Combating Crepey Skin

While fruit-filled crepes may be delicious-looking, crepey skin is not.

Crepey, or waffley skin is loose wrinkled skin characterized by skin surface sagging reminiscent of thin pancake-like crepes.

This article will discuss:

The Causes and Effects of Crepey Skin

Crepey skin is caused by a variety of factors that include:

  • Gravity
  • Decrease in the production of collagen and elastin molecules
  • Sun damage
  • Environmental factors
  • Smoking
  • Rapid and extreme weight loss
  • Dehydration in the skin

The undesirable effects of crepey skin include:

  • Sagging skin
  • Deep lines and wrinkles
  • Loose folds of skin
  • Crinkly texture to the skin
  • Lack of radiance

Crepey skin symptoms can be found in the face, around the eyes, and on the neck.

Solutions for Crepey Skin

Despite the fact that many of the causes of crepey skin can’t be avoided, their effects can be remedied. Dr. Perricone offers several products that can help your skin regain firmness and improve its texture.

Some of the topical treatments offered by Dr. Perricone that address crepey skin symptoms include:

  • Neuropeptide Facial Conformer
  • High Potency Eye Lift
  • Firming Neck Therapy
  • Cold Plasma

These treatments work to combat the appearance of crepiness in the skin.

Neuropeptide Facial Conformer

This topical cream rehydrates and re-energizes your skin through the power of neuropeptides. It helps to smooth out the lines and wrinkles associated with crepey skin as well as increase skin firmness.

High Potency Eye Lift

The crepey skin around the eye can be lessened with this intensive eye lift cream. It lifts the skin around the eyes to minimize wrinkles and puffiness. The High Potency Eye Lift utilizes Pycnogenol to help renew collagen and elasticity to tighten and tone skin around the eye which can reverse the effects of crepey skin.

Firming Neck Therapy

The presence of crepey on the neck can be reduced through the Palmitoyl Carnosine, Phospholipids, and Tocotrienols found in the Firming Neck Therapy cream. This formula helps to tone, tighten, and improve elasticity. It also can smooth the neck creases characteristic of crepey skin.

Cold Plasma
Cold Plasma is a universal skin care product that uses a biochemical individual system that acts on your individual needs. It provides nutrients to your skin cells and combats signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles, firmness and elasticity.

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  1. Hi, I am a 45 year old women who has suddenly started to lose my collagen at an alarming rate. I’m scared. I lost my 18 yr old son to a drunk driver and I think my body, psyche and SKIN, has given up. The trauma that I have endured has been too much. I beg of you to choose me’ as one of your testers. The grief is so much that I can’t work and have no funds for real skin care. I’ve got almost black hair, olive skin and one green eye and one brown eye. I’d love to document my skincare revival with your products! Thank you!

  2. I am 45 years old. I have taken very good care of my skin. Actually, my only problem area is my calves. YES. My calves. I have a crepe like texture, and i have tried everything. I am in very good shape, I have been told I don’t look older than 35 yet my calves are gross. I should be able to wear dresses without having this worry. Please help!

  3. My upper arms have crepey skin which suddenly appeared. I’m also a redhead with fair skin and did not know that the sun and also smoking would contribute to this. I also cannot afford surgery or expensive treatments. Please consider me for testing because I’m very embarrassed by the skin on my arms.

  4. it’s like it happened overnight and i’m only 54

    i’m in really good shape but on my arms and legs this crepey skin showed up

    i have to keep covered up which can be quite difficult during the summer

    being a single lady … i’m so self consious now … how do i find the love of my life i’m wondering … no man can possibly like looking at this :(

    please help me …

  5. Crepey skin on my arms also my legs,
    I think i could do with a few clothes pegs.
    To lift it all up to look less crinkley,
    Instead of being a 65year old wrinkley,
    Covering up with a cardi wont do,
    So now i am leaving it all up to you,


  6. I’m 61 and the chest wrinkles are so embarrasing…I don’t wear v-neck tops or halter tops because of it… :(
    I need help to be free and happy about myself again…I feel young but my body looks old.. :(
    I need help…

  7. I am 53 years old. I suddenly have crepey skin on my neck, arms and fronts of my thighs. I work out, eat right and drink plenty of water and moisturizers. But to no avail. I really would like to try this and hopefully things would look better before my husband returns from Iraq. I just dont feel I look or am old enough to have so many skin problems. I really hope you will give me the chance to try your products. Thank you.

  8. I’m a young 69 except for my old lady arms and thighs. Help!!!

  9. I am a 65 year old African American. I have had GREAT skin all of my life, and have been considered very attractive. Almost overnight my neck has become crepey/drepey and I hate it! I am so self conscious that I find myself not engaging in social activities.
    This year, I will say it again, almost overnight my eyes have “bags” under them.
    PLEASE let me try your product I have never felt my age until now because I look my age or older.

  10. I am 49, have had an upper and lower blepharoplasty with an outer canthopexy. I still have crepiness, and would like to do something to make me look younger. Can this help? I also have crepiness on my legs and stomach, would this work for that?

  11. Oh, the crepey skin and the drapey skin. How I do loathe the ageing process. My face is whispering, “Not too bad,” while my neck and arms are busy shouting, yelling and screaming, “Old!” i have tried everything else to no avail and am hoping that you’ll let me try this. i am 45 and too young – I hope – to give up

  12. Oh boy! Where should I start? I am 47 years young, a licensed part time/private practicing cosmetologist and I too had the experience where as it felt like over night, everything happened at once! My eye lids are droopy, I have bags under my eyes and oh my goodness, my neck suddenly has crepey skin…and a lot of it! Never mind lines wrinkles and the unmentionable hair that’s not supposed to be “there”! When I was younger, working in a salon, I took advatage of a product line that probably helped to post-pone all this for the time being. However, that was over 20 years ago and the exclusive product line has been dismantled by its heirs!
    I have neglected my skin for long enough. Please, I beg of you, I would be your best spokesperson/promoter ever! My friends, family and clients have always trusted me to bring them the best product reccomendations and I would love to be able to be your physical billboard of success!

  13. I recently turned 60. I am fit and healthy and I look good for my age, with people often being surprised when I tell them. But recently I have noticed crepeyness on my upper arms and legs, and chest, and I dont like it! If Perricone can help me, I am happy to test it.

  14. I will be 58 years old this year and I am a healthy 5’1″, 99lb. woman. I eat a lowfat diet and lots of salads and smoothies, and I wear sunscreen on my face and neck every day. My sagging neck’s crepeyness and multiple deep lines make me look much older than my face, and I am very self-conscious about it. I would really appreciate it if I could be a tester of Dr. Perricone’s Firming Neck Therapy.

  15. I am 57 years old. I have been told that I do not look my age. I think it is because I am thin and can wear clothes that would look good on much younger women. Anyway, I have always had puffy eyes and dark circles. Now I am dealing with crepeyness under my eyes as well as Milia. The Milia looks like whiteheads. They are very hard to get rid of and I have tried many home remedies as well as Retinol products from my dermatologist. All they have done is add to the crepeyness and wrinkles. My under eyes are extremely dry now and very irritated. Help, I am desparate to find something to help me. I have heard that your product could really help me. I would be so appreciative to be a tester. If you can help me, I would be glad to share my experience with others. This would be good advertising for you. Helping my skin would certainly inspire others to want to use your products, too. Please consider letting me be a tester.

  16. I’m 46, an ex model/ actress… in great shape, my face is not really wrinkled yet, but my neck looks like it belongs on someone else’s body who’s much older than I am! I would love to find a remedy for the turtle neck I’ve discovered below my chin! Lol! Please consider me!!!!

  17. Would love to try this produce as my upper arms have become very dry and dehydrated due to sun damage…have tried lots of products but nothing works.

  18. I am 71 and just showing the crepey skin in the upper arms. I take yoga and when I lift my arms a certain way, there it is that crepey skin. What can I do for more moisture to combat this look. I want to give up yoga so I don’t see it or wear long sleves. Help! I would be willing to be a test subject. Thanks for your time.

  19. I am only 41 years and suffer pretty badly from crepey skin. Somewhat on my neck, most definitely on my chest, arms, hands and legs. I feel way too young for this, especially as I see women a good ten years older than me who don’t suffer from this. I do have very fair skin and was not the most careful when it came to keeping out of the sun. Living in southern California for 15 years did not help but I am much more careful now and have been for several years. I know I am a great candidate and would love to become a Perricone tester.

  20. I have had a double-chin pretty much all my life. Recently, I started neck exercises and, low and behold, the double-chin has diminished … leaving a turkey neck and crepey skin in its place. I also have developed creases on my chest giving it a cracked appearance. I am about to turn 60 but I really don’t feel like it. I work full time, in Paris (France), mostly with people half my age. Something which helped with the neck would be a great boost to my self-confidence. Please choose me.

  21. Seriously, it seems that overnight I aged 10 years. I’m 41, and have sagging jowls, deep vertical lip lines (I’m not a smoker) crepey skin on my arms, legs, and neck, and deep rings on my neck, as well! I feel much too young for this! I also have acne prone skin, so finding something anti aging that won’t make me break out has been an incredible challenge. I would love to become a tester! I feel like I’ve tried everything!

  22. I too crepey upper arms from sun damage. I am in great physical shape, working out 5-6 times a week, and my arms are muscular. I keep trying to build up more muscle underneath the skin so it puffs up, but the saggy skin won’t puff! So frustrating and it is extremely distracting to look at. Labels me as ‘old’ and I’m not! I would love to test a product that remedies this.

  23. I am 74, play tennis, work out at the gym 4 times a week, I’m fairly slim, don’t have cellulite but have crepey skin on my arms and of course wrinkles on my face. I’m a natural redhead with a little help now and my skin is fair and thinner I guess. I live in northwest Florida where it is hot but I wear 3/4 length shirts, etc. because of my crepey skin. Help.

  24. I am typically told I look younger than my age of 55, (avg guess is 48) but recently I had photos taken and was shocked at the “crepey” undereyes! I knew they had changed, but didn’t realize they were that bad, and when putting on make up I look good. . . and then I put my glasses on and it’s uh oh, how do I fix that? Is that what others are seeing?

    Overall my skin is smooth, but the crepey under eyes, neck, and no longer silky smooth upper chest, along with a lack of a sharp facial contours, really have me upset. I would never go for surgery – while some look great, too many have gone from graceful aging to disastrous results.

    I can’t afford to try every product that “swears” to work, without producing results. I have confidence in Dr. Perricone’s products, and would love to test to see if they ARE the ones that deliver on their promises!

    Please pick me for a tester :-)

  25. I have these crepey upper arms. It seems as if they have appeared overnight. I don’t want surgery. I read that rehydration may be (part of) the problem. I did lose 55 pounds since May 2009 and work out 3-4 times a week. Even though that’s a lot of weight lost, I wouldn’t say that that’s a rapid weight loss, since it was so slow. Also my arms were thin and tight even with the weight. Can you help me? I would love to be one of your testers.

  26. What happened? It seems as if overnight my skin around my neck has begun to sag and turn into a wrinkled, crepey mess! If anything can make a previously happy go lucky person sink into depression it would be the sight of crepey skin on your neck whenever you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror! Or anything reflective for that matter. Just over this past month I have succumbed to turtlenecks, zipped up collars and scarves! If it looks this horrible
    to myself I can only imagine what others think. I would try anything but with Perricone’s excellent reputation, I know I would be in good hands!

  27. I would love to test new products. Have been using several for years but need an extra boost at 63 to keep looking great.

  28. I use Perricone products for my face and would like to try any product that might help reduce the crepeyness of my upper arms. Thank you for your excellent products and the opportunity to test any of them you see fit.
    Jeannie H

  29. I’m a 60-year-old who is vibrant and young in ways that don’t match what’s happening to my skin. Unfortunately, I have done all the things that contribute to crepey skin: smoked for 20+ years; sunbathed as a teen – despite being fair skinned and suffering severe sunburns; gained & lost weight too rapidly; and, am subject to age & gravity like other earthlings. I will gladly take before and after photos. If I can record evidence that your product can combat those things we regret, but can’t otherwise undo – what better testimonial can you have? So, please pick me!!! Thanks for your consideration.

  30. I’m noticing crepey skin on my neck, ugh! I’m not willing to undergo a facelift, so I hope your product will work. I will happily purchase it, if it does. Thank you!

  31. I just turned 50 and have been searching for poducts to take care of Lines & Wrinkles, Loss of Elasticity,and Crepey Skin, but have not found any products that actually make a difference. I’m still searching and would love to try Dr. Perricone’s products.

  32. I have lost about 85lbs in the past 6 months and my skin is not adjusting well! I am only 43 and my neck looks awful! If your product worked for me I would tell everyone at my bariatric surgeons office that they MUST try it!!! As well as all my friends with this dilemma

  33. I’m a 35-year-old single mom ready to get back to the dating world after being single for almost 4 years. I try to do the right things to take care of my health and appearance, but the skin around my eyes is just not aging well at all. I have crepey skin around the eyes, bags under the eyes, and deep wrinkling in my “laugh lines.” I’ve tried many eye creams to no avail, and recently tried Restylane for the first time (it helped soften the eye bags a bit, but not a major difference). I’d like to avoid surgery if possible. The rest of me still looks good, so I’d like my eyes to match. I’d feel much more confident if I weren’t so self-conscious about it. I’d adore the chance to be a Perricone product tester!

  34. I have inherited my Mom’s crepy skin on my arms especially and my thighs also. I’m not a spring chicky but still like to wear sleeveless shirts and at least above the knees shorts. I need some help. thanks

  35. I suddenly find myself a single mother going back to college at the age of 52. After 23 years of marriage, my husband left me for a woman who was born the year we got married! One of his reasons for wanting a divorce is because I “looked old and tired”. That was devastating to my self-esteem. I have no money for surgical help to recapture any of my youthful appearance. I would be thrilled and grateful to try your products and promote them!! Thank you for considering me! :)

  36. I’ve heard that growing old is not for the weak of heart and that is certainly true. Everything is sagging, drooping and wrinkled! I would so love to find something (non-surgical) to improve the sagging crepey skin (eyelids and upper arm), to help the sagging jaw line,and lets not forget the deep lines from mouth to lower jaw. I have used the Perricone eye lifter but couldn’t afford to continue the treatment. I would be so happy to be a “Dr. Perricone tester”!

  37. I am 64 years old and all of the sudden my skin is crepey. Is there any help for arms and thighs to take the crepey and cellulite appearance away.

  38. I am 54 with silver hair. I don’t mind the wrinkles on my face as much as I do the horrible crepeyness (is that a word) of my neck. I have been told there is nothing you can do for it short of surgery. If your product works, I would shout it to the world. Would love to try it. Once I find something I like, I am very loyal to it! Thanks for considering me!

  39. I am a martial artist at the age of 62 and suddenly my arms have saggy skin that doesn’t fit with someone who does a lot of exercised. I wonder if anything works!

  40. My mother, who is 68, has just come home after 6 weeks in the hospital and I have really noticed how crepey her arms and hands have become since the surgery. I would love to help her find a way to take better care of her skin now that she is back home.

  41. I went through menopause 2 years ago, and have seen a drastic and unpleasant change in my skin. I would LOVE to try this product to see if it can turn back the clock.

  42. I am 59 and am devastated by the crepey skin appearing on my arms,legs & tummy. I have always cared for my skin and thought moisturizers would have been enough. I cant believe I am watching my body age before my eyes. If this product works, I will bath in it!!! PLEASE let me try it!!

  43. am in early thirties and have had sagging crepey stretched out skin for a few years now. Have always been active but injuries and unknown sources of chronic pain had slowed me down, and gained much weight. Am sick of being so depressed about this…my legs look like my great grandmothers arms used to. Nothing I have tried works and do not have the financial means to keep chasing after unsuccessful products and services. Would really be grateful for the chance to try your products

  44. I will turn 48 in June, and I am in good shape, as far as my weight, and muscel tone,as I eat healthy and workout, BUT, the problem is I have had lose, almonst celulite looking skin on my thighs to knees for years, (if I put legs up in air, like when I’m on the floor working out), it goes away, but when I stand, it comes back. I also have started getting it on my upper arms, which I don’t understand, as I have firm muscel. My belly is the smae way, while standing it looks good, but bending over, like doing pushups, the skin hangs, although I’ve never been over a size 12, and mostly a 10, when I was over weight as younger person,before my early 20′s, ( I’m an 8 now, have been for years). I also have lose skin under my chin, which could be due to a larger face back then, and extra fat under my chin, but from then on my face has been thin. People tell me they think I’m in my 30′s, but if they saw the saggy skin, they may re-think that. I try so hard, it don’t seem fair when others who don’t take care of themselves, but don’t have that problem. I’m hoping there is something out there that will work. Would love to be one of your trial persons to see if this will work. Thank you!!!

  45. I’m 57 years old and people think I’m 47. That’s until they see my legs. They look like I’m 80. It’s only been over the last 6 months that my legs have become crepey and dry. Do you have a body product for crepey skin? Thank you, Vicki

  46. Having a hysterectomy very young. I’ve found my skin deteriorating very fast. I need help with it. I haven’t found much yet. Here’s hoping!

  47. I hate to complain about vanity issues when otherwise my health is great and I am grateful for that. However, I am deeply disturbed about crepey skin on my arms and legs which have seemingly happened overnight. I am 50 years old, 5′ tall and 93 lbs and work out regularly. I have always prided myself on my sculpted arms but the “crepey” saggy wrinkles make me feel as if I look many, many years older. I have tried all types of moisturizers and am thinking about trying DHEA supplements but am a bit afraid. Please help me feel confident wearing sleeveless tops again. I will be your best spokesperson if given the opportunity to test and use your products. I thank you and my arms thank you!!

  48. Have just noticed a lot of crepey skin on my arms. Is there a product to help this area. Also the neck and face could use some rejuvinating.

  49. Am 65 and have done some reading on cold plasma treatment…I would be very interested in testing this product..currently using Obagi products, but am always looking for something new in the making…

  50. I lost half my body weight, 175 lbs, and I am 63. I recently got contacts and got a big shock when I saw my eyes, they look lighter than the rest of my face, and there are bags and crepeiness. The glasses hid that. I need something please help!