Perricone MD Product Testing Details

Thank you so much for reading the Perricone MD Glossary and Sampling Program blog. We’re always looking for new participants to test Perricone products, so simply comment on one of our blog entries and you’ll automatically be entered to become a product tester for us.

If you are chosen, we will email you fill out a short skin quiz that qualifies you for a certain product. Upon completion of the skin quiz, we will ask for your address to send you the product.

Upon completion of the use of the product, we ask you to give us as much detailed feedback as possible about your experience with Perricone, such as before and after photos or a daily diary.

We are still considering testers at this time, so please continue to enter.

Good luck! Please be sure to check out our latest products Cold Plasma and No Foundation Foundation.

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  1. I would like to be considered for a testing position.

  2. I have trouble skin and would like to become a Perricone tester….

  3. For the most beautiful you….PerriconeMD

  4. After viewing your website I am amazed at the information you give out to the public on health and beauty. Please consider me as a tester for Perricone products. I believe you and I can both benefit from one another. Thank you

  5. i love your products…unfortunatly right now i use products my friends and family have bought me or shared with me since i am currently disabled. but i have always cared about my skin and in the last few years have especially kept my eye on products with natural ingredients, i;m a 42 year old w/ minimal wrinkles, and i want to keep it that way. i also moisturize constantly which has made me have soft skin from head to toe. i also alwats use face moisturizer w/ spf

  6. Just wanted to day that I love also love your products that I have tried in the past!

  7. I have bad acne, ill try anything

  8. I am in my 40′s and have been looking for a product that will allow me to age gracefully without feeling like I need to resort to cosmetic procedures. I don’t have many wrinkles, yet, (and would like to keep it that way) However, I do have some age spots from too much sun when I was younger that I would like to get rid of. I would love to be a tester for your product!

  9. I’m game for trying anything and giving feedback so that others can then continue to improve helping products. I’m into trying anything from getting rid of acne—improving natural beauty of things and blah blah. So, hit me up please as a tester?

  10. I’m 38…I’ve got wrinkles around my eyes, and I woke up one morning with what appears to be a tent on my eyelid. Is this what they call creping? Oh no. It’s not pretty. There are hundreds of creams and serums claiming to help this. My sister (40) is a faithful Perricone user and her skin is gorgeous, so I’m tempted to try. I’d love to test this eye product and see if it’s real!! thanks.

  11. I run the blog and have done various product reviews and blog posts. I would be very interested in reviewing any Perricone MD Products for my blog.

    Thank you for your time!

  12. I would love to become a Perricone tester. I love trying out new products and, in the quest for healthy skin, I’ve tried millions! lol. I could definitely give some great feed back :) PLEASE CHOOSE ME!!!

  13. I am an asian male, age 25.

    I have oily skin and significantly large pores on my cheeks (from puberty and acne), blackheads on my nose and whiteheads on my neck and nose and a bad T-Zone.

    I tested several products at Sephora and would be a willing candidate to test other products.

    Perricone MD are hard to come by in the Australian Market.

  14. It would be great to become a Perricone tester and provide honest feedback of your products!

  15. I Love to test samples… I’m always looking for good skin products & A Perricone tester sounds exciting. Thank You in advance for the opportunity

  16. I would love to test any products! I have very dry skin and noticeable lines around my eyes and mouth. I have heard so many positive things about your products! Would really love to test them!

  17. I would love to test your products!

  18. I use some Perricone products and LOVE them. I use the cleansing gel and moisturizer. Also recently started using cold plasma sub-D and my friends have commented on my neck. It persuaded them to try it. Would love to test new things.

  19. would love to be a tester

  20. I’m 30 years old and starting to see signs of aging. I’m committed to following a skin care regimen and using high quality products.

  21. I would love to become a tester.

  22. I love Dr. Perricone’s products and would consider it a honor to be picked to be a tester. Nish Desai

  23. I am curious and excited to try the 28 day program.

  24. I am 29 years old and I have noticed that as the day goes on and especially when I have been smiling a lot or laughing the wrinkles around and under my eyes really come out and show. It makes me so self conscious and makes me want to not make any type of facial expression all day long…which is nearly impossible. The rest of my skin is great and I take good care of my skin and have recently started using an expensive eye cream but it us just not doing anything but maybe keeping under my eyes moisturized. Please, I would love to test this product out…thanks.

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  26. I am realizing that I’m not a 20 something anymore, definately would like to try new things to keep my skin looking young.

  27. I would love to be a product tester for you. I am a 38yo Female from a middle class background and am not quite ready for cosmetic surgery so ANY help anti aging creams could give me would be very welcome.

  28. Hi I am a 33 year old mother of a beautiful 1 year old boy. My skin is very dry since I now live in Las Vegas no matter what I do. I have brown eyes and blond hair with white skin that can tan easily but I get breakouts. Since I hit 30, became pregnant and had my son my skin has really taken a dive for the worse. I have tried all sorts of expensive creams/serums, facials and chemical peels, inquired about botox, (I really dont want to go that route), and nothing seems to held my skin! I have never really had to wear foundation because I dont like the way it sinks in the creases and makes me look older throughout the day. BTW I am a fit active and person I just want to feel as good as I do on the outside, as I do on the inside. I would love to be a tester for your products as I have never tried Perricone products yet. :-)

  29. I would love to try these products. I have yet to find one that works for me, hoping this one is it!!

  30. I have been dealing with hooded eyelids my entire life and I accepted them as a part of my look, that is until my under eye area started showing signs of age. I am only 31 and would like to stay as young looking as I can for as long as I can. I have been searching the web for some sort of alternative to lasers or surgery. I have found 100′s of creams and serums, but I am hesitant to purchase anything without knowing if it will really work. Would love a free sample to test and review.

  31. I have heard a lot about Dr. Perricone’s products, but never had a chance to try them, I think becoming a Perricone product tester, would be a great way to test the products and see if they are as truly good as I’ve heard and I hope so, because I am over 45 and could use all the help I can get!

  32. I am very interested in testing the latest and greatest products!

  33. I am in my twenties, but have many signs of aging due to tanning, smoking, and never wearing sunscreen. I did quit smoking which has helped my skin improve a lot. It is less oily with fewer blemishes. I have adult acne with combination skin. It makes it such a chore to find a regimen that doesn’t make me dry in the winter, or shiny in the summer, or break me out… so I would love to try your line of products to see if they would work well for me and my ever changing skin. I would make a great product tester. Trying new products is one of my favorite hobbies. There really is nothing better than finding a product that betters a part of you that you aren’t happy with. I am hoping to try your eye creams and facial moisturizer the most of all your products. When I run out of my current ones I may keep this brand in mind while shopping around.

  34. I use the toner and moisturizer from Dr. Perricone and LOVE both. I would like to try more products and would love to be a tester!

  35. As an almost 60 year old who is still out in the professional world, it is important that I keep up on the latest beauty products for my ever changing and aging skin. I have concerns with sagging, wrinkles and would love to be able to try poroducts that would show improvement, and share that knowledge with my friends and colleagues.
    Thanks, Sharon

  36. I would love to be a tester. I am so sensitive to some products. I could give great feedback!

  37. Would love to test products!

  38. I’ve used Perricone products in the past, and have his book “The Wrinkle Cure.” Unfortunately my skin become so healthy I began to experiment with other products for fun and change. Big mistake. I’m 50 now and am back to using Perricone! I love the “Advanced Face Firming Activator” and have become a big believer in DMAE!!

  39. I would enjoy trying new products and giving feedback on them. Thank you.

  40. I am 53 years young and I think I must be in my third or fourth puberty as my face is riddled with acne!!! I have tried just about every skin care product out there, except yours. I am currently unemployed and would love to have the opportunity to try your products!!
    Thanks for the consideration,

  41. i’d love to give this a shot and provide feedback to both the potential customers and the business. Am currently in need of life-changing skincare!

  42. UGH ACNE:(

  43. I have very sensitive skin, and frequently have problems with many skin care lines.

    most frequent problem is irritation from

  44. I will be 56 in February. I walk almost daily with my dog, about 1-1/2 miles. I am an active person. Since menopause began for me about ten years ago, my skin has taken on a crepey look, especially on my arms. It is embarassing and I would like to see improvement if I could. Please help.

  45. Hi, I am a 57 yr old woman who has recently lost 60 lbs. My neck has lost weight and is now got both vertical and horizontal lines. I live in Western NY and need a great moisturizer especially in the winter. I use moisturizer but need your science expertise. Please let me be a tester.

  46. Finally hit the big 60 and am willing to try products that will help my skin look better

  47. Hi,
    I am 40 years old, and I am just starting to notice wrinkles. It is very disappointing. I am really noticing my lip area around the mouth, and my eye area, saggy lids and under eye wrinkles. Not so much the crows feet, Yet Thank goodness. I would be thankful to try any products you think would interest me, and would love to give a honest review on the results.
    Thank You,


  49. I am 56 – like most am searching for that one skin regime that truly works. I take care of myself and at some point will seriously consider cosmetic surgery so my face does not totally plunge into senior abyss. I can honestly say I have tried just about every single brand out there including some of Perricones years ago and just recently have become intrigued by the Cold Plasma – which by the way is how I came across this site. There is definite slackening of the jaw line…..the tone of the skin is changing showing more fine lines overall with creases in the forehead finally becoming more apparant. The undereye area shows beginnings of definite tear troughs due to skin slackness.

  50. Would love to be a tester im 51 and in need of finding something good my skin is dull.

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