Cleanse the Right Way with Doctor Pericone Cleanser

Some have said the best way to clean your facial skin is to just wash with water or use cold cream. The problem with this myth is that these methods do not thoroughly cleanse away stale oil, dirt, and dead skin cells.

Doctor Pericone has liquid and bar soap cleansers that are gentle enough to not irritate nor strip your skin from natural oils; yet, these cleansers are strong enough to thoroughly clean away impurities, including makeup. Read on to learn more about Doctor Pericone cleanser.

If rinsed off thoroughly with lukewarm water, rather than hot or cold water, which can break capillaries, Doctor Pericone cleanser won’t damage or dry skin like scubbing grains might.

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The key to washing your face right is to stick with a regimen of cleansing twice daily and no more, or else you will risk overwashing. Cleansing once in the morning and once before bedtime is all you need.

The Cleansing Treatment Bar by Doctor Pericone is a product effective for both the face and body. What’s great about the Bar is that it is a universal product, ideal for anyone — all ages and skin types.

From younger, blemish-prone skin to older, dull skin, Doctor Pericone Cleansing Treatment Bar gently cleanses skin to reveal its true clarity, making it a must-have.

Doctor Pericone’s Cleansing Treatment Bar is formulated with:

  • Pure Glycolic Acid (5%) to gently exfoliate and purify the skin, while smoothing and rejuvenating
  • Olive Oil Polyphenols to deliver antioxidant benefits, while nourishing, calming, and hydrating
  • DMAE to help tighten, tone and smooth the skin’s appearance

Cleansing properly is important for keeping skin fresh and feeling great.

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