Celebrity Skincare Products for a Slim Summer

Wish you were as skinny as celebrities in magazines? Don’t let their appearance fool you; they work for their figures just like the rest of us, but have a little extra help. See how celebrity skincare products can make this a slim summer.

Check out which celebrity skincare products act as stunt-doubles for weight-loss:

Metabolic Formula

If you want a quick-fix or to jump start your weight loss, try the Metabolic Formula. This formula consists of dietary supplements taken over a series of 10 days to increase your metabolism and achieve a healthy weight.

To boost the results of these supplements, follow the Metabolic Diet Plan. The plan stresses the consumption of protein, which improves muscle mass and keeps you fuller longer.

A little known fact: collagen, which gives skin its strength, is a protein. By increasing protein consumption, you will boost the strength of your skin. The best celebrity skincare and weight loss products will contain protein for skin and body.

Try Perricone for as little at $10.

Cold Plasma Body

Celebrities are busy people, so when choosing celebrity skincare products, they search for dual-action products like Cold Plasma Body. Cold Plasma Body tightens skin, reducing the effects of age and weight.

How does it work? Cold Plasma Body has a few key ingredients that optimize results:

  • Caffeine stimulates the connective tissue and fat that creates cellulite to reduce its appearance
  • DMAE contours skin that has lost elasticity and tone
  • Sodium Hyaluronate smooths and plumps wrinkled skin

Together, these create a celebrity skincare product for a slimmer, ageless you.

Health & Weight Management

Celebrities who want the most out of their celebrity skincare products use Perricone’s Health and Weight Management supplements. Taken 3X a day before meals, these conveniently packaged supplements promote a healthy body and ageless skin.

Not only will they make you look better, but you will feel better as well. Health & Weight Management is designed to curb your appetite and increase your energy levels, making it easier to follow your healthy lifestyle.

Find your inner fame and and get celebrity skinny with celebrity skincare products today. Have a slim summer!

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  1. The idea of liquid that can help you lose weight seems a little skeptical.

  2. i would be very excited to try any perricone skin are supplement esp. the dmae. i am 41 and am looking for firmer,clearer skin,with a smoother texture.it’s a tall order, i know but i’d love to be a tester for any product,anyhow. thank you.