Combat Dark Eye Circles by Identifying the Cause

There are a number of problems that occur around the eye area which make people look much older than they really are. Dark circles make people look exhausted, for example.

Eye wrinkles, puffy eyes, and dark eye circles are problems most people must face and arise from a number of different reasons. Most of these eye concerns come with aging, but genetics can determine how quickly aging occurs. People with deep set eyes can have the appearance of dark circles because of shadows that may appear.

This article will discuss:

Causes of dark eye circles

While many people believe dark circles result from lack of sleep, there are a number of causes for dark eye circles from genetics to diseases. In some cases, dark circles could be a sign of more serious health problems so it is crucial to identify the cause.

Dark eye circles begin in the blood capillaries around the eye area, or periorbital skin. Sometimes the red blood cells in the capillaries escape into the skin. This occurs all over the body, but the reason we see the dark circles in the eye area is because the under eye area is so thin and translucent. The capillaries are also very close to the skin.

Here are some other causes for dark circles:

  • Thinning skin. When aging occurs, the skin becomes thinner while the fat underneath the skin is lost. Thinner skin allows the blood vessels under the eyes to become more noticeable.
  • Allergies. Food allergies and sensitivities can cause dark circles. Identify allergens to see if that is the root of dark circles.
  • Genetics. People with lighter skin have more noticeable dark circles. This can be an inherited trait.
  • Fluid retention. Smoking, medication, and high amounts of sodium can cause the under eye area to be more dilated.
  • Lack of sleep. Not enough sleep causes thin skin to become thinner, and dark circles more visible.
  • Dehydration. Drink enough water to keep the eye area healthy.
  • Anemia. Lack of nutrients and iron can cause eyes to become darker.
  • Sun expose. The sun can cause an increase in pigmentation under the eyes, causing dark circles.

How to prevent dark circles

Even if the cause of dark circles is genetics, there are some ways to prevent dark circles or reduce the appearance of them. Instead of using homemade concoctions to reduce dark eye circles, aim for a healthier lifestyle which will make dark eye circles less noticeable and will results in better overall health.

To prevent dark eye circles:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Apply sunscreen under the eyes; use SPF 15 or 30 at least.
  • Get enough sleep. Sleeping with an elevated head can reduce dark circles.
  • Reduce sodium intake.
  • Exercise to improve circulation.
  • Avoid rubbing eyes. Periorbital skin is very delicate.

Reducing the appearance of dark eye circles

With plenty of rest and Dr. Perricone’s Ceramic Eye Smoother, the appearance of dark circles and discoloration will diminish.

Ceramic Eye Smoother is formulated with:

  • DMAE. DMAE provides firming and toning benefits, enhances facial contours, and enhances strength of other antioxidant therapies.
  • Beta Glucans and Xylitol. These compounds attract hydration and bind moisture to the skin.
  • Microspheres. Microspheres reduce fine lines and size of enlarged pores while leaving a flawless smooth surface.
  • Fullereness. This provides antioxidant protection, reduces appearance of skin imperfections, and soothes skin.

This cream should be gently applied to the eye area every morning for instant and long term benefits.

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