Clear Acne: Abandon Traditional Wisdom

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Dermatologists often claim that diet does not affect acne. While this claim is primarily based on one poorly conducted study, it still continues to mislead thousands of pimple-plagued individuals.

By throwing out this conventional wisdom in favor of the results of more sophisticated research, you can clear acne for good.

This article will discuss:

The Original Study

In 1969, Fulton et al performed a landmark study that claimed diet doesn’t effect acne.

The process:

  1. Researchers gave 65 teenage acne sufferers specially manufactured candy bars.
  2. One group received candy bars that contained high amounts of chocolate, and the control group received candy bars that contained high amounts of vegetable oils.
  3. Dermatologists observed both groups for a 30-day period and found the chocolate group did not exhibit more acne than the “control” group.

This study, however, was significantly flawed. The researchers did not account for the teenagers’ diets before and during the study. Also, the teens already had acne, so the study did not actually show what causes acne.

Most importantly, the sugar content, fat content, and glycemic index (GI) of the chocolate bars and the placebo bars barely differed.

More recently, properly conducted, extensive research has shown that poor diet causes inflammation and free radical damage, a destructive combination for skin.

Inflammation and Free Radical Damage

Inflammation causes cell damage and is worsened when free radicals attack and break down a cell’s ability to function. Free radicals are unstable molecules with a missing electron. They attempt to stabilize by taking an electron from a nearby molecule, setting off a chain reaction as each successive, unstable molecule attempts to stabilize itself. The final result is weakened cell structure that damages the body and skin.

Inflammation brought on by toxins, infections, or sunburn perpetuates further damage from free radicals and can cause a chain reaction in which a burst of free radicals attack the cell plasma membrane, which resulting in the production of more free radicals.

Because acne is a primarily inflammatory reaction, increased inflammation perpetuates the appearance of acne.

To prevent this cycle, avoid pro-inflammatory foods and build your diet around anti-inflammatory foods.

Proper Diet

Foods to avoid and why:

  • Simple sugars. They blood sugar spikes, which cause inflammation.
  • High-fat meats: They contain chemicals such as nitrites, which are associated with inflammation and chronic disease.
  • Fast food: It contains lots of oil, which decreases blood flow to organs.
  • Dairy products: They contain a fatty acid called arachidonic acid, an excess of which can worsen inflammation.

Protein is essential to cellular repair. Instead of high-fat meats and dairy, choose high quality proteins, such as:

  • Fish and shellfish
  • Poultry
  • Tofu
  • Legumes
  • Nuts and seeds

These high quality proteins also contain essential fatty acids that reduce inflammation, heal dry skin, and prohibit the body from producing inflammatory compounds.

The glycemic index (GI) ranks carbohydrates according to how they cause blood glucose levels. Lower GI carbohydrates cause smaller fluctuations of blood glucose and insulin levels. Large quantities of insulin signals the body to store fat and increases inflammation.

Instead, choose low-glycemic carbohydrates like:

  • Colorful fresh fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Whole grains

Water is also essential to the fight against inflammation because dehydration makes the body more susceptible to aging. Drink 8-10 glasses of pure spring water every day. In addition, drinking antioxidant-rich beverages such as green and black tea helps combat free radical damage and inflammation.

Forget outdated advice, and move toward a future of clearer skin by treating teenage and adult acne with a proper, anti-inflammatory diet.

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  1. Dear Dr Perricone

    December 3rd I turned 56. Looking and feeling young and healthy has always been important to me. I am seeing more discoloration on my face. My skin is much drier than usual. I’m taking an all natural hormone presribed by my doctor. In the beginning I could see and feel a big differnce in my skin including my face. My skin felt softer and had a plumness that i hadnt seen in several years. Lately I’ve noticed a change in my skin again. I would love becoming a tester for any of your products. My memory isnt as sharp, muscle tone is not as good and I do try to watch my diet . I’ve been caring for my elderly mother for over three years now , I know that adds stress and signs of aging. I am using tetronoin cream and I hate the feeling it leaves every day, I would love testing your products and would be a faithful and honest person in my comments.

    Shirley Reid

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