Combating Crepey Skin

While fruit-filled crepes may be delicious-looking, crepey skin is not.

Crepey, or waffley skin is loose wrinkled skin characterized by skin surface sagging reminiscent of thin pancake-like crepes.

This article will discuss:

The Causes and Effects of Crepey Skin

Crepey skin is caused by a variety of factors that include:

  • Gravity
  • Decrease in the production of collagen and elastin molecules
  • Sun damage
  • Environmental factors
  • Smoking
  • Rapid and extreme weight loss
  • Dehydration in the skin

The undesirable effects of crepey skin include:

  • Sagging skin
  • Deep lines and wrinkles
  • Loose folds of skin
  • Crinkly texture to the skin
  • Lack of radiance

Crepey skin symptoms can be found in the face, around the eyes, and on the neck.

Solutions for Crepey Skin

Despite the fact that many of the causes of crepey skin can’t be avoided, their effects can be remedied. Dr. Perricone offers several products that can help your skin regain firmness and improve its texture.

Some of the topical treatments offered by Dr. Perricone that address crepey skin symptoms include:

  • Neuropeptide Facial Conformer
  • High Potency Eye Lift
  • Firming Neck Therapy
  • Cold Plasma

These treatments work to combat the appearance of crepiness in the skin.

Neuropeptide Facial Conformer

This topical cream rehydrates and re-energizes your skin through the power of neuropeptides. It helps to smooth out the lines and wrinkles associated with crepey skin as well as increase skin firmness.

High Potency Eye Lift

The crepey skin around the eye can be lessened with this intensive eye lift cream. It lifts the skin around the eyes to minimize wrinkles and puffiness. The High Potency Eye Lift utilizes Pycnogenol to help renew collagen and elasticity to tighten and tone skin around the eye which can reverse the effects of crepey skin.

Firming Neck Therapy

The presence of crepey on the neck can be reduced through the Palmitoyl Carnosine, Phospholipids, and Tocotrienols found in the Firming Neck Therapy cream. This formula helps to tone, tighten, and improve elasticity. It also can smooth the neck creases characteristic of crepey skin.

Cold Plasma
Cold Plasma is a universal skin care product that uses a biochemical individual system that acts on your individual needs. It provides nutrients to your skin cells and combats signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles, firmness and elasticity.

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  1. I too (like so many others) am only on SS. I eat good, exercise 3 times a week & am really feeling quite well – except for my DISGUSTING arms clear down to my wrists! One day when I put my arm up, my 6 yr old great grand daughter gasped & asked what happened to my arm. I would love to test for this problem. I’m very embarrassed. I’m 73, still pretty & don’t look my age, but my arms – ugh!

  2. I have tried almost everything imaginable, possibly even a Dr. Perricone product at some time. I am desperate to find something to help my dry, wrinkled, and crepy face. I recently lost some weight and it shows up in my face. I am in my early 60′s……HELP!

  3. I work out and am in great physical shape at 80. Suddenly my arms and other body areas have become wrinkled and ugly. I’m looking for any product that will work to fix it.

  4. I have been ill most of my life from Cohrons to heart trouble. My life was one big stress and not being able to eat the proper foods have cause serious damage to my skin. Getting older looking with crepe skin has really taken over my life. Most people want to know why I cover up even if the temperature is 90 degrees or higher. I do avoid the sun and never smoked but like most of the people before me it came on so sudden. I take a lot of meds and I just feel before I leave this world I sure would like to look and feel life a woman without looking like a dried up prune. Can you help me?

  5. I am 40 years old and am seeing light creping on my arms and hands. I smoke a couple cigarettes a day. I am really horrified by the creping on my arms. I would like to find a product that would not only slow down the process but reverse some of it. I would be interested in becoming a Perricone tester.

  6. I just turned 65, and I have always had a beautiful complexion. I have looked 10-15 years younger than my chronological age. However, last year I was diagnosed with a small cancer in my breast and underwent radiation. After that, i have noticed changes in my skin, and my face has become extraordinarily sensitive to everything I put on it. I started using retinol A cream last August, looking for relief I recently started using estriol cream, hoping that would make a difference. Now my face is getting red blotches. I was laid off at my school last September and have limitations on spending. I would love to be considerd as a tester for products

  7. At 54 I think my upper arms are the worse, then above the knee area
    I have read so much conflicting info —about the fact that nothing really helps
    Its aging and I am wasting my money if I buy into this concept
    —-I would be amazed if anything really could make a difference

  8. all the above listed products are for the face. my crepey skin in on my biceps and inner thigh. whatcha got?

  9. I am truly looking for help with my crepey skin on my upper arms and legs!!!!!!!!! Is it because of my Irish skin??????I I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I have terrible crepey looking skin on my forearms. I try to keep myself in shape- still teaching fitness classes at the age of 58, and I treat the skin on my face. My arms however, can truly put me in a state of depression- I don’t know how to effectively treat them. Thanks for any advice you can share.

  11. Creeping myself out when looking at what has happened to my skin. Crepey skin is appearing everywhere. I am a natural redhead and have all the damage that goes along with early sunburns, and now at 64 am probably experiencing what the majority of baby boomers will start to see. If there is something to test that will help this situation I would be happy to try it and comment.

  12. Creeping myself out when looking at what has happened to my skin. Crepey skin is appearing everywhere. I am a natural redhead and have all the damage that goes along with early sunburns, and now at 64 am probably experiencing what the majority of baby boomers will start to see. If there is something to test that will help this situation I would be happy to try and comment.

  13. I am 66 yrs old and have lines around moth and sagging around jaw and neck area..crepy look on neck and other body areas..what can i do ?I would like to be considerd as a tester for products…economy has made it hard for me to afford all products at this time..please advise if there is any solution for me.

  14. I am a professional singer and am often on stage with the audience looking up at my neck. I have not yet found a product that can reduce the crepey, sagging skin on my neck. I would love to try a Perricone product but am not sure which one to use.

  15. I am a teacher so my funds are very limited and would love to benefit from testing these products. Have issues with eyes and neck. I am dating a younger man and would love to look more his age.

  16. I am 73 year old and have recently developed crepey skin on my entire body. Is there a solution?

  17. I’m becoming depressed with how crepey and aged my skin looks. Have done photo-rejuvenation, fraxil, injections, botox, and a myriad of anti-aging creams and lotions. I’m disallusioned by empty promises; aging products show 30ish and 40ish models, who don’t know what aging really means! I’m 56 and looking that plus; while on the inside I feel 35! Help!

  18. Just this year at the age of 39 I’ve found that my skin is wrinkling and getting crepey under my eyes and the top of my cheekbones. It seems to have happened overnight, and I’m casting about the product marketplace for solutions that work. So far I’ve gone through a couple brands (unsuccessful), but have yet to try Perricone.

  19. I just turned 67, have always worked out, watched my diet,however,in the last 6 months have lost 20 lbs. and am noticing crepey skin on my upper arms. I realize there are some body changes which are just a result of the aging process,however,I’m not one to sit back and accept that and am looking for a non-surgical way to reverse the process. I came to the Dr. Perriconne website because I am presently using 2 of his amazing products and thought if anyone would have a trust-worthy product/resolution, it would be him, therefore, I would like to be considered as a tester only in a product which would help said problem area. Thanks.

  20. Hi im 42 years old, and having a hard time with the skin on my face and neck.
    After a thermage treatment went bad 12 months ago, my skin has lost all its support and now looks terrible and stressed.
    I have tried so many products with no succ ess and am now at a loss as to how i can repair it.
    I obsess over my skin daily and would love to try your products and see if they can help.

  21. I’m 42 years old and have always had good skin, not prone to spots and I tan easily, though it’s always been on the dry side. I recently noticed quite a lot of dry lines around my upper cheeks and forehead so I bought a home microdermabrasion system. It worked really well but after 4 days I’ve stopped for the 4 day break as suggested, to find that my skin has dried out so much that I have patches of REALLY REALLY dry skin, which is crepey and tight and doesn’t seem to want to accept any of my attempts to hydrate. Am I doomed to looking 10 years older, or is there a way to rehydrate? Please help!

  22. I am 77 yoa, and have had no major problems. Lately, I’ve developed crepey skin on my neck, upper arms and upper thighs and buttox. I really don’t like it. Can you help??

  23. i am 77 yrs old, have enjoyed good skin until about 4 yrs ago and now i have flabby and crepey arms. i never go sleeve less or short sleeved which saddens me to no end. live on just social security and just cannot see my way clear to try expensive products. i use moisturizer after bathing, but see no results. peoplesay i don’t look my age but with these arms,i cannot help but not have a good feeling about myself. need help…..

  24. I am 61yrs old and have a crepey neck and fore arms. My skin is as dry as the Gobi desert and I look spooky!HELP! None of the products I’v used help. That includes everything from drugstore stuff to Avon. I can’t afford the more expensive products that are sold on infomercials or in Dept Stores.I would love to be a tester.

  25. I am 59 years old and until 8 years ago most people thought I was younger than my years, however, after 8 years of being a caregiver, the stress has taken a toll. I have mouth lines, crowsfeet, and upper lip lines, crepey skin on cheeks and sagging. Now that I find myself alone, I have tried many products to lessen the look of lines and crepey skin to no avail. I would very much like to be a tester of your products as I have read your book, and have talked recently to other women that have used your products. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  26. I turn 41 this year and recently noticed some crepey looking skin on the underside of my jaw I recently purchased the neck firming cream and would be interested in anything else that may help combat this skin condition.

  27. I would love to be a Dr. Perricone tester! I am 63, a cancer survivor and a caregiver to my husband for the past 12 years. My arms are getting crepey, and I need HELP!

  28. Scary skin, you could not imagine! My skin is dry in patches, imperfect, large pores, and the list goes on and on… I once thought that there was not hope for having beautiful skin. and I was talking to a friend about Dr. Perricone and watching on TV about the products. Both my friend and myself thought of how it would be wonderful to be able to afford to purchase these products to transform the skin. We have sat time after time wishing and contemplating on how to be able to obtain these products to help our skin. One day my friend said, write to the source! I said what… yea, she replied. write to Dr. Perricone and see if there is a way to be able to remake your skin to its beautiful appearance it should be. Well, I thought about it and thought about it and decided to do just that. I was sent a wonderful letter about this web site and the chance to write a review to obtain a chance to become a product tester. Wow, the thought that I could transform my skin and be able to talk to people about doing the same for their skin is wonderful. I know there are thousands of women out there in my shoes whom would benefit from having beautiful skin. it not only gives you a personal apprecheiation, but a healthy appearance will help you gain your career and successful goal as well.

  29. I use Dr. Perricone products religeously, but now I have crepy upper arms. What can I possibly use for them. I am currently using Dr. Perricone’s Cold Plasma Body. Any suggestions? I would gladly volunteer as a tester for any such products.

  30. I am 59 and have been a beautiful woman and still am in many ways…but wow, it has changed and I need help! I would love to be a tester – I do yoga and eat wonderfully well and that is why I have lasted this long, but I ready now for Dr. P’s magic remedies – I have heard so much about them for years and have read all the books – just stayed away because of the price, but it’s time! Thank you – Cheri

  31. I am 49 and will turn 50 in November.Yikes! I have noticed alot of changes over the past 6 mo.’s especially the crepey, saggy skin on my arms and knees,and some turkey neck. I would love to be a tester.

  32. I am looking for a product to help my crepey arms.

    Barbara hazard

  33. I am 45. I am experiencing crepey skin on my neck and thighs. I have never tried your products, but have friends who square by it. I would love to be a tester.

  34. I did try a few Perricone products about 4 years ago and bought his book for the 3 day diet. From what I could tell, the products were great and were all the tips and diet plan! I’ve wanted to try other products and see what prolonged use could do for me. However, our house flooded a couple years ago and since then money has been very tight (very little help from FEMA!) I just can’t bring myself to purchase high end products at this time but would love to test them! I feel the stress of the flood has really shown on my face through lines, wrinkles, and crepey skin. Increasing greatly in a couple years time. I would be so thankful to be a tester!

  35. I am 65 years old and have very dry skin. I need help but I have tried other products and nothing seems to work for me. I would love to test try some of your products to see if they will on work on my skin. Thank you Mary Ann

  36. I am 34 and have very good skin and have always tried to take care of it. I now notice a slight bit of crepey skin around the eyes as well as dark circles and a lot of shadowing making me look tired (I don’t smoke, sleep well, eat properly and exercise). I’ve tried many products and would love to try your eye products (and anything else). Thank you.

  37. I have just turned 39 and was a smoker for 15 years. I have started to see fine and not so fine wrinkling and crepey skin in some areas. I have heard positive remarks on Dr. Perricone’s products over the last year and have been curious, but since I am a teacher the price of skin care is rather high for my budget so I would love to be a tester!

  38. When I was turning 50 I read Dr.Perricone’s book and first followed his 3 day diet. I am very happy with his diet recommendations and still follow many of his principles today. I often get compliments on my beautiful skin. Over the last year or so I have crepiness particularly on my arms and legs. I would love to try a Dr. Perricone product to see if I could experience some improvement on these problem areas.

  39. I am 48, I want to look 35 again :-)

  40. I’m 45 (soon to be 46) and would love to be a tester. I have taken great care of my skin over the years, but often did not put sunscreen on my upper eye lids because it would sometimes sting. I am beginning to see the side effects.

  41. I am a 56 year old breast cancer survivor. Not only am I experiencing the normal aging affects of my skin, but it seems like after all the chemo and radiation treatments, my skin has really changed. I would really like to try a product that would help brng back some of the youthfulness and vitality to my skin. Unfortunately, I have lost my job and I really can’t afford to purchase any of these products.

  42. I will be 68 this June. Have always taken care of my skin. It has always been dry. I need help now with sagging and crepey skin. My husband and I are now on a very fixed, very low income. I can’t buy the skin care products that might help me now. I like trying new products. I would like to test these products. If they will help my skin, they will help any age and any type skin.

  43. I am 36 and have always had amazing skin. In the last year however I have gone been through extremely stressful life circumstances (yo yo weight gain and loss) and I have smoked ( starting cessation now) for 10 years. I am beginning to see very light crepe like texture and would love to test these products to see if they would reverse the early signs ( they are very faint but still definitely visible upon close examination.

  44. I am nearly 63 years old and the stress of life has taken its toll on my skin, I find myself with crinkly skin around my chin and lines around my mouth even though I have never smoked, as well as deep 11 between my eyes. I eat very nutritionally including the Salmon you endorse on Vital Choice. I have tried many topical creams and at this point have not been satisfied with the results. I am very conscience of using natural products and would enjoy becoming a tester of your products.

  45. Severe sagging creapiness under the right eye….nothing helps… :(

  46. I just had my 45th birthday and the eye wrinkles are beginning not to mention the hormonal changes! I love Dr.P’s approach of supplements added to skin care products. I have just started using some of the products as they are very expensive. Would love to be a tester and provide longterm feedback.

  47. am a skeptic and am interested in seeing if a creme can plump about as well as a filler or laser treatment

  48. basically i am a skeptic and would really be interested in seeing if a cream can do about as good as a creme to plump the skin

  49. As a person who has been the main caregiver to elderly parents for over a decade, I can see that the combination of aging and the stress of the situation has extracted a terrible toll on my skin. An older friend, who religiously uses Dr. P’s products, looks much younger and juicier than I do. Where do I sign up to be a tester?

  50. When I began using Perricone products at the age of 50 I started seeing improvements in my skin that I had not seen with other products. I am now 55 and have been told by several that I don’t look my age. I love these products even if they are pricier than others, it is well worth the money to see younger looking skin and be proud of the way you look.

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