Customer Reviews Shed Light on Why Advanced Face Firming Activator is a Bestseller

Advanced Face Firming Activator has been one of Perricone’s bestselling product for years. Formulated with powerful alpha lipoic acid and DAME, this anti-aging treatment works to correct imperfections, shrink pores, and reduce redness as well as minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. And with sodium hyaluronate, Advanced Face Firming Activator helps to lock in moisture to renew suppleness in the skin.

Read on to hear what customers have to say about Advanced Face Firming Activator.


“Have used this for 3 weeks and the large pores on my nose have decreased dramatically ! Feels wonderful going on and gives your face a lift. Well worth the money … will not be without this product.” —Carrie at

Can’t live without this product…

“I can’t live without Dr Perricone’s face firming activator. I ran out and noticed the difference in my skin. I won’t let myself run out again!” —Jennifer at

Try Perricone for as little at $10.

Expensive, but worth it

“I’ve use Perricone’s products for about a year now. This is one (advanced face firming activator) that I wouldn’t give up on if I had to choose amongst the products. At almost 53, I feel my skin looks much firmer. I’ve had friends comment on the difference too, so I know it’s not my imagination.” —Kymo at

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  1. I’m reaching that age where it’s time to start preversing that youthful appearance or what’s left of it. I’m 24!!!! OK I’m really 48 but don’t tell anyone. I’m trying to be environmentally correct, people can recycle that Happy 24th Birthday card to me year after year. Honestly, I don;t have a lot of wrinkles yet, just some crows feet but I need something that will keep it that way and this sounds wonderful.

  2. Would like a firmer face and would love to become a tester.

  3. Shrink Pores! yes…. sir.. this is exactly what I need! I have pores that look like craters on my face… around the nose and chin area. I have tried everything including proactive skin care to diminish these large pores. nothing has worked. I had given up on the thought of reducing the pore size and having a beautiful looking face, younger more luminous. can this help Me……. being a product tester is a dream of a life time!

  4. I have been trying out the Perricone skin clear line with great results. Perricone’s Advanced Face Firming Activator is one of the prodcuts I have been wanting to try because I hear so many great things about this product. I hope I can try it soon and add it to my Skin clear routine.