Choose the Right Neuropeptide Deep Wrinkle Serum

Deep Wrinkle SerumTo treat or prevent wrinkles, it is best to begin a daily anti-aging skin regimen involving an anti-inflammatory diet, supplements, and topical products. One anti-aging treatment to consider including in your regimen is a neuropeptide deep wrinkle serum.

A good neuropeptide deep wrinkle serum is formulated with other powerful key sciences to not only reduce deep wrinkles, but to transform skin texture into a smoother and more youthful appearance.

The key in choosing a good deep wrinkle serum with neuropeptides is understanding why wrinkles occur and what ingredients to look for to treat these symptoms.

What causes wrinkles?

There are several factors that lead to the development of wrinkles on the face.

These include:

  • Amount of collagen and elastin diminishes. As the body ages, its collagen and elastin levels deplete. Collagen and elastin are proteins that allow the skin to bounce back after repeated motions. When the levels of these proteins lessen, areas of the face, such as the forehead and mouth, that have many repeated movements, develop lines and wrinkles.
  • Free radicals cause damage. Free radicals are unstable molecules that occur because of environmental stressors such as sunlight exposure and chemicals. These molecules attack at the cellular level and cause damage that results in the microscopic scarring that leads to wrinkles.
  • Muscles lose tone. Muscles behind the face lose their tone because the body produces less of the neurotransmitter chemical acetylcholine as it ages. Acetylcholine sends the signal from the nerves to the muscles to tell them to contract. Without this signal, the muscles lose their tone and the skin begins to sag.

By understanding these causes of wrinkles, choosing a neuropeptide deep wrinkle cream is easy. Just look for the ingredients that can help combat the above causes.

Choose the right neuropeptide deep wrinkle serum

Dr. Perricone Deep Wrinkle Serum includes neuropeptides, DMAE, and phospholipids, which mimic lipids found in skin cells, allowing for easy absorption.

Proprietary Neuropeptides to help:

  • Relax lines and wrinkles
  • Hydrate for more supple, resilient skin
  • Activate renewal of the dermis
  • Increase radiance visibly

DMAE acts as an antioxidant to help:

  • Firms, tones, and lifts
  • Contours and improves muscle tone
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Stabilize the cell membranes, protecting from free radical damage

Phospholipids to help:

  • Absorb easily into the skin
  • Repair stressed skin
  • Hydrate dry, dehydrated skin
  • Nourish skin to prevent future lines and wrinkles
  • Improve texture of skin visibly

The neuropeptide Deep Wrinkle Serum, nicknamed the “5 Minute Miracle,” is fast-acting and clinically proven to help improve the overall look and feel of the skin. The Deep Wrinkle Neuropeptide Serum delivers long-lasting benefits, cumulative with continued use.

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  1. I have 2 lines below my bottom lip that seem to be deeper than they were a month ago. I am 55 an don’t want to look it. I have thought about fillers but would like to use a product to help reduce the look of these lines. I’d love to be a tester.

  2. I badly need a deep wrinkle cream or serum for forehead lines and vertical lines between eyebrows.

  3. I started using Dr. Perricone’s products a few years ago. Had to stop because of cost. I am 50 years old and have quite a few wrinkles above my lips. I have tried just about everything and am giving up. I even had injections which did not do what I was told it would. $900.00 later, very disappointed. Would love to be considered a tester to see if your products actually live up to the test.

  4. I first became knowledgeable of Dr. Perricone’s groundbreaking research and his development of TRULY effective cosmeceuticals when he first appeared on PBS, and have faithfully used his line ever since. I would be THRILLED to test any of his products because I have unwaivering confidence in his work! In the spirit of sincere gratitude I would keep accurate, detail-oriented records of the products test-results; my hope being that even the smallest contribution I could make would help to develop a product that would benefit women everywhere!

  5. Deep wrinles are becoming quite disturbing to me and I have found nothing on the market thus far that works. Please consider my 59 year old face if and when you need a test subject.

  6. I would love to be a tester, I’ve taken very
    good care of my face but have neglected my neck. The cold plasma sub-D would be great for me. I do use the deep wrinkle serum and
    eye lifter. Would love to try some new
    products. Please consider me. Margaret

  7. I’m 49, have fair troubled skin (becoming thin and wrinkled due to age, hormones and environmental damage). I recently started to use and love Dr. Perricone’s Nutritive Facial Cleanser and Face Finishing Moisturizer. I work with thousands of people, and have received so many comments about how beautiful my skin looks, and I tell them all about Perricone MD products (I’ve never been told I have beautiful skin!). I would love to try and use all products pertinent to my skin type on a regular basis! I felt great about them even before I started receiving great comments… most importantly they make me feel so good! I go between the Perricone MD website and QVC to see what I can afford. Pick me! I’m your biggest fan, if possible! :)

  8. I would be delighted to be a Perricone product tester. I enjoy learning about the powerful ingredients Dr. Perricone uses.

  9. I would Love to test your product

  10. I would love to be a product tester:)

  11. Ich würde gerne PERRICONE MD TESTER werde

  12. ich würde gerne Perricone MD tester wrede

  13. I would love to become a tester.

  14. I would love to be a Perricone MD tester. I love to try new products and am always looking for the “holy grail” of anti-aging. Many women my age have the same concerns as me and need to look as good and as young as they can. I think my comments could help other women purchase products that really work.



  16. I am in my early 60′s and just in the last couple of years I have noticed more and more wrinkles on my face. I have tried numerous products but nothing seems to work. I would like to try the Perricone products.

  17. I am soon to turn 55 and have horizontal deep forehead line that seemed to appear overnight. 11 lines and lines around mouth area. I’ve use hope in a jar moisturizer for several years which have given me smooth skin, but I’ve started to get these deeper lines. I’d love to try your program, thank you!

  18. After years of being in the sun, I can really see some wrinkles, especially around my eyes and mouth. I would love to try some of the Perricone products to see if they truly work as well as I have heard they do.

  19. I want to try the deep wrinkle serum for my nasolabial folds (smile lines). I currently use the Ester C serum under my eyes and it has made a tremendous improvement in the overall brightness of the eye- I look more awake and full of energy with the dark circles gone. I also use the Ester C serum in my smile lines as an antioxidant treatment to help prevent deeper lines.

  20. I purchased the neuropeptide deep wrinkle serum, used it for just over 10 weeks; NO RESULTS AT ALL!!! In fact I lost all I had gained from the SSC products I’ve been using for over 10 years.

  21. I would like to try this if it wasn’t too expensive, I’ve used cheaper products that have worked, I”m 33yrs old and no longer have that nice asian moist skin, so I am trying to up my game with products that will work so I don’t need to hit the botox yet.

  22. Would love to be a tester because I would use the products consistently and be a dependable tester as I am very interested in reducing the wrinkles around my mouth. I also have sun-damaged skin which the dermatologist tells me to be certain to care for now.

    Thank you!

  23. Love the product name ” deep wrinkle serum”!
    Would love to be a product tester. I currently use the vitamin c ester serum with tocotrienols and dmae and Perricone lip plumber. Both probucts are excellent!

  24. I would love to be a product tester for Dr. Perricone’s products that can help minimize wrinkles.My husband is 10 years my junior and looks young for his age, I am 57 and have een asked twice if I am his mother! I really need to reduce my wrinkles HELP

  25. I would love love love to become a tester. I have tried so many products, of course there are no miracles, but these products have always been s expensive so I have not tried yet. Am very willing to, being 45 and in need of that extra help. Cheers Diana

  26. Would love to become a tester for Dr. Perricone’s products – have had fillers and Botox in the past, but nothing truly lasts and it is so expensive. Hopefully Dr. P’s product line can save me from getting the facelift I am truly considering – HELP!

  27. I have just started using your high potency line. I love it. I am 54 ,but with only skin and beginning to loose elasticity. I have to be careful with my oily skin, but these products work wonders. I would like to try deep wrinkle serum for my frown lines and deep wrinkles around my mouth. I hope that this will keep me from the terrible NEEDLE. I also love Cold Plasma

  28. I would like to become a Perricone tester. Thank you.

  29. yes, I would love to try and have this product serum for my skin. I was recently diagnosed with a serious medical condition/disease and would love the chance to try this. I do not have any extra money to spend on such items due to the costs of healthcare. I have very dry skin, and living in the cold area, makes my wrinkles more noticeable. I would love to look good by using a good product on my skin, to help lift my spirits. Have a good day,

  30. I need to try a good serum since turning 40 my skin is changing alot and I notice more wrinkles .

  31. I have tried so many different serums on my wrinkles but never any get any good result. I have read a book written by Dr, Perricone, and I kind like to give it a try.

  32. I would like to become a tester:)

  33. I would love to be a product tester for Dr. Perricone’s products that can help minimize wrinkles. I have tried many of the ones that are sold in stores, but have not had any success with them. I am always on the look out for a better product in this department. Plus, all my friends know I love to try different products and will let them know when I find one that actually works. I like to promote a product that I feel does what it says it will do.