I do not believe that is the case. I would love to put the mirrors back into place. Please help. With love, Paula

  13. Mmmmm, elegant, classy, scientifically backed up I am in.

  14. Although iv used vitamin c eye serum and the neurpeptide eye contour (albeit not together) i still find it hard to diminish my dark circles (iv had them since the age of 12-13) & rid of some very fine lines. Although there has been some improvement – i would like something that will give me a more dramatic result. Please consider me to test – What would you recommend i try??

  15. Would love to test the Perricone deep wrinkle serum :)

  16. I’m looking forward to try this product out since I started to have allergic reactions to regular anty wrinkle eye cream and Dr Perricone offers anti wrinkel and is hypoallergenic…yay!

  17. What ever you advised Kathi Diamont of KPBS in San Diego to do, I will do. Please advise.

  18. I have concerns with minor breakout, discoloration, lines and wrinkles, and keeping my skin healthy. I would love to test some new products. I am going to start the 3 day diet tomorrow and then follow with the 28 day diet. This would be a great time to test out some new products, I hope you consider me.

  19. i have been dealing with rosecea for a few yrs now but the gel the DR prescribed dries out my face,would love to test a product that would get rid of the redness & not dry my skin & help firm my face too

  20. I would love to become a product tester.

  21. I currently use perricone products… I find them to be highly effective… I love knowing I am getting great quality and for once money well spent.

  22. 14 N Roberts Rd
    Bryn Mawr, Pa 19010

  23. I’ve been dealing with acne off and on for nearly 6 years now. It’s incredibly frustrating, but I continue to hope that one day it will clear up completely!

  24. Would love to test something for my malasma had sun spots on face since three years I’m Spanish 55years old but everyone tells me I look 38. Admire and respect Dr.Perricone advise thank you .

  25. I would be interested in testing this product and recommending it to others as I see the results.

  26. Perricone’s diet/book serves as a great guilndiee. I have stuck pretty well to the diet not necessarily the diet plans but have used the foods on his okay list and worked with them to create my own meals. The Salmon I make a key part of my diet and occasionally create some of his recipes. This has worked fine with me. Although, because I was also concerned about fatigue, I picked up another book, The Mid-Life Miracle Diet that I thought would address my fatigue. I found Perricone’s recommendations very similar to this book in both diet as well as supplement recommendation. I combined the two and battled both acne and fatigue. The Mid-Life book isn’t as adamant about elimating carbs from the diet only restricting them to later evening eating. So I compromised. I didn’t eat bread often but if I did I kept it small and later in the day. Perricone’s supplements are DOUBLE the cost if you were to just go to a very good quality health food store and put together the supplements yourself. I combined recommendations of what is in his book with the Mid-Life recommendations. The initial cost may be alot but will last longer than a month supply of Perricones and thus comparitively, cost less to do it this way. Once you spend time figuring out what is in the supplements and getting the supplements it’s easy. All you have to do is replace when you run out. Mid-Life book recommends TwinLab and Country Life there are other good supps. And then there are bad supplements. So go to a health food store, and ask the advice of one of the workers there he/she will tell you which brands are best quality. (I have found the owner won’t help as much as a friendly employee who knows his stuff.) I followed the diet and took my put together supplements before trying his products. A major difference took place without use of his products increased energy, better mood and skin health. I do not like Perricone’s acne products at all. Instead I do like his Vitamin C Ester wash and his other products are okay. I give the Perricone book 5 stars because out of the many things I’ve tried for my acne this is the only thing that has ever really worked.

  27. 26 years old, fair skin, some slight sun damage, few small fine lines around eyes

  28. I just purchased the cold plasma for face, and eyes. I’m 39, and just starting to notice signs of aging. Only been using the cold plasma for a couple days, and feel like my skin already looks firmer and brighter. Already a loyal customer. Wouldn’t mind testing additional products though.

  29. I’m 52 and just starting to develop this distinctly unappetizing problem. I am in very good shape and a ballroom dancer. I’m going to be competing soon, and I’m very pleased about my dresses, my dances and everything about the way I look EXCEPT for my neck! If I were to begin testing soon, the results might be visible in the shots from my competition!

  30. I am 60 years old and I would love to be a tester for your products. I have used products from your line and followed this line for several years. I have always attempted to take care of my skin and have tried many products. I am getting ready to retire and would love to dedicate some time to an opportunity like this! thanks!

  31. help!!! dark circles

  32. I just turned 47 and it seems like overnight little limes I never had before have popped up and my skin looks tired and saggy. I am interested in becoming a tester especially to see if the neuropeptide products will help

  33. I’m in my mid-twenties and am looking for a great skin regiment which will clear up my skin, as well as establish a great foundation for anti-wrinkle treatment.

  34. I would love to be able to test your products and give my opinions and advice!!!

  35. i have tried your your 3 day face diet over 15years ago and it does work.
    When i was telling everyone about it way back then people didint believe that it was food that made my skin look so good.
    i am over 40 now and when i want a boost i just go back to the 3 day regime. Jinger – Stratford London ENGLAND

  36. How about testing your products on some Norwegian skin and body? My pores jumped right out of their skin when I read about your Intensive Pore Treatment :-)

  37. Ive been battling acne since I was a young teen at age 11. I am now 22 & am still in hope to find products that will keep my acne at bay or clear them up. I’ve heard many good reviews of perricone products but am unsure of what to buy exactly for my concern (acne). I would truly appreciate to be a lucky individual to test out your products.

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  39. My skin is a mess, I definitely need to find the right products for me. I’m a huge cosmetic fanatic but I can’t seem to find the right routine for me.

    I would love to be a tester for Perricone.

  40. I would love to test your products. I am 33 years old and have noticed redness and irritation appear all over my cheeks and chin a little over a year ago. I have dry, sensitive, reactive skin, and have tried many, many products with no real success. I have heard wonders about your products, and would love to find a regimen that would eliminate the redness and irritation as well as help my dry eyes and fine lines.
    Thank you for your consideration!:)

  41. I am a long-time fan of Dr. Perricone’s products and philosophies. It would be a privilege to be selected as a tester!

  42. I turned 65 last Oct. and the turkey neck is creeping up on me. Thank you, Daddy. LOL.
    I’ve been trying various products in your Neuropeptide line over the last 3-4 months. Half of my 11′s are gone. Half of the N-L fold has dramatically decreased. ( actually the left side of my face is really improved.) Be interested in testing any new product. Love your super berry powder, too.

  43. I am 54 years old and work out at least 5 days per week. I have noticed that my upper thighs and lower legs are getting crepey looking and it seems to be more pronounced after I go out in the sun. I can’t stand the look of this and would do anything to remedy it. I would love to be a Perricone tester of whichever product will help me with my crepey skin!

  44. I can’t wait to hear back!


  46. I am very intrested in becoming a Perricone tester.


  47. Hello,I would like very much to be a tester of your products. I will be 57 next month. I was 52 when I had all my teeth replaced with upper and lower dentures. I lost my teeth due to gum disease. I have poor self esteem issues now due to the sag around my mouth and puppet lines. A facelift is not an option. I am my 88 year old mother’s 24 hour a day caregiver.I have taken care of her and her personal business for four years now. I do not work outside of the home so I would be a good product tester. Thank you for reading and considering. Betty

  48. I’m trying my luck now for a life time change. I have fair skin yet sensitive. I would love a product which has everything in 1 bottle. I dislike putting lots of makeup & wanna keep myself simple. Hoping to try out this sample of No foundation foundation would fulfil my dreams.

  49. I have been using Perricone products for years but when I retired form teaching I felt I had to be more financially cautious. Recently I had a facial and for the first time I received some negative comments about my skin. Therefore, I am reordering my products from Perricone because it is quite obvious that the products really have made a difference with my skin, so the money is well worth it.I would be very excited to test products because otherwise I will not have the opportunity to try new products.

  50. I am a 45 year old woman that has spent a lot of time in the sun. I have become an anti aging junkie, constantly reading about new products, researching results and spending lots of time looking at the products available in drug stores all the way up to high end boutiques. I have used products from $10 to $150. Looking as young as I can is very important to me. I’d be honored to become a product tester for your company.