Overview of Cosmeceuticals

clinical creationsWhile making healthy lifestyle choices makes a big difference in the appearance of skin, skin care products can help correct imperfect behavior. Cosmeceuticals are among the most advanced members of the skin care family. They are topical products that have properties and effects of both cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

A product of sophisticated research and development, cosmeceuticals are an important weapon in the fight against aging caused by free radical damage. Effective anti-aging cosmeceutical ingredients include:


Byproducts of the body’s oxygen use and other natural processes, free radicals are unstable molecules with a missing electron. They attempt to become stable by taking an electron from other nearby molecules. This sets off a chain reaction as each successive, unstable molecule attempts to stabilize itself. The aftermath is misshapen and broken molecules that weaken cell structure and damage the body and skin.

Antioxidants protect cells by neutralizing both internal (e.g. stress and metabolism) and external (e.g. sun damage and pollution) forces that cause free radical damage. Polyphenols are and especially potent variety of plant-derived antioxidants with many potential health benefits resulting from their ability to fight free radicals.

Good sources of polyphenols include berries, wine, olive oil and, in particular, green and black tea. All teas from the Camellia plant have about ten times the polyphenol content of fruits and vegetables.

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Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is another powerful antioxidant that promotes healthy cell function, boosts skin’s radiance, and minimizes enlarged pores and surface imperfections.

Every cell in the body contains ALA. It powers the body’s functions by converting glucose into energy, and also works as the ultimate antioxidant by neutralizing free radicals and combating aging.

One reason ALA is so effective against aging is because of the role it plays in resisting glycation. Glycation is the result of a sugar molecule bonding to a protein or lipid molecule without the controlling action of an enzyme. Glycation impairs the functioning of biomolecules.

As humans age, the number of glycated proteins in the body increase. Evidence shows that ALA blocks or reduces the process of glycation. It also protects proteins already exposed to oxidative stress, therefore reducing effect of aging on the skin, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration.

ALA works to:

  • Moderate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improve skin texture
  • Reduce pore size, puffiness, imperfections, and discoloration


Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) provides both long-lasting and instant anti-aging benefits to your skin and body, even contributing to an “anti-aging face lift” in the right concentrations. DMAE occurs in the brain in small amounts to facilitate the synthesis of a neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

For the skin, Perricone’s patented DMAE:

  • Provides contouring benefits to skin losing elasticity
  • Lifts, tightens, and tones skin
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

When applied to the skin in a cream or treatment, DMAE can help the skin to renew itself and maintain a healthy moisture balance. DMAE cream improves skin’s elasticity as the DMAE renews and restores skin cells. Because acetylcholine in involved with muscle activity, DMAE creams also help firm the skin by working to stimulate increased tone in the muscles behind the face.


Neuropeptides are small, protein-like molecules that neurons use to communicate with each other. They influence the activity of the brain in specific ways and are involved in particular brain functions such as:

  • Analgesia
  • Reward
  • Food intake
  • Learning
  • Memory

When used in skin care products, these special molecules boost production of collagen and elastin and increase circulation. Neuropeptides can have a number of positive effects on the skin including:

  • Surface renewal of the dermis
  • More toned, supple, and resilient skin
  • Lines and wrinkles smoothed
  • Diminished appearance of sagging or crepey skin

Perricone M.D. Cosmeceuticals

Dr. Perricone’s Neuropeptide Facial Conformer is a cutting edge cosmeceutical product. It includes patented anti-aging technologies in the form of DMAE, phospholipids, and neuropeptides.

The strong and non-invasive active ingredients in the Facial Conformer work synergistically with an anti-inflammatory diet and supplementation to:

  • Firm skin
  • Improve elasticity and texture
  • Diminish deep lines and wrinkles
  • Re-energize and hydrate skin

After six of use, over 80 percent of users reported improvement in photo damage and/or reduction in lines and wrinkles. The Neuropeptide Facial Conformer represents the sophisticated nature of cosmeceutical products by using modern pharmaceutical technology to work toward impressive results in the health and beauty of skin.

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  1. I’m 64 years old and interested in
    non surgical products that deliver.
    I use your foundation and it is the
    best product of its kind and I have
    tried so many. Have recently ordered
    other products rather than going for
    a laser peel.Was given retinol low
    strength but want to try your product


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  3. I would enjoy being a tester and finding antiageing product that I really like.

  4. Being selected as a “Tester” would be a wonderful opportunity for me to reverse, or at least start to undo what I have done to my skin over the past 30+ years, I owned and operated a commercial landscaping business, which kept me outside for 13 years. I don’t smoke or drink alchohol, yet the lines around my mouth, eyes and forehead are starting to deepen and make me look really bad. My skin is not leathery, however, the products I have been using for the past 3 years are only moisturizing. I spend up to $200.00 on a couple of treatments every 5 months and have not seen a big improvement. I would like to be considered as a “Perricone Tester” because for a 53 year old woman, I do have the chance to help reverse and improve what I now see in the mirror. I got inspired by watching you last Friday on Dr. Drew and have looked over your diet recipies and plan on starting the non irritating diet. I have joined a gym with a pool and have purchased a bathing suit. I am excited about becoming healthier and happier. I want to look in the mirror come May, and start to see a new person – someone that I used to look like a very long time ago.

    Thanks for reading my submission.
    Lisa R.

  5. Hi! God bless you.
    I have a daugther 11 years old, she’s a little overweit and her period it doesn’t start yet, but her nose is full of black and red little pimples. I bougt her some mile soap to wash her face but I don’t want to make any mistake ruining her face. So please tell me what do I need to do for her.
    Thank you.

  6. I want to start the new year right,as far as my skin is concerned.I need to change my skincare and makeup.I am 69,but don’t look or feel that age.I still would like your help to change over. Thanks!

  7. “I have deep smile lines and don’t want have plastic surgery.

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  9. Dear Dr. Perricone seems to us that the most abvious way to give away a women’s age is to look at her hands. Are you doing any kind of research at this time to solve this devastating problem? Please reply at kateisgrace@yahoo.com. We love the cold plasma products.

  10. I work outside, 7 days a week 365 days a year…and only recently started to wear a hat and sunscreen…I am 42 and have noticed my face seems much older and leathery than my friends…I think I need some help…would love to be a ‘test ” for you. Thank you,

  11. I have tried many products to control my oily skin, but no product has been a bit helpful. I have spent a lot of money on products that claim will work,,but they don’t at all.

  12. I have developed under eye wrinkles and need to firm up my chin and neck somewhat. What type of cosmeceuticals do you recommend? I would love to be a tester of your products! Thanks for your time and consideration…

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  14. I am 79 years old and look younger than my age. I have been looking for a good regimen and would like to try Dr. Perricone’s anti aging skin care products. I have tried many brands and am hoping that this would be the answer to my skin care. I have normal skin, slightly enlarged pores on my nose. Would suggestions as to what I should start with.
    Thank you.

  15. I started using your Firming Facial Toner last Christmas. My daughter purchased it but it caused her skin to break out. She asked her dermatologist and she told her she was allergic to one of the ingredients – soooo I started using it. What a difference. I have used RETIN-A every night since the mid 80s and because my skin has always been dry, it started peeling and 25 years still peels. I have three areas on end of my nose that has required freezing every year as they peel continuously. Well, using your product, my nose healed within the first week of use and has not required treatment since using it. I am now able to use Retin-A Micro 0.1% without the peeling. I am thrilled after all these years to find a product that helps the pH of my skin. I would be happy to sample your other products that works well with Retin-A. I am 69 years old and do not have a wrinkle on my skin. Thank you.

  16. Hi Jones,

    Thank you for commenting on the Perricone blog.

    We don’t specifically use nanotechnology in current product; but there are nano-sized particles inherently in the physical sunscreen ingredients we use, since the particle size distribution is a range.

    Note on zinc oxide sunscreen, it is in a lotion (concern is more around inhalation) and is designed to stay on top layers of skin in order to act as a physical block. It doesn’t make sense for physical sunscreen ingredient manufacturers or us as cosmetic manufacturers to make ZnO and TiO2 sunscreens penetrate past the surface layer or they wouldn’t work.

  17. You can find a list of common cosmeceutical ingredients and benefits at:


  18. Shame on you Dr. Perricone! your nanpparticles are hazardous to the brain and akin to asbestos!! its no wonder you didn’t endorse the Safe Cosmetics Act!!

  19. I have had trouble with unbelieveably large pores since I was a kid and have tried everything to fix them. The effects of your moisturizer looks to be my best solution. Please pick me!

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  21. I have very fair skin and mac-up always looks fake. I would love to try your product no foundation, foundation

    Sylvie Sevigny

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  28. I work a stressful 40 hr week job. I then go home to take care of both my elderly parents. Both job and care giver has taken its toll on my face. I look beyond my age of 58. In fact I think I look older than my 84 year old mother. I would love to use a product that could reverse some of the premature aging.

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  31. I prefer Polyphenol Skin Drops alone as I don’t wear make-up on my fair skin and they add a slight tint of color to my skin.

  32. I am 62 years old and of course, thanks to healthy eating and supplements do not look it. I have used several products of yours and find them superior to other products on the market. I believe in taking supplements and eating foods rich with antioxidants BUT I further believe that you need proper skin treatments to work with the other parts of your regimen. I would love to test products to keep my skin healthy and young looking.

  33. I would love to be one of the “80% of users” reporting a reduction in lines and wrinkles. PICK ME! Thanks.


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