CoQ10 and why its important

Co-Q10 For Health

Health and Weight managementWhat is CoQ10 you ask? Co-Q10 or Coenzyme-10, a naturally produced enzyme is found in every cell of your body, especially in the liver, heart, pancreas, and kidneys.

As you age, your body produces less Co-Q10. You can consume small amounts when eating meat and seafood. However, for a boosted metabolism and healthy skin, taking a CoQ10 supplement is the best way to ensure you have healthy levels of this important enzyme.

Dr Pericone includes Co-Q10 in the Health & Weight Management supplement packs, for a healthy daily dose of this vital enzyme.


Energy Booster

CoQ10 plays a vital role in producing ATP, the molecule responsible for transferring energy in our cells.  It produces 95% of your body’s energy! That means when your CoQ-10 levels are low, your metabolism slows down.  This can result is a lack of energy and weight gain.  Since the body produces less as you age, many older individuals find it harder to lose weight.
Skin Quiz

Healthy Skin

Your skin can never look too young right?  Taking CoQ10 supplements will not only help lose weight, it helps keep you skin looking youthful and firm.

  • Antioxidant Protection- We all know how important antioxidants are in protecting your skin from aging. CoQ10 helps fight harmful free radicals, reducing damage for younger looking skin.
  • Firmer Skin- Co-Q10 helps in the skin’s collagen and elastin production.  Collagen is needed for firm skin tone, and elastin provides your skin with flexibility.  Fight sagging and wrinkles with a Co-Q10 supplement!


To take advantage of this powerful enzyme, but sure to try Perricone Health & Weight Management supplements!

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