Cosme-what? All About Perricone Cosmeceuticals

Cosmeceutical is a confusing word that, simply put, is any cosmetic product (like a moisturizer) that provides an added benefit. These cleansers, toners and creams with anti-aging, anti-inflammatory or skin clearing properties have become increasingly popular in today’s market.

So what sets Perricone Cosemeceuticals apart from the rest?

Find out now:

Years of Research

Dr. Perricone has spent years researching aging on a cellular level, as well as effective solutions to stop inflammation and aging.

As a result of this research, he has developed the renowned Inflammation Theory of Aging, which states that aging occurs on a cellular level as a result of toxins, poor diet and stress, among other factors.

To combat aging, Dr. Perricone developed a 3 tier system that combats inflammation through diet, supplement use and high quality skin care products.

Through various case studies, trials and testing, Dr. Perricone has been able to develop an effective remedy that gives users healthy skin through a scientifically-proven holistic approach. Many key ingredients have been slowly and carefully formulated, patented and proven highly effective.

A combination of dedication and passion for great skin separates Perricone skin care from the conventional products.

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Countless Success Stories

Dr. Perricone’s cosmeceuticals, when paired with proper diet and supplement use, have provided countless people with a rejuvenated face and body.

A variety of case studies demonstrate the success Perricone cosmeceuticals have had on users. From aging rock stars to youthful teenagers, Dr. Perricone has provided men and women alike with beautiful, healthy skin.

Aside from the officially documented cases, hundred of users comment on his products, honestly testifying about how effective Perricone cosmeceuticals are. Nothing says success like a faithful customer base.

3 Tier System

The success Perricone cosmeceuticals have enjoyed is due largely in part to the proven 3 tier system.

Dr. Perricone believes that what goes into our body is just as important as what we put on our body. Each tier is equally important to successful anti-aging, weight loss and overall happiness.

There is no other skincare product that wholly invests in the body, treating it from the inside out. Dr. Perricone’s supplements, diet philosophy and skin care products promise dramatic improvement in the look and feel of your skin and body. Best of all, he does it holistically and naturally, without harmful chemicals or surgeries.

Inventive Products

Perricone cosmeceuticals are also great because they are so inventive, and formulated for the needs of everyone.

Products like tinted moisturizer provide a light, skin evening finish while delivering important antioxidants and moisture to the skin.

Sunscreen got a reinvention with the More Than Moisture SPF 30, integrating sunscreen, moisturizer and anti-aging components into one lightweight lotion.

Each product is specifically designed and tested multiple times to combat inflammation at the cellular level, which has allowed Perricone products to enjoy repeated success.

So, while the market may be inundated with cosmeceutical products, there is little that can compare to the effectiveness of the Perricone 3 tier system.

Perricone cosmeceuticals deliver real results and dramatic changes.

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