Causes of Acne and Ways to Clear Skin: Genetics and Diet

The causes of acne can seem like a mystery when personally confronted with symptoms.

However, researchers have discovered that genetics, diet, cosmetics, environment, hormones, and stress are the major causes of acne. These causes can work separately to cause acne or combine forces to wreak havoc on skin.

Fortunately, knowing the causes is the first step toward clearer skin.

This article discusses just some of the causes and ways to clear skin:

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While the exact genetic cause of acne has yet to be figured out, both clinical and genetic research show that people with a family history of severe acne are more likely to have severe acne.

Researchers at St. Thomas Hospital in London conducted a large study on the influence of genetics on twins’ acne; 458 pairs of identical female twins and 1099 pairs of fraternal female twins participated.

They discovered that 81% of the difference in acne between twin pairs was attributable to genetics. The remaining 19% was attributed to environmental factors such as diet and climate.

The evidence of a major genetic influence on acne is leading to a search for genes that could help treat acne.

While it is impossible to change the hand you are dealt, it is important to play the hand well by managing the other factors associated with acne, such as diet.


Diet has a significant impact on acne because it causes inflammation. Inflammation is the body’s response to harmful substances or infection in the body.

The body views the toxins in unhealthy foods as harmful pathogens.

Avoid pro-inflammatory foods; here’s why:

  • Sugar causes insulin spikes, which provoke inflammation.
  • High-fat meats contain nitrites, which are associated with inflammation and chronic disease.
  • Fast food contains high oil, which decreases blood flow to organs.
  • Dairy products contain arachidonic acid, which in excess worsens inflammation.

Instead, build your diet around anti-inflammatory foods:

  • High-quality proteins (fish, poultry, tofu, legumes, nuts, seeds)
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Legumes, nuts, and seeds
  • Whole grains

Another way to help treat inflammation and thus achieve skin that’s clear is taking daily supplements, such as Perricone Skin Clear Supplements. In its formulation is an anti-inflammation complex, which helps minimize redness and balance your body’s natural oil production. These supplements complement the entire N.V. Perricone Skin Clear regimen.

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  1. I have been on the Perricone acne diet for over almost two weeks now and am breaking out like never before. Used to have one or two cysts on my jawline. Now I have fifteen. This diet is supposed to CURE acne, NOT CAUSE IT!!!!

  2. Hello, I am 39 and male. Acne has been the curse of my entire life. I hoped I would out grow it but it hasn’t happened. The scarring is extreme. My pores are large, blackheads as well. My facial hairs have a ball of something on the base of them. Please consider me to test your product, it would be life changing for me.

  3. wow i did not know that dairy can cause acne! i love yogurt and cottage cheese… maybe i should start cutting those out. that will definitely be hard though!

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  5. I am a 39 year old male and I have suffered with acne for over 20 years. I avoid social activities often, as my skin condition depresses me to no end. I have seen many dermatologists in my life and most have stated diet is not a contributing factor to acne. As an acne sufferer for so many years I know different. I was fortunate enough to see Dr. Perricone briefly in Connecticut many years ago. I have brief periods of clear skin, but then massive outbreaks which can often be cystic. I have been on cycles of antibiotics for nearly 2 decades, and I worry what damage this has done to me internally. Acne has literally ruled my life and causes not only emotional pain, but physical pain as well. As I get older my skin shifts from oily and outbroken to chronically dry and outbroken. I don’t know where else to turn, and could desparately use Dr. Perricone’s help.

  6. Great article. Truly helpful for those with acne.

  7. I’ve been reading the acne prescription book, have changed my diet, and am now ready to start integrating the topicals.. hopefully it helps!

  8. I am 33 and have been battling adult acne for over 10 years. I would love to be your tester.

  9. I,m am 52 years old and still break out would love to test any acne products.

  10. I have not yet tried Perricone myself, however, my mother has recently bought a moisturizer for her ultra-dry and sensitive skin. I have combo oily and dry skin- I am 20 years old and am finally getting through my acne stage. I would love to test these products to see if they can moisturize my skin without causing breakouts!

  11. I’ve tried countless products including proactiv to combat my oily acne prone skin. I’m 21 now and am still fighting it. I have yet to find something that works for me.

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