Combating Crepey Skin

While fruit-filled crepes may be delicious-looking, crepey skin is not.

Crepey, or waffley skin is loose wrinkled skin characterized by skin surface sagging reminiscent of thin pancake-like crepes.

This article will discuss:

The Causes and Effects of Crepey Skin

Crepey skin is caused by a variety of factors that include:

  • Gravity
  • Decrease in the production of collagen and elastin molecules
  • Sun damage
  • Environmental factors
  • Smoking
  • Rapid and extreme weight loss
  • Dehydration in the skin

The undesirable effects of crepey skin include:

  • Sagging skin
  • Deep lines and wrinkles
  • Loose folds of skin
  • Crinkly texture to the skin
  • Lack of radiance

Crepey skin symptoms can be found in the face, around the eyes, and on the neck.

Solutions for Crepey Skin

Despite the fact that many of the causes of crepey skin can’t be avoided, their effects can be remedied. Dr. Perricone offers several products that can help your skin regain firmness and improve its texture.

Some of the topical treatments offered by Dr. Perricone that address crepey skin symptoms include:

  • Neuropeptide Facial Conformer
  • High Potency Eye Lift
  • Firming Neck Therapy
  • Cold Plasma

These treatments work to combat the appearance of crepiness in the skin.

Neuropeptide Facial Conformer

This topical cream rehydrates and re-energizes your skin through the power of neuropeptides. It helps to smooth out the lines and wrinkles associated with crepey skin as well as increase skin firmness.

High Potency Eye Lift

The crepey skin around the eye can be lessened with this intensive eye lift cream. It lifts the skin around the eyes to minimize wrinkles and puffiness. The High Potency Eye Lift utilizes Pycnogenol to help renew collagen and elasticity to tighten and tone skin around the eye which can reverse the effects of crepey skin.

Firming Neck Therapy

The presence of crepey on the neck can be reduced through the Palmitoyl Carnosine, Phospholipids, and Tocotrienols found in the Firming Neck Therapy cream. This formula helps to tone, tighten, and improve elasticity. It also can smooth the neck creases characteristic of crepey skin.

Cold Plasma
Cold Plasma is a universal skin care product that uses a biochemical individual system that acts on your individual needs. It provides nutrients to your skin cells and combats signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles, firmness and elasticity.

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  1. I am 64 years old and the skin on my arms and legs are crepey and prevents me from wearing sleeveless tops and shorts…HELP!!!

  2. Hi, In a few months I will turn 45. My arms, chest, neck & legs have just started showing signs of creepy skin. My tanning days ended in my early 20s, I started wearing sunscreen on a regular basis, & I don’t smoke, or drink heavy. I do enjoy working out, eating healthy, & taking care of myself. I am really looking for a great skin care routine that can be used now & for many years from now that will help me…thanks for you consideration

  3. What product works best for crepey arms?

  4. I am 68 years old. It seemed sudden last summer, when I noticed that my upper arms were crepey. I now keep them covered most of the summer. The sad part in, they’re not fat! I’ve always taken care of myself and thought I’d not be one to have to worry about this. Luckily my face does not look equally “old”. A humbling experience as I join the ranks of how little control I seem to have over the process of aging.

  5. I have terrile crepey skin on my legs accompanied by brown spots. I am 61 but really do not look my age except for this problem. Please help!

  6. Hi, i am 47 and showing some crepey skin on my face and legs. Would love to test your product!

  7. I am 63 years old and have notices recentley a lot of crepey skin on my cheeks, I would dearly love to be able to have medical intervention but due to financial difficulties I am unable to explore these services. I would dearly love to try your products I have read your books relating to your findings and find them extremely interesting and very informative many thanks

  8. I am 62 years old and drink lots of water; however, my skin is almost like it is dehydrated on the backs of my hands when doing the pinch test. It is also on my arms, legs & chest so I think I need something internally but I just don’t know . . . Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  9. I am 42 and noticing the crepey skin on my thighs and legs. I used to worship the sun and unfortunately I am now dealing with the sunspots and crepey skin in the afore mentioned places. I would like to be a product tester!

  10. I would love to test this product. I am 63 years old and teach very young children. They ask why my skin is so wrinkly–out of the mouths of babes! I’d love some help.

  11. I am 61 and my arms and legs are getting that “crepey” look to them. I would LOVE to test your product!

  12. I am 53 and have been a runner since I was 16. My legs used to be my best feature, they are still shaply but the skin is so ugly I wear sweats when I run. I have crepey skin with years of sun damage and big brown spots Oh Yuk is there anything I can do?

  13. I am 72 years old and exercise daily. My trouble spots are my neck area and upper arms. I have crepey skin that comes with age and would love to test your products to see if the skin can be toned and tightened.

  14. I am 64 years old and have been health conscious all my life. I am in great physical shape, ride horses and dance every week but am so embarrassed by my crepey looking arms. I am always looking for something that will help. I would love to be part of a study.

  15. Im 32 and noticing that my skin is changing. Im showing signs of creapy skin on my cheek and eye area. Its becoming much more noticable when I wear make-up and I just dont leave home without make-up on. Im loosing that supple radient look :( I will gladly test some of your products to see if this aging disaster can be prevented!

  16. Have followed you since your first book came out. I am noticing crepey skin on my legs and arm, and neck. Not sure what to do.

    Thanks, Sonny

  17. I am 63 years old, very fit and workout 6 days a week, but have been noticing creppy skin on my underside of arms and legs.No amount of exercise seems to help. I do not want to give up my sleeveless dresses and tops! I would be very interested in taking part in your trail test. Thank You.

  18. I have very crepey skin under my eyes, I would love to find a product that could improve this area. I am 66 years old and still in the work world and I am very interested in using products that make a difference, keep me feeling better about myself and ready to face my world with a fresh, more radiant face.

  19. I woke one morning with crepey skin on inner arms and thighs and face and neck area I need a solution

  20. I am 60 and have some I have some areas of crepey skin – especially under arms. I am in good shape, work out regularly. I am 5’3 and 135 lbs.

    I would love to be a Perricone tester for crepy skin products.

  21. Interested in body cream for crepey under arm skin. Also neck area and eye puffs. Do you offer any samples?

  22. I am 54 and suddenly have crepey skin over my arms and neck. In addition to topicals, do you have any dietary recommendations? I would be interested in becoming a tester of products.

  23. Hi. I have recently noticed crepiness on my face (cheeks). Please consider me for a trial of your neuropeptide facial conformer. I have always taken pride in the fact that I look so much younger than my 57 years and I am very upset that my skin has changed so suddenly.

    Please help me!!!!

  24. I just turned 60 yrs old and am fitness instructor. I have had dry crepe skin on my neck legs and arms for about 2 yrs now. It seems to be getting worse. Would love to test your product. Thankyou

  25. I am 30 years old, and look about 10 years older than I should because of the crepey skin under my eyes. I believe this may be the result of a blepharoplasty I had a few years ago to remove the puffiness (fat pockets) under the eyes. I used to sun bathe in my 20′s, but now it’s suncreen every day for me. Please select me to be a tester! I will be diligent about taking photos and describing the results. Thank you!

  26. I am 58 and my profession is holistic helath care. I have been healthy my whole life, working out is not optional! But since menopause three years ago the skin on thy lower thighs and upper arms as well as my hands has become crepey and sags. I am puzzled after much research as to what the best solution would be. Happy to try any of your products!

  27. My creepy arms are very bad! I would love to try a product that could help Change this “old lady” look. I am in my 60′s but my arms look 80!
    Thank you.

  28. I am 60 and over the last two years have lost about 15 lbs. I weigh about 145, am 5’7 and am in good health. I started going to the gym 9 months ago (for the first time in my life) and go 3 times per week for an hour each time–working out on machines–mainly arms and legs. Within the last year, I have noticed that I have creapiness on my inner arms. I thought that going to the gym would make this better, but it has not–I know it is just old age creeping in!! I would love to find a product that would eliminate or reduce this, since I love to go sleeveless. Please consider putting me in one of your trials. If I find a product that will work, I will be a life long customer. I would be glad to advertise for your product also, if it worked!!

  29. I’ve had to stop wearing sleeveless & short-sleeved tops a long time ago. I know I am a tanorexic.
    I’ve had a facelift -no problem there ever with the crepeing, but my arms look like quilts. The tops of my thighs a little, but I’m not too worried about that.
    Please help. I am using Bio-Oil (when I think of it, but would love a solution to this embarassing problem. I am a young, forward thinking 69 year old with quite a social life. More like 69 going on 49.

  30. I am very interested in being a part of your trial. I just turned 50 years old. The top of my legs and under my arms have developed crepy skin. I always was know for my long beautiful legs, but now i am even embarrased to put on a pair of shorts in public. Thanks!!

  31. I’M 56 and having problem with my skin going dry.

  32. It start a few weeks ago, my skin was crepey dry loose and lines and dark spots on my arm neck, face, and legs, I’m 47 but I’m starting to look like I’m 67. Can you help me please.

  33. I am just 52, and a fitness coach at a local women’s health club. I have lost 10 lbs in the past 6 months and about 8 1/2 inches. I am 5’3 1/2″ and weigh 135 and in good health. I had wrinkles and crepiness appear on my inner arms like over night and hate it! I would love to test your product and be part of a trial. Thanks!

  34. I am 65 .and have been a sun worshiper ,I have noticed my upper arm skin is getting creepy….I work out and have good muscle tone.I would test any product for any part

  35. I am 66 and my skin has become crepey around my neck, on the back of my hands and legs. Fortunately, I am not seeing this condition on my face. Please let me be a part of your trial.

  36. I am 64 and crepey arm skin is setting in. I like to dance socially with nice tops that are sleevless. I would like to be a part of a test that would address this aging condition.

  37. Now turned 66 and would like to turn back the clock. Possibly Dr. Perricone’s products would help. Would like to be a tester for product’s designed for older women.

  38. I am 55. I had breast cancer at 50: a lumpectomy and radiation. I have been on tamoxifin for 4 years. I believe there is a link between the lack of estrogen and the loss of elasticity in my neck, arms and legs. I have excercised regularly for 30 years including walking and lifting weights, but I have the creapy arms and legs of a 90 year old woman. I am embarrassed to wear shorts and sleeveless shirts.

  39. I just turned 60 and noticed “creping” of my skin on my legs and thighs – not face. I have been a sunworshiper most of my life. My face is not bad – other than slight wrinkling at eyes, lips; however, it is a bit “loose”. I would love to be involved in a trial. I am presently not working, but due to the economy, I will have to go back into the workplace and I don’t want to not be hired due to looking old. Thank you!

  40. I am only 62, but my neck, arms and legs are very crepey. Help, too young to be going through this, not old enough not too care!

    Any advice would be helpful, can we turn back the clock?

  41. Hi, I’m 60 and been a body builder all my life and now getting crepey skin on my arms with is such a curse. Like wearing a fancy suit that has been slept in…yuck. Love to try some of your products to see what it can do for me. Thanks in advance, Wade

  42. I would be happy to test this product. At this point anything that would help would be a god-send.

  43. I am 53 and have always taken care of myself. the past two years though have be challenging one my body due to menopause. But it seems like just in the past 3-4 months my skin all over has gotten so crepey looking. It is disheartening. I would love to test your products to see ifhtey can combat this condition and would be a great advocate with the results. Thanks,

  44. I am 57and I think my skin looks ok. However, my neck looks awfully dry and am looking for a product to help me in this area.

  45. I am especially interested in how to make your neck look less crepey.

  46. What is best to get rid of crepe belly skin?

  47. Hello – I am interested in becoming a Perricone tester as I currently use a variety of vendor products and find that some are somewhat effective and some are not at all effective.

  48. i too am noticing crepey skin at 56…. and alarmed…… help.. interested in becoming tester… fair skinned, non smoker… noticing in arms more than neck…. is it too late?

  49. i too am noticing crepey skin at 56…. and alarmed…… help.. interested in becoming tester…

  50. I am 65yrs. old and have battled chronic asthma and been on steroids which has given me crepey skin. I am feeling much better now and would like to see some improvement in my skin that has taken a beating from when I was ill. I’m hoping I can become a tester so that I can look as good as I now feel! Thanks.