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Have you been sitting at the beauty store trying to compare anti wrinkle creams, contemplating for hours on the perfect product? Making the right decision can be difficult, but Perricone makes it easy to compare anti wrinkle creams that will work for your needs.

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Deep Wrinkle Serum

Perricone Deep Wrinkle Serum contains Neuropeptides, DMAE, and phospholipids, key nutrients which all help assist the skin to look and feel instantly younger. Since it’s a serum, it is slightly different when you compare anti wrinkle creams with it.

Serums differ from creams in several ways:

  • Contain more concentrated nutrients than creams to treat specific problems
  • Penetrate deeper into skin than creams, which allow a more thorough fix
  • Generally more gel-like, rather than creamy, in texture

Cold Plasma

Cold Plasma, designed with Advanced Neuropeptide Technology, DMAE, and DHA, corrects 10 visible signs of aging while boosting the benefits of other treatments. More cream-like in texture, Cold Plasma is good to compare with other wrinkle creams that are more traditional in feel and use, unlike serums.

When you compare anti wrinkle creams with Cold Plasma, expect Cold Plasma to:

  • Present customized results due to biochemical individuality technology in product
  • Feel light on skin
  • Prepare smooth base for further treatment

Try Perricone for as little at $10.

Product Comparison

As you compare anti wrinkle creams between Perricone Deep Wrinkle Serum and Cold Plasma, you will notice several differences:

  • Texture: As with most serums, you will notice a more gel-like texture in Deep Wrinkle Serum over Cold Plasma. However, Cold Plasma is much lighter than many traditional products used to compare anti wrinkle creams.
  • Application: Because of its nutrient concentration, Deep Wrinkle Serum is applied only to targeted areas. Apply Deep Wrinkle Serum directly after cleansing for optimal results. Cold Plasma is applied all over face and neck. Use it after a serum, but before any further treatments or moisturizers.
  • Results: To compare anti wrinkle cream results, targeted areas should be kept in mind. As Deep Wrinkle Serum is only applied to areas with significant aging, reduction in wrinkles is visible minutes after use, and loss of wrinkles is found after prolonged use. Cold Plasma, on the other hand, will instantly show smoother and revitalized skin. It works to change the aging of skin as a whole with prolonged use.

As found many times when comparing anti wrinkle creams, the best results are often found with combined use. Perricone Deep Wrinkle Cream, used with Cold Plasma, will help you to achieve wrinkle free skin.

See what users thought:

Nothing else like it! – “Using Cold Plasma has been incredible for me! I have Rosacea & super-sensitive skin and since using Cold Plasma, my skin has completely been transformed! It has taken the redness out of my complexion, I have zero-breakouts now & this has helped reduce the inflammation in my skin. I am absolutely hooked on this creme & I do believe it is ground-breaking. I have found nothing else like this creme…”- From QVC

Wouldn’t live without it – “This product is so light weight you can’t believe that it works as well as it does. It is amazing. I put it under the Neopeptide Firming Face Cream. Would not live without it.” - From Sephora, on Deep Wrinkle Serum

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  2. Sounds to be a gr8 product. I would be willing to test this.


  4. The serum seems to be very beneficial.

  5. I love the effects of Perricone on my skin at 55 I can use it but find it very expensive. Serum prep face finishing moisturizure and foundation ane my favorites