Combating Crepey Skin

While fruit-filled crepes may be delicious-looking, crepey skin is not.

Crepey, or waffley skin is loose wrinkled skin characterized by skin surface sagging reminiscent of thin pancake-like crepes.

This article will discuss:

The Causes and Effects of Crepey Skin

Crepey skin is caused by a variety of factors that include:

  • Gravity
  • Decrease in the production of collagen and elastin molecules
  • Sun damage
  • Environmental factors
  • Smoking
  • Rapid and extreme weight loss
  • Dehydration in the skin

The undesirable effects of crepey skin include:

  • Sagging skin
  • Deep lines and wrinkles
  • Loose folds of skin
  • Crinkly texture to the skin
  • Lack of radiance

Crepey skin symptoms can be found in the face, around the eyes, and on the neck.

Solutions for Crepey Skin

Despite the fact that many of the causes of crepey skin can’t be avoided, their effects can be remedied. Dr. Perricone offers several products that can help your skin regain firmness and improve its texture.

Some of the topical treatments offered by Dr. Perricone that address crepey skin symptoms include:

  • Neuropeptide Facial Conformer
  • High Potency Eye Lift
  • Firming Neck Therapy
  • Cold Plasma

These treatments work to combat the appearance of crepiness in the skin.

Neuropeptide Facial Conformer

This topical cream rehydrates and re-energizes your skin through the power of neuropeptides. It helps to smooth out the lines and wrinkles associated with crepey skin as well as increase skin firmness.

High Potency Eye Lift

The crepey skin around the eye can be lessened with this intensive eye lift cream. It lifts the skin around the eyes to minimize wrinkles and puffiness. The High Potency Eye Lift utilizes Pycnogenol to help renew collagen and elasticity to tighten and tone skin around the eye which can reverse the effects of crepey skin.

Firming Neck Therapy

The presence of crepey on the neck can be reduced through the Palmitoyl Carnosine, Phospholipids, and Tocotrienols found in the Firming Neck Therapy cream. This formula helps to tone, tighten, and improve elasticity. It also can smooth the neck creases characteristic of crepey skin.

Cold Plasma
Cold Plasma is a universal skin care product that uses a biochemical individual system that acts on your individual needs. It provides nutrients to your skin cells and combats signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles, firmness and elasticity.

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  1. I’ve been noticing for some time now how my skin has been aging and have tried several different products to help (like most women). And like so many, I too, am on an extremely tight budget.

    But ever since I underwent surgery for colon cancer in March 2011 and had sudden weight loss, my skin took even more of a hit. Imagine my sadness when I visited my four-year-old grand-niece for the first time and I’d not been visiting for a couple of hours when she looked up at me and said, “You look old, Lisa.” Of course I think my sister was embarrased (who is 9 years older than I am), but I truly was upset, although I kept it to myself. Later I found my sister telling me about a friend of hers, about my age, who had gaunt-looking skin who reduced her coffee intake and her skin revived and looked so much better. While I think she was trying to be helpful, it didn’t help my already waning self-esteem (not to mention the scar I now have to bear on my abdomen).

    So I really need to find something to help. On top of my cancer I also inherited my father’s propensity toward eye bags and my mother’s for wrinkly, crepey skin! I am growing more self-conscious about my eyes (that people used to tell me were my best trait) and do feel people think I am older than I am (will be 55 in January) where they used to think I looked younger!

    I hope I can find something that REALLY works. :-(

    Thank you for letting me submit a comment to perhaps become a Perricone tester. I appreciate the possible opportunity.

  2. I am a 57 y.o. female. I went through surgical menopause 2 years ago. My skin started becoming crepey about a year ago.
    Not just my eyes and neck, but also my legs and arms. I weigh 130 lbs. and am 5’2″ and have sagging skin on my upper arms and thighs. This is all pretty recent and I can’t stand it!! I’ve tried skin oils, creams and lotions. I apply them when I get out of the shower. I eat organic food and take supplements. My diet is really very good. BUT my skin remains the same. I need help! I’m too young to look like an old lady :-(

  3. I am 49 yrs. old. A nurse, wife, mother, and grandmother. I am constantly told I look young for my age but always no matter what I try have dark circles and crepey skin as well as puffiness around my eye area that adds “age”. Would love to become a tester of your product. Sounds amazing!

  4. I had to take Prednisone for nearly 6 years to combat lupus (SLE). As a result, my skin was stretched, including my eyelids and my chin/neck area. I cannot afford plastic surgery, and now that I’ve significantly lowered my dose of Prednisone, I have “de-puffed” and I have crepey skin on my eyelids and chin/neck/jaw. I would love to try Dr. Perricone’s products!! :)

  5. I have recently noticed crepey skin in the eye area mostly the area just above the cheek bone. My skin is extremely dry and nothing seems to help hydrate my skin. Most creams seem to just sit on top and not really absorb into the skin. I use coconut oil which helps for a bit but not for long. The rest of my face and neck is virtually unlined. I’m sure alot has to do with hormones as well as lack of sleep and not enough fruits and veggies.

  6. I am 52- in the last 4 years I have gone from wrinkles to hideous, my face is so grotesque I dont want to leave my house. I am terrified of losing my handsome husband- I am missing out on trying new business opportunities and am considering crazy ideas on how to try a light burn to my face because I cannot afford to buy anything that might help- I cannot afford to buy things that “might help” and can not afford not to try and do something!! Please if you can…help me. Thanks Melissa

  7. I would love to be a tester for your product my crepey skin on my neck embarrasses me so much being only 42 years old and having people think I’m 50 really hurts.:(

  8. Have crepey skin on hands and would like it to look as young as my facial skin looks at 66.

  9. I am a 51 year old grandmother, type 1.5 diabetic and working hard to lose weight and get back in shape. I recently lost 35 lbs in 4 months and have a good bit more to lose. I exercise now and watch my diet. I am also a full time R.N in charge of a Pediatric phone triage unit. On top of that, my loving husband and I house/care for my 80 yr old Mom with early stages of Alzheimers and my 85 yr old Dad…both with complicated health issues. Oh, and did I mention our adult son and his family recently moved in temporarily as well? We love our life, but stress free it is not. Recently, I had to show my ID when writing a check. The person behind the counter almost crawled up on it to look closer, as she told me I did not look at all like I could be 50. I am frequently told I look 10 yrs. or more younger than my age. However, I am starting to see damage developing from years of sunning (I grew up in FL,)stress, health issues and weight gain/loss. Under my eyes are darker, with pockets of puffiness forming. I also have light wrinkles around my eyes. If I look closely, I can see my neck is getting a little crepey, and I have a few fine lines down my face…from smiling. In addition, I am fair with some freckles. I have sensitive, uneven skin tones with dryish skin that is prone to break out around the muzzle. Like so many middle aged women, I have stretch marks on my body. I purchase many higher end cosmetics, cleansers and creams, along with other items to keep my skin in as good of shape as possible. While I take great care with my cosmetics and skin care, I need additional help. I believe I represent the life and challenges of so many of today’s women. Additionally, my husband of 30 years, Bill, also takes great care of his skin and hair. He also works huge hours with stress as he is in the restaurant business. He is what I would easily call metrosexual…very well groomed and alway looks like he stepped off the cover of GQ magazine. He also does not look his age at all. He is 54. Recently, he declined to get contacts in place of his glasses, telling me he doesn’t like the dark puffy circles and wrinkles under his eyes. My husband is light olive complected with slightly oil skin. I am sure I am about to present a unique request. We would both love to become Perricone testers.

  10. Off sugars, but caffeine will always be with me. I have crepey skin on eye lids and around my mouth. I do not smoke and limit using drinking straws. I could use some help with my neck and redness issues.

  11. PS– yes I would love to become a Pernicone tester!!!
    (I now DO get enough sleep at night and ltho i am on a budget (very tight) I am getting more fruits and veggies and stopped drinking coffee, and also reduced my sugar intake to 90% LESS than it was before

  12. My former) bad eating and sleeping (non sleeping is a better word) habits have caught up to me, even though I have been supplementing for many years (but eating too much sugar, having too much coffee, and very few fresh fruits or veggies). My skin is very crepey and I have saggy cellulite (I’m 65). NOT happy about this crepey stuff at all. I started taking Alpha Lipoic Acid — I would like to know what other Holistic treatments i can use — I’m on a budget. Thanks.

  13. Please help me. My upper arms are starting to look very crepey and I feel like everyone is looking at them. I work out and lift weights and look great otherwise. I’m 56 and feel 36.

  14. For the past 2 1/2 years I have been taking care of my husband who had ALS,lou Geirigs disease with frontal lobe dementia to go along with it. During that time, I took care of him at home until June 2011 when he finally was granted mercy. RIP. During that time I lost considerable amount of weight. 25 pounds, I have noticed creapy skin on my arms legs and so many more wrinkles on my face. I am 64,have always been told that I do not look my age but I sure have not heard that recently. Yeah! even got the gobble neck now too. HELP!
    Thank you for your consideration.

  15. So I’m reading through this page and the comments, and notice that many people are asking about their arms and thighs – but I don’t see anything that address this issue on the list of Perricone products! I definitely need to get rid of “turkey neck” and the crepyness around my eyes – but if you’re going to test something for the body, I’m at the head of the line! I’ve been through 2 hip surgeries and I’m trying to make up for the damage the stress (not to mention sun) did to my skin – all over!

  16. i recently lost 30 lbs.i’ve always been slim until my later yrs.i gained from 105 to 155 and decided i had to do now i eat right, get plenty of exercise and lost,the weight .altho i am thrilled to be small again,the skin on my arms and legs is awlful!!i won’t wear shorts or go swimming .i miss that because going to the lake was a big deal to me.i hate wearing sleeveless tops because my arms are so ugly.this crepy skin is bad and i will do whatever to get rid of it.i would love to test your product.i’m 60 yrs old and have always looked at least 10 yrs. younger,until now,please help.

  17. 60 years old. I have all of the above problems, sagging neck and along jawline, thin crinkled skin in my legs, chest, hands and arms. I try to hydrate per doctr’s suggestion, immediately after a shower, etc. There is minimal and very temporary improvement. I have tried other products that I consider to be too expensive to use for six months on a trial basis. Most ot these products also produce some results but they too are rather minimal and temporary as well. I have a healthy diet of primaily fruits and vegetables and some fish. I also exercise with light weights and have some fairly good muscle tone that has given me some improvement in my arms; However, the insides of my thighs look like they are sliding down to my kness ans draping. I am not overweight and I would love to know what I can do and what products are available that actually work as they all claim to. I have never had to try to cover up so many flaws and frankly, doon;t know how to dress in order to not feel self concious about these changes in my body.
    I too would like the opportunity to test your product.

  18. I am 65 years old and recently retired. I have been fortunate to look yourger than my years but the signs of aging are winning and I need to do more to help me stay as young as I feel. My neck, upper arms and chest are starting to sag and look crepey. Nothing I try seems to help. My neck, upper arms and chest areas are starting to sag and become crepey. Also my face is showing lines around my eyes and mouth. I am active, excersise and healthy. What can I do to keep the outside looking as good as the inside feels?

  19. I am a female who is fair, blue eyed and now have to shop for clothes to hide the crepey skin on my arms. I use sunscreen and moisturize and still looks unsightly. It really ages me! I have seen your add in the newspapers and have wanted to try it.

  20. I too was in good shape & one night went for a walk looked down at my legs & saw this ugly wrinkled skin & almost had a heart attack as these couldn’t be MY legs. Just went one line for information & found your website & that there is help for this. So being a tester would be like winning the lottery to me!

  21. I too was in good shape & one night went for a walk looked down at my legs & saw this ugly wrinkled skin almost had a heart attack as these couldn;t be MY legs. Just went one line for information & found your website & that there is hlep for this. So being a tester would be like winning the lottery to me!

  22. Hi, I am only 45years old and have had a very crepey neck for about five years and getting worse by the day. I have tried so many products and non surgical procedures but have had no success. I would love to try this product for all my fellow crepey neck friends.

  23. I lost a lot of weight because I was tired of looking fat in photographs and being out of shape. For the most part, I like the results of my efforts to improve my health however, my neck, upper arms, upper thighs are now all crepey looking. That’s something I was bargaining for when I set out to improve my health. Honestly, I think I looked better when I was heavier – well – at least I looked younger. I need help.

  24. I am 59 and seemingly overnight woke up with my 80 year old mother’s crepey sagging skin on my arms and upper legs. I am diligent about staying in shape and have eaten an organic vegetarian diet since 1970. Suggestions and helpful products would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Rhonda

  25. I am most concerned about the crepiness on my arms and legs. It seems to have happened so suddenly. Despite using moisturizers, the softness doesn’t last and the crepey skin is always there. I hope I will be able to test your products for these problems because I know that Perricone is a trusted name. Thank you.

  26. I am very interested in testing your product. I am 55 years old, and while my facial skin is in pretty good shape, my neck and upper chest are saggy/crepey, and I’m starting to see the same thing in my upper arms. I am fair-skinned with blue eyes, and though I’ve been very good about using sunscreen, I wasn’t so good about it in my teenage years and I’m showing the results of that. Thank you!

  27. I am 51 and a Jazz Singer and I notice when I get photographed the crapey skin on my cheeks! Help! I hate it! Also around my left eye. I used to be a life guard in my 20′s and of course was a sun worshiper. BUt since then I have stayed out the sun. I am holding up pretty well for my age except for the crapey thing on my cheeks. I would love to test your product! PLEASE!

  28. I am 47 and have been dealing w/ puffy eyes due to allergies this summer season. When the swelling goes down I am left with crepey skin! Previous to this everyone said I did not look my age. These new lines around my eyes are depressing. If it weren’t for the stupid allergies, I would not have them!

  29. I am a 62 year young dance instructor and have suddenly noticed crepey skin around my eyes, neck, upper/inner arms and thighs. Because of my profession I am required to wear dancewear that reveils these areas. For the first time in my life I feel self concious about parts of my body. If your product can help eliminate this problem, I would be so very grateful.

  30. I am 41, a former sun worshiper, but have stayed out of the sun and used sunscreen for the past 15 years. I am fair skinned and thought if I spent enough time in the sun, I would eventually tan…not smart and not so. I have crepey skin on my legs/arms/neck, lines around my eyes, keratosis, (my friend likes to call “barnacles of life”) and loss of firmness, sagging, and small jowls starting. I would love to find a miricle in a bottle! (or in a jug!)

  31. I’m Danita, a 34 year old secretary from Montgomery, AL. I have recently begun seeing crepey skin on my eyelids and hands. My skin no longer glows. I want to lose weight but am afraid I will look worse.

    I really can’t afford to start looking old this early. I’ve delayed a lot of things in my life, including romance!, and now that I’m ready to live a little, my body’s decided to get old.

    I would love to become a tester for you. Pick me. Pick me!

  32. What do you have for help with body sagging skin on butt, above knees and elbows? I am very interested if you have something.

  33. I am 54, I have exercised regularly all my life, used sun screen religiously since I was 40. Last year after losing 15 lbs and completing menopause I noticed my arms looked older than my face. It’s the first thing I see in the mirror. I have always been proud of my muscle and tone in my arms and now am very self conscious and want to hide them. I have tried palm oil and coconut oil and lotions and NOTHING works. Help, please.

  34. Hi,I am only 52 years old and have crepey saggy skin on my upper arms. It came on after losing weight and I’ve tried many creams and lotions but haven’t found one that really helps. I am very self conscious about it and would love to participate in your study. I want to look as good as I feel!

  35. I am 41 years old, my skin looks like my grandmothers at age 90! And it is all over my body… I lost about 35 pounds in 8 months and I am still losing and this is terrible. I drink tons of water, i use moisterizer but nothing is working , HELP! I would love to be a tester!

  36. I am 47 and seemingly overnight the skin on my legs began to develop wrinkles and especially a crepey appearance on the front of my thighs. I have always worked out and loved to show off my legs, but now I do whatever I have to do to hide them. I live in Arizona and wearing long pants is ridiculous in this climate, but I am so embarrassed of my legs that I won’t wear shorts. I have spent a small fortune on laser and skin tightening treatments to no avail. I have a small amount of crepiness beginning under my eyes that is starting to bother me, but other than that I look pretty good for my age. I would love the opportunity to test your products!

  37. I am a 44yr old mother of 2 going thru the many stages of divorce and having to start over. During the first few months, I dropped approx 25 lbs to an unhealthy 105 at 5’5. Everyday i saw the weight fall from my face but couldnt understand why I didnt look worse. I lived of edamame and recently read that soybeans were very good for ones skin so that i credit. I have since put back on 25++ and am seeing crepiness under my chin and above the inside corner of my eyelids. Its very alarming and I dont know what to do. I have only used bio oil and vitamin e oil for some time. I wash with cetephil and I only wear mascara from time to time. I have had your book for many years and pulled it out today and this site. I would love to be a tester for your products. I eat lots of tuna and salmon as your diet suggests. I am told that i look young for my age and I credit that to my moms good genes. It is so hard starting over at this age. Career, friends, all of it. How you look has a definate effect on how your perceived.

  38. I am 58 years old, in excellent health and have great muscle tone. I work out, lift weights and practice yoga. BUT – I have extremely crepey skin on my crest and legs. Would love to be a Perricone tester!

  39. After an incident of skin cancer on my nose, I get yearly skin checks. I’ve had no repeats of skin cancers, but at my appointment yesterday, I asked about what I could do to improve my 65 year old aging skin. I have good bone structure and enjoyed many years of good looks. To my surprise, the doctor referred to my skin as “crepey”, mostly below my high cheekbones (forehead and eyes are good) and recommended FX laser resurfacing treatment —
    It sounds painful, risky, and not necessarily effective. HELP!!
    Which products can bring my skin back to the age appropriate good look? I’d also like to do something about the early appearance of some early crepey signs on my neck.
    Please let me know which product is best.
    If a “tester” opportunity is open — I’m available too!
    Thank you for any help!

  40. What do i do now?I am unsure.

    Anita Barnes.23/8/2011

  41. Please pick me! I am a 25 year old single mom of 2 girls- and a poor grad student! I used to get so many compliments on my skin. Now I have fine lines all over, crepey skin on my lower and upper eyelids, and sun damage. My skin is terrible and I feel like I look much older than I actually am. Please please pick me!

  42. I am turning 56 next week and struggling with my eyelids. They have become so heavy with droopiness I look tired and frequently feel tired just trying to keep my eyes open! The skin is also becoming crepey. My husband is younger than I and I don’t like how much older than him I’m beginning to look. Is there anything non surgical that can help? I’m a great patient and would love to become your next biggest fan !! Thanks!

  43. I would love to try your product. I’m at wits
    end on what to do or try. For the first time
    I am seeing the horrible signs of aging that
    I have been lucky enough to escape so far.
    Please help

  44. Help! I am very proud, at the age of 52, to be the mom of a 12 year old beauty. I am also proud of my own beauty, which I inherited from my mom. I look, dress and feel as young as the other moms who guess my age at around 32! How nice and flattering to be told this! BUT… my knees, my neck and my arms have chicken skin that I can pull up on and it stays there! My husband tells me not to worry, nobody notices, but unfortunately, it doesn’t help. I notice. So, all of the compliments are very nice, but inside, I feel that my daughter also sees it and wishes that I was just a little bit younger. I can’t go back in time, I don’t want to change my looks, but if there is something that will change my thin chicken skin, make it softer and smoother looking, I would love to use it. Life is great. Chicken skin is not. Unless you are a chicken.

  45. This is easy- I need to win because of age discrimination.I’m in the workforce and I don’t want to be invisible. Truth told,no older worker does.

    I’m an attractive 60 year old female and work with 35 year old heart surgeons, 25 year old physician assistants and 20 year old office staff-they think I’m younger. I’d like to keep it that way.

    60 is the new 40 means I can’t have this crepey skin giving away my age. Older women with crepey skin are frowned on in the workplace. Winning and wearing this product will prove the 40/60 ratio is a reality.

  46. I am experiencing loss of elasticity and crepey skin on my upper and lower arms. I have read the comments posted and my situation seems to be the same as the others. I have lost weight through dieting this past year. While I enjoy the look of being thinner I am horrified by my skin. I am hopeful that your products will be of help. Please contact me. Thank you.

  47. I am 62, and I look young and fit in every way except for the crepey skin on my arms, neck and legs. I’m fair skinned and redhead and spent way too many summers in the sun without the knowledge of sun screens. I would love to try a product that can help me look as young as I feel!

  48. OMG I looked in a magnifying mirror and saw that my cheeks are crepey where I used to have dimples. I am so depressed now. There HAS to be something out there to a
    make my cheeks look better! I am 63 and always had good skin till now :( HELP

  49. I’m a 62, had been a top fashion model in the 70s and I’m now a realtor. Often my skin looks older than my age. I want to put my best face forward for clients (arms and legs too). If your product works for me I will become your biggest cheerleader !

  50. I am only 42 and am horrified to suddenly find crepey skin on my underarms – I swim and do pilates regularly and just wonder if anything will work to help decrease the look – I have always liked my shoulders as swimming has kept them toned and it was one area of my body I’ve always been happy to show off – now all I want to do is cover up my arms so that means shoulders too – help!!